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How to Grow Your Website’s Traffic in 2024?

If you own an e-commerce website, a service-providing website, or a blog, you need the traffic to generate business through it. Your...

How to Grow Your Website's Traffic in 2022?

If you own an e-commerce website, a service-providing website, or a blog, you need the traffic to generate business through it. Your website can be good, but if it has no audience, it will not benefit you in terms of business. If you have made a new website, you can see its analytics to see that it’s not receiving traffic. Even if your website has content uploaded but is not search engine optimized, it will not receive traffic. If you want to rank your website and make it appear in the top results, you need to optimize your content. When it appears in the searches, people will visit your website, and its traffic will increase. We will discuss several methods to increase your website’s traffic and how you can perform those methods.

5 Free Ways you can Increase your Website’s Traffic

Below, we’ll tell you five ways to increase your website’s traffic. We’ll discuss free-of-cost methods you can use to increase your website’s traffic.

1. Search Engine Optimized content

As discussed above, it is the fundamental, easiest, and most effective way to increase the flow of traffic to your website. A user searches for any query he wants to know, for instance, Ten foods rich in Folic Acid. When he would search this, he would see a list of results, and he would click on the first few results tab and read their content. If someone wants to read more, he will check all the websites appearing on the first page. People rarely go to the third page. That’s why it’s crucial to rank your website on the first page to help grow your business. Without Search engines optimizing your content, using other methods would not be helpful. Moreover, your primary focus should be getting more organic traffic to grow and promote your business.

When we talk about backlinks, we also talk about blog posts, since that’s what we use for backlinks. For example, Apple has a blog which they call Apple Newsroom, and there you can see the latest news posted by Apple. Backlinks mean links to other websites on your website. Now Apple doesn’t need to backlink for traffic, but if it needs to show something only available on a specific website, then it would. It’s beneficial for both websites, but more for the other company because a big company Apple links to it.

Now, backlinks need to make sense; you don’t need to unnecessarily stuff other websites in your blog posts. Remember, if your content is not good and has quality, it won’t benefit you in the long term despite doing all marketing types. You can request established bloggers to read your post and include it in their post if it’s good enough, helpful, and relatable for their blog post.

3. Social Media Marketing

According to Statista, there are 3.96 billion social media users worldwide. Every famous business brand is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media marketing plays a vital role in businesses promotion today. Algorithms and artificial intelligence made these processes more effective. If you search for the best footballs, you would see similar ads on your Facebook, and you might like a football ad you see and end up buying it. That’s how effective social media marketing is. You need effective ad copywriting skills for this. However, good graphic design knowledge is also necessary. We included it in freeways because if you know how to do so, can write good ad copies, and can make images in tools like Canva; you can do social media marketing yourself too. It would not cost you money, but time and effort.

4. Email Marketing

After social media marketing, emails are great marketing tools. The content making is like that of social media marketing, in which you would need a good ad copy within a beautiful email template. For example, McDonald’s or other fast-food companies send you emails about their promotion and discount offers. Many tools are available nowadays that let you quickly make beautiful emails to send to people who subscribed to your email list.

5. Google Business Profile

If your business has a physical shop or office, you must make a google business profile. Gbps are quick websites that appear on the right side of the results page and include the shop’s images, contact number, google map location and address, reviews, and FAQ about your business. It gives a quick guide to people on how your business is. It also has a link to your website, so they can go to your website if users want to find more about you. Ensure that you fill every field in your Google business profile, except trying to buy fake reviews and ratings, as it can permanently damage your reputation.


So we have discussed five simple ways to increase your website’s traffic. Most of the things we discussed are technical processes. Perform all the above methods, and your website’s traffic will increase. Be patient, as it doesn’t happen like magic, and it takes time. It can take a minimum of a week after doing SEO for your content to appear on the first pages. However, not everyone finds it easy to perform them, especially search engine optimization. Here, you can contact a company that offers affordable SEO services. Moreover, you can hire a copywriter who’ll write ad copies for social media and email marketing to grow your business.

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