How much does it cost to launch an on-demand taxi app like Uber?

How much does it cost to launch an on-demand taxi app like Uber-54e554d9

If you are about to start your online taxi business anytime soon, then here is all you need to If you are about to start your online taxi business anytime soon, then here is all you need to know about the taxi app development and the cost. Over the formative years, online taxi booking apps have redefined the method of booking taxis. Well, the taxi apps are drilled with smart features like location tracker, Geolocation, ETA, etc., which gain more attention among the customers.

So, develop a taxi booking app that will help you fetch visibility to your business quickly and increase your revenue inflow. Come, let us narrow down to the cost of developing a taxi app.

How Do Developers Determine The Cost Of A Taxi App?

Here, you will get a basic idea of how the cost of a taxi app is fixed by taxi app developers. So, we must take a look at the different cost-determining factors.

  • The country of the developer is the most crucial factor. The cost of app development in countries like the U.S will be high when compared to other countries like India.
  • Next, the total working hours spent to develop your app will also be taken into consideration. In general, the total working hours spent on app development will depend on the complexity of the project. Here, the complexity level of the app is determined by the number of features, number of app screens, etc.,
  • The selection of the platforms for deploying the app is another important cost determinant. In general, the iOS platform is more expensive than the Android platform.
  • Also, the type of app you are going to launch – MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or a full-fledged app.
  • After all, testing and bug fixing will add up to one of the cost-determining factors.

I hope that you got a basic understanding of how the cost of developing the taxi app is calculated. As the features are one of the costs determining factors, let us see them in detail.

Features of the taxi app – Major cost influencing factor

First, you must know the different apps/panels integrated into the taxi app. They are

  • The Customer App
  • The Driver App
  • The Admin Panel

The Customer App

Social media sign-up

The most important feature starts with the social media sign-up. This feature helps the customers to directly join the app by linking their social media handles. It can be a Gmail account, FB, Twitter, etc.,

Vehicle selection

Customers will look for different vehicle options as per the capacity of the vehicle. So, you must add taxis of different seating capacities so that your customers will never get disappointed.

Ride booking

After the vehicle selection, the customer will head to book the taxi by inputting the current location and the destination. Once the customers book the request, it will be allotted to the nearest drivers.

Fare estimator

Gone are days, when the customer had to bargain with the driver regarding the ride charges. With the smart taxi booking apps, customers are informed about the exact cost of the ride before they confirm the booking.

Arrival time estimator

Once the driver is available and accepts the booking, the app will automatically generate the expected arrival time. Thus, this feature will help you in providing transparency to your customers.

Real-time tracking

Other than knowing the expected arrival time of the driver, your customers can directly check the driver’s location through the real-time tracking feature.


With the booking scheduler, your customers can schedule the timings in which they want to travel. Based on the timing given by the customer, their ride will be scheduled.


In-app payment modes will help customers to ride cashless. The minute their ride gets confirmed, they can easily pay the fare through the app. Apple Pay, GPay, PayPal, Stripe, Braintree are the common payment options that are suggested for your app.

Push notifications

Any information related to the ride or the app is informed to customers directly via push notifications.

SOS panic button

Be it any kind of emergency while traveling, your customers can press the panic button available on the app. Once the customer presses the button, an instant message will be sent to the nearest police station. Also, you will get notified regarding the issue. So, this is a safety feature that you must never miss out on in your app.

Call masking

The call masking feature will let customers and drivers talk to each other without unveiling their phone numbers.

The Driver App

Document upload

The drivers who are registered in your app will have to upload documents regarding their license and other ID proofs.


The drivers can easily state their availability by moving the toggle button present on the app. So, only if the drivers are available, the ride request will be sent to them.

Navigation system

With the in-app navigation system, the drivers will no longer have to spend time exploring the correct route to reach the location.


The drivers can check their earnings under the earnings corner, where they can see a detailed report of their earnings along with the number of rides taken.

The Admin Panel

God’s eye view admin dashboard

In businesses, oftentimes, the role of the admin is hectic, where he/she has to juggle to extract the business operations. But, with a single dashboard, you can keep all the in-app happenings under your direct control.

Profile verification

From the admin panel, you can verify the profiles of your drivers after checking the documents they upload.

Check payments

To ensure all the transactions are smooth, you can check the payments to know the status of each payment. The app will show the status of the payments like successful, pending, failed, etc.,

How would Uber clone be the wise option to invest in?

As we all know the competition revolving around the taxi industry, is necessary to invest more time in planning the strategies than in developing the taxi app. Since the Uber clone app is already built, you can save time in app development and shed focus on grabbing customers. Why wait? Launch your Uber clone app and soar high in the taxi business. know about the taxi app development and the cost.


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