Grab The Best App Ideas Before Anyone Else Does

Grab The Best App Ideas Before Anyone Else Does - Tricky Enough

Every day or the other, technology gives us very innovative solutions that help us in eroding daily hurdles thereby making our lives trouble-free and better. One among those gifts is the mobile apps. Today, out of three, two people will be seen using their Smartphones and mobile apps to meet their requirements.

Mobile apps like Uber, Spotify, Medcare, Tinder, Zomato, and many other apps nailed their success in no time. They identified the pain points of common people and tried to solve those through their respective apps.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic period, people prefer less stepping out of their homes and buying daily necessities. They prefer using mobile apps and shop for their desired items. This is also one of the biggest reasons behind the tremendous popularity of mobile apps.

If you too are looking forward to creating an app and attain success, then certainly you have made the right decision. Now, the question is when there is an enormous choice available in regard to mobile app ideas, which app type to choose and develop? Also, it is very essential to find out which types of app will be preferred more by the general users.

You need not have to worry about these petty issues anymore as you have landed the right page and are reading the right blog. Here, in this blog, all the trending and the most popular app ideas have been enlisted with a brief description, to make it easy for you to choose and conquer the world of app.

Health care app

COVID-19 has shaken the entire world. The health care providers like the doctors and the medical workforce have given their best to help the patients recover fast. In 2020, due to complete lockdown, people could not visit the doctor’s chamber to seek medical help when needed. This is when the need for Medcare, Live health, MDLIVE, and Amwell-like healthcare apps have increased significantly.

These apps have gained momentum since then and are still providing reliable and high-quality services to healthcare providers and seekers. Through these apps, doctors can provide their medical services to their patients. Patients too can seek instant medical assistance online. To make the app more useful for the users, you can integrate advanced features like scheduling appointments, place orders for medicines, order tracking, medicine order history, etc. Also, you can integrate live video consultancy sessions so that the doctors and the patients can interact with each other easily.

Fitness App

The fitness app encourages you to achieve your desired fitness levels and provides complete guidance throughout your being fit journey. The app first analyzes how active or fit the user is. The fitness app collects certain information from its users like – his/their fitness level, any past injury, medical history, or any limitation. On the basis of the information collected, the app provides a complete list of exercises to its user.

The pandemic period has induced everyone to stay fit. Due to this, the fitness app is more in demand. You can collaborate with pathologists, registered nutritionists, and health coaches so that they can assist the app users. Also, you can equip your app with different health charts like sugar, weight, heart rate, blood pressure, and so on. Other than this, the lifestyle plans, exercise plans, calorie intake charts, nutrition plans, and meal charts when added to your mobile app will make your app get maximum downloads.

Gaming App

Gaming applications acquired tremendous popularity during the COVID-19 lockdown. Fortune, PUBG, Candy Crush, COC, Pokemon, and COD are some of the popular gaming apps that have been downloaded the most in 2020. Mobile apps have generated huge revenue in the last year and about 75% of the overall revenue was generated by none other than gaming apps. Thus, these apps are said to be the biggest generator of revenue for the app industry.

The secret to making your gaming app the most successful one is adding features like challenging missions, real-world interaction, multiplayer accessibility, and engaging gameplay to your gaming app. In addition to this, make sure that the design of your app enables your app user to tick the right boxes and makes it easy for them to use. Try to make your gaming app an addictive one.

Pharmacy App

Medicine is such a thing that is needed by all of us at some point in time. Today, people prohibit themselves from visiting a pharmacy until and unless it is of utmost emergency. With medicine apps, anyone can get the delivery of all the medicines within a day or two from the comfort of their homes. Another benefit that pharmacy apps bestow is that people need not have to move from one pharmacy store to another in search of medicines; all the medicines can be found from one single app. NowRx, CVS, PillPack, NetMeds, and BookMeds are a few pharmacy app examples.

Add features to your pharmacy app like advanced search, add to cart, tracking orders, notifications, out of stock, etc. to make it a user-friendly app.

On-Demand Apps

Undoubtedly, on-demand apps are those apps that are revolutionizing and reshaping the entire world around us at a lightning speed. They are the trendiest apps presently. Life has become surprisingly easy via these on-demand apps. Also, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, people opt for home deliveries.

Whether it is about booking a ride or a cab, finding the right handyman, flower, or grocery delivery, booking salon appointments everything is just a click away. On-demand apps have been acknowledged by users because of the convenience, comfort, and affordable items they offer. Uber is the best example.

While creating an on-demand app, ensure that you build it on multiple domains. Also, use various technologies and integrate advanced features so that it works flawlessly.

Food Delivery App

Well, whether it is the COVID-19 pandemic situation or any other situation, a foodie lover can now order his/her favorite cuisines via food delivery apps. Because of safety reasons, people prefer less dining out and order food online. In simple words, the food delivery apps are the gateway to have scrumptious food. Also, there are many times when neither you feel like cooking, nor want to go out to dine. In such situations, on-demand food delivery apps emerge as a savior.

Today, maximum restaurants have registered with on-demand food delivery apps. DoorDash, UberEats, GrubHub, and Postmates are some of the leading on-demand food delivery apps. You can take ideas from these popular apps and make a list of their unique, user-friendly, and high-end features so that you can consider developing a food delivery app.

Wrapping up

As we all know that the entire world is relying greatly on Smartphones as well as mobile apps for accomplishing their daily tasks. Smartphones are used by almost every individual all around the world. Hence, this is a great opportunity for a new entrepreneur to step into the app world with the trendiest app idea.

The popularity of apps and people’s great dependency on them makes it a viable decision that is surely going to reap huge profits.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, new problems have been discovered that abruptly changed the lifestyle of every individual. You have to grab this opportunity, identify the challenges and make an effort to solve all those challenges with your outstanding mobile app.


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