How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners?

Blog for Beginners

You are just getting started with your blog because you have heard it is a simple way to make money.

But, as a newbie,

You have no idea of how to do and where to start for sure.

That’s why,

We are here to show you how to make cash with your blog.

Why sets your first goal of $100 with a blog?

NOTE that,

The income doesn’t appear overnight after you set up a blog.

You need to create an audience who trusts you and then improve this traffic regularly before begin to make money.

As a new blogger,

You certainly don’t have a large amount of traffic as well as a long list of emails yet.

Hence, the idea here is to commence small with the first aim of $100 and then build up from there to expand your blog. Avoid starting BIG right from the start since a large objective seems too far out of your reach.

Remember that,

$100 is your beginning as a new blogger.


When you gain your goal, you will feel motivated.

Moreover, you are going to understand what works (and what doesn’t) for your blog. From there, continue to avail your knowledge to make more cash.


How to make $100 USD per day with your blog?

How to make money with a blog for beginners?

There are different ways of blogging for making cash.


If you’re setting up a blog, make sure to read our 10 blogging tips for a beginner first to get started the right way.

After that, making money with your blog will become EASIER with our suggestions below.

Affiliate income

Use affiliate marketing to make money from blogging [Source from StockNation]

The first way to make money blogging is to use affiliate marketing.

Here you don’t need to have your own services or products to promote for money. What you only do is to advertise people’s products on your blog, and if someone makes a purchase, you will get a commission.

Where to find?

To be honest,

You may be overwhelmed when getting started since there are lots of options.

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is chosen by many new bloggers (we will guide how to do later).


You can sign up to avail other big affiliate marketing networks such as ShareASale or Commission Junction.

These networks come with thousands of affiliate programs for different brands. Simply pick up the brands or products you want to promote and perform it from the centralized platform.

How to start

First of all, you need to create a list of services and products on Amazon you want to use and then sign up.

Next, brainstorm and build content to help you promote your chosen services and products.

For instance,

If you’re advertising a new robot vacuum cleaner, you can create a tutorial on how to use. Then add the affiliate link for the product within your article. And if anyone clicks and buys it, you get the commission.

Or create a review of this product and include the link so that the readers can make a purchase. Or try to consult how other bloggers do on their own sites.

The final thing is to promote your content on social media and anywhere that is relevant. From there, you can build a large amount of traffic on your blog to make affiliate income.


How to become an expert Affiliate marketer?

Google AdSense

Google AdSense - another way to make money with your blog

Another common way of making cash from blogging for newbies is to use Google AdSense.

All you just do is to sign up and permit the Google to put ads on your blog. Then you can select where and how many ads to display.

In return, you will be either paid if someone clicks on your ad or by the number of views the ad gets on your blog.

The greatest thing about this Google ad platform is that your readers see the ads that are appropriate to them. It means they will see ads related to the content on your site.


The more traffic you create, the more your AdSense income is probably to increase.

How to start

As stated above,

You need to sign up for AdSense to start (it’s free, of course).

After that, you can put as few or as many ads on your blog as you want.


It’s best not to overwhelm your readers with too many ads. Depending on your decision, you can place the ads at the top, bottom or on the sidebar.

And don’t forget to promote your content to get more traffic. If you drive more relevant traffic, your ads are possible to perform better and tempt your reader to click.

Freelancer writing

Sell your freelance writing services on your blog

Since your blog often gets little traffic at the beginning, freelancer writing is an excellent way to begin and make cash without waiting around.

If you prefer to write, this is a good start for you.

Here you can use your blog as proof of your writing capacity and then pitch to clients in your niche. By selling your freelance writing services, you might begin to make money.

How to start

Since there are many types of freelance writing, you need to do research to choose whether you want to start such as copywriting, blog writing, etc.

Then search for freelance writing work to promote such as:

  • Take part in a freelancing platform, create an account and begin to work.
  • Look for potential clients in your niche and email them to pitch your writing blog content or become a ghostwriter for their business.
  • Freelancing or writing related Facebook groups is known as a prominent way for newbies.
  • Don’t mind letting your network know you’re finding writing work since you never know who might need your service.
  • Create a “Service” or “Work with Me” page and make a list of Freelance Writing as a service for your clients. If they access your blog and prefer what they see, they might contact to work with you.

Last but not least, remember to promote your service via your social media, blog, and to your personal and pro networks.

Further reading: How To Charge If You Are A Freelancer?


Write an eBook and sell it to make money from blogging

If you know well a topic, you can try writing an eBook and then turn it as your own product to sell. And of course, this topic is interesting enough for readers to buy.

A good eBook should be concise yet packed with useful information. So you don’t need to write hundreds of pages like a novel since it takes lots of time.

Remember to give a reasonable price for your first eBook (between $7 and $35).

And if you make some sales, you will get a BIG confidence booster. More importantly, you are willing to take it to the next level.

How to start

The first and foremost thing is to brainstorm your content ideas. Try to analyze what content influences your audience such as what they like hearing, what topics you have an expertise or what engages your audience.

After that, start writing the eBook and formatting in Google Docs and then use Canva to make an appealing cover.

Then find a place to sell your eBook such as:

  • Your blog – Promote it on the sidebar, in your blog posts, or send it via your email lists.
  • Amazon – Self-publish your eBook and sell it on Amazon.
  • ClickBank – This favorite online retailer for digital products help to give your eBook to a wide audience.

For selling eBooks, you need to determine how you accept payments and deliver to your customers. If you are selling via your blog, try to consult SendOwl or use a service like Paypal or Stripe.

CONSIDER carefully and choose the easiest one.

As always, you MUST promote your eBook on relevant Facebook groups, Pinterest, anywhere else that may be relevant.

Online courses

Create online courses to make money

Similar to eBooks, you can build an online course about any topic you know well. Of course, this topic should be appealing to your readers.

For instance,

If your blog is all about food, it’s best to begin a course on recipes. Or in case you write about the relationship, you might sell a course on how to maintain a long-distance relationship.

Unlike eBooks, you can sell your online course at a higher price.


It should depend on your expertise, your depth of the course as well as how well your readers know you. It will be like making money by tutoring online.

How to start

As outlined above, your online course must be about the topic that you can help your readers.

Then create the content for your course. At this point, you need to use many formats or use a combo of slideshows, videos, and text to make it more attracting.

After having the good content, it’s time to find to place to sell. You can try:

  • Your blog, of course.
  • Udemy
  • Teachable

Similar to selling eBooks, you have to consult some ways to deliver your course to customers. Depending on the platforms you publish the content, they can guide you on how to do.

And never forget to promote your course to get a high amount of traffic. From there, you can make money.

Which one will you opt for?

Here you get five different ways to help you get the first $100 from your blog.

Avoid picking all and perform at the same time since you easily lose your concentration. It’s best to select the one that is suitable for yourself and START to make money.

If you are willing, let’s DO IT NOW!

David Vu

David Vu

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    Nice post, I really want to make money from blogging; Thanks for your guideline.

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    Actually, these are very helpful articles for me. Thanks…

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    Great article! I enjoyed reading your content.

    One of the best methods which I prefer to turn blog or website into a profitable business is through Facebook Ads where you can engage with the audience members, increase traffic on your blog and your conversion rate as well.

    Thanks for sharing the good content!!:)

    • Avatar

      Hi Julia!
      Of course Facebook Ads is a great choice. Facebook is a wonderful platform for any business. With over two billion monthly active users, any business can find their target market on it. But that also comes with serious downsides like competition and declining organic reach.

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    Love this idea, thanks David!

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    AdSense program can be solution for making money from your website but blogging needs patience and persistence. thanks a lot for info

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      Yes Adam
      The best part of this AdSense program is that you do not need to be in direct contact with advertisers; you simply place the banner on your site, Google chooses ads relevant to your content, and your viewers click on the ads.
      But what if if you find that AdSense doesn’t work for you? No problem, There are countless similar programs available , such as Chitika, Infolinks, and

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    I liked the ebooks idea, now I just use Google Adsense but for some niche sites I will try your alternatives

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      Hi Ricky!
      For new websites or blogs, the AdSense program can be one of the fastest ways to generate income, which is why it’s so popular.
      But while AdSense is free and easy to use, there are aspects you need to understand about it, and things you can do to maximize your success with it.
      I will write a post about making money with google adsense in the near future!

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    I really likes your tips for newbies and it’s really helpful for the newbies bloggers.

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    · November 27, 2018 at 8:47 am

    Hello David,
    Awesome post. Blogging certainly needs patience and persistence. You have to produce quality content on regular basis and create a good relationship with your readers. Selling Your own products, services, and eBooks can be very lucrative ways to monetize your blog.


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    I like it David. Huge fan of doing the eBook bit as I wrote and self-published 126 eBooks for Amazon. I have 2 of Selz as well. Super income stream for beginner bloggers.

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      Yes Ryan, One of the most effective ways to turn your passions into a business and monetize your skills is by selling eBooks.
      Creating your own eBook absolutely takes work, but it’s also a really rewarding way to explore your passions and share your expertise, not to mention increase your passive income!

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    Hi David,
    Good one!
    For any beginner, it’s important and could be encouraging when they see their first income in their bank account. It certainly going to push them further in their blogging career.

    But, patience would be the ultimate key there, as the blog might not grow and earn over night. No doubt, if you are a bloggers, that states you are a writer or probably some other skill would be there. And for starter, along with a blog putting themselves into freelancing would be the great idea, so that the money could roll in instantly and helpful to build up their confidence.


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      Hi Navin!
      I totally agree with you! As a new blogger, it can be hard to know where to start.
      Just set the 1st goal at $100. It doesn’t sound like a lot of money. But it’s just the beginning. Once you get the basics down and earn your first income, you can scale it and earn as much money as you’d like.

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