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How to develop a short news app like Inshorts?

News apps are becoming a hot trend. Staying up-to-date with the latest events is the need of the hour. People want to...

How to develop a short news app like Inshorts?

News apps are becoming a hot trend.

Staying up-to-date with the latest events is the need of the hour. People want to get the latest news as soon as possible from digital sources rather than relying on traditional media sources like newspapers, TV, magazines, or radio. And mobile apps provide the fastest and easiest delivery of any service that users need anytime anywhere.

Inshorts is such a mobile app that quickly provides short news. This news app has gained huge popularity for its fast and simple delivery of the latest news.

Many businesses now search for the best mobile app development company for developing a short news app like Inshorts. If you also want to make such an app this blog will guide you on how to develop a short news app like Inshorts.

What is the Inshorts app?

Inshorts is a news mobile app that provides the latest news about current events and incidents by combining several sources and presenting it in a brief manner (in 50-60 word limit). The news is available in both English and local languages.

Inshorts offers the best news around the globe In Short in an interesting manner and allows users to explore the whole story with just one click. The unique feature of this app is that it provides news in a simple and brief format eliminating other unnecessary stuff. Inshorts app has been developed by an India-based company and launched in 2013.

Why do people use the Inshorts app?

Inshorts is one of the top news apps in the market. It has gained approx 4 million downloads on Google Play Store. Inshorts has generated more than $10 million in revenue on average. The app has achieved this success because of its features and benefits.

InShorts app has a simple user interface and provides news from a variety of domains including business, tech, politics, sports, weather, and more- all information in just 60 or fewer words. Here are some of the best features of InShorts that make it a highly useful news app:

  1. News in 60 words
  2. Multiple categories
  3. Offline access
  4. Share stories
  5. Personalized feed
  6. Local language

Now let’s discuss the main topic

How to develop a short news app like Inshorts?

1. App development planning & research

The first stage in news app development is planning and research. You need to research the market and do a competitor analysis to find out relevant and useful data insights.

You need to plan and strategize your mobile app development for all stages right from ideation to development and testing to deployment. This advanced planning and research will help you accurately analyze the flow of app development and ensure you efficiently utilize all the resources.

2. Analyze app requirements

The next step is to analyze what your mobile app needs. This is a wide and in-depth task as you have to conduct a deep analysis to sort out all the technical requirements of your news app. It will include what type of app you want to build either native or cross-platform, what tech stack to use, what would be the features, and what would be the app revenue model.

Since here you are focusing on a news app like InShorts you will get an overall idea from it. For better understanding and outcome, try to collaborate with professional mobile app development or hire a dedicated team who can help you in this step.

3. Decide the features of your news app like InShorts

InShorts offers cool features that entice its audience. It allows users to read eye-catching content from different sources and do a lot of things like share, tag, and read in detail. Since you are developing a news app like InShorts you also have to provide the same features as InShorts news app. Here I have listed the features for each category-

User panel

  • Profile registration
  • Log in & out
  • Search option
  • Push notification
  • Real-time news
  • News sharing
  • Search filters
  • Media compatibility
  • Newsfeed
  • Bookmarking
  • Offline compatibility

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard
  • Conduct surveys
  • Ads management
  • CMS

4. User interface and UX design

InShorts has a sleek and simple user interface and provides a seamless user experience. Its user-centric design makes it easy to read content and use other features so effectively. Hence, your should also try to create a simple and user-friendly interface and UX design that appeals to the audience.

Make sure the design and user interface of your news app must avoid unnecessary elements which occupy the white space or distract users’ attention since this is a news app so they need to better concentrate on reading news, articles, or blogs.

5. Create a prototype

A prototype is the exemplary version of your mobile app. It allows you to check and analyze how its design and features look overall in appearance. So when you create a prototype of a news app like InShorts you should ensure the design, user interface, and architecture of the app must fit user requirements.

6. Develop the app

To develop the news app, you can either work with a dedicated mobile app development company or agency or hire mobile app developers. Make sure the company or developer you hire for your news app development project must hold proven expertise in delivering similar apps. Apart from this, you should also note they use a better tech stack for developing news apps like InShorts for Android and iOS.

The Bottom Line

People want to stay up-to-date with the latest events and news happening around them. But since the modern lifestyle is so busy they want everything to be delivered fast and precisely.

InShorts understood this need and provided the required solution. And as a result, they succeeded. Therefore, when you develop a news app like InShorts, make sure you provide similar features and benefits to the audience the way InShorts did.

Written by Erma Winter
Erma Winter is a senior app developer working with MobileCoderz, a top mobile app development company in India & the USA.

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