7 Reasons Why SEO Matters for Every Startup

SEO Matters for Every Startup

If you are an entrepreneur, you know how true the Chinese proverb holds in case of building a company. To start with, you need a lucrative business idea, arrange for funds, and ensure that your business is marketed well. Unless you guard the forts with your strongest sentinels, your business is likely to have its shutters down even before it can prove its worth. And that is the last thing you want to see happening to your brainchild. So how do you protect your business from a premature shutdown? Your answer lies in SEO. And in this post, we will discuss why SEO Matters for Every Startup.

What is the point of starting a new company if you do not know how to reach the right customers? This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in to save your business from failure. While Google takes the lion’s share with 79% search traffic, Bing and Yahoo stand at 7.27% and 5.06%, respectively. Both the bishop and the knight to the chessboard of business, SEO can not only usher in early success for your business but also help you duck the potential risks. Wondering how? Read on for more. 

7 Ways Seo Can Work Magic For Your Startup Business

Here are seven reasons why you need to capitalize on SEO for your Startup:

1. To get your hands on Customer Behavior Data

The more you understand your target audience, the better it is for your startup to make fruitful conversions. When you begin a business, you may feel at sea because you do not have much idea about the audience you are catering to. SEO gives you a heads-up here and relays an idea on what course to take. SEO digs up essential data about your potential customers and give you insights into what they are searching for. This way, you learn to veer your business according to the needs of your customers. You can trace the words that your target customer audience uses to do searches and optimize your website accordingly. 

Here is a list of some of the best SEO tools that you can use to get a higher rank in Google. Most of them come with trial versions so you can check out and settle with the best option for your company.

2. To fetch Higher Traffic and More Conversions

Right from choosing the apt keyword strategy to ensuring high-quality content on your website, SEO encompasses it all and can drive in a reasonable amount of organic traffic. Remember one thing: The more digital footfall on your website, the better are your opportunities to make more conversions. And it is only the right kind of SEO efforts that can bring in more traffic, thus yielding more conversions, leading to a better turnover. What I recommend is that you build an SEO plan and focus on optimizing your website instead of spending your limited resources on other marketing strategies. Moreover, organic traffic that comes through search engine queries like Google has the power to convert leads four times more than any other type of traffic.

3. To secure your business at zero cost

I know how hectic building a startup is, especially financially. There are setup and installation costs to eat up a significant portion of your capital funds. On top of that, marketing can be a costly affair too. But not all marketing efforts come with high costs. Like, SEO. Although it is mostly free, the results yielded by SEO are far better than any other marketing strategy. Even with some of the best tools, like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, SEO can be a low investment tactic when done right. Apart from the above analytical tools, several other SEO tools offer free trial versions, so you do not have to worry about your pockets.

The ‘gratis’ factor of SEO also comes with another benefit. Since you do not have to spend a lot on the tools, you can spend the money on an SEO firm where you will get the guidance of professional analysts. 

4. To make informed and better business decisions

Once you figure out who your target audience is and what their preferences are, you get a better understanding of how to convert them. But the use of the data that SEO practices mine for you does not end here. SEO findings make long-term contributions to your company’s growth. You can vertically integrate the data to create specific click-funnels for all users that fall under the category. You can also apply the data you have gathered on customer behavior to form an overall business strategy for your startup. SEO data can also help you shape business decisions better, thus leading to a successful launch and steady growth stages. Suppose, if one keyword does well, you can tailor other long-tail keywords based on the more-used search query to drive other traffic for more conversions.

5. To build better brand value and strengthen consumer trust

If you want your startup to find its ground in the rat-race of business, you need to establish a brand image. This is where SEO comes in to provide you with a higher ranking. It, in turn, adds on to your brand’s authority in its niche. When you rank higher, your potential customers begin to trust your brand. A highly rated, clean, and accessible website with SEO-centric content will build better goodwill. From there, you can work towards building credibility, which is necessary for a new brand. 

“As an online assignment help company, our business depends mostly on goodwill and word-of-mouth recommendations. SEO is our only choice to create organic traffic for a better ranking, thus building intrinsic brand value”, says Emilia Eckhart, the branding head of AllEssayWriter.com. 

6. To build a long term audience

While you may get attracted to PPC campaigns for its fast-churning results, showing patience on your SEO tactics can be beneficial in the long run. Paid advertisements will not only cost you a high price, but the results are short term too. Unlike advertisements that tank the moment, SEO will help you build an audience over time and retain them. When you optimize your content according to the needs of the search engines, you reach better ranks with Google rewarding you for providing quality information. 

However, SEO is dynamic, and you need to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms. You, therefore, need to stay up to date on the current SEO marketing trends.

7. To yield digital prominence for your startup

Building a digital presence is crucial for any company, especially when you are taking baby steps into the competitive world of business. The best way to gain this digital awareness is through organic traction via SEO tactics. Moreover, when you optimize your website for the search engines, you offer better user experience to your audience via quality website content, optimal keyword usage, and image optimization. This, in turn, converts your leads into final consumers. If you think it through, you earn more at the cost of almost nothing, since SEO is the most affordable way to build trust and a loyal customer base.

If you dig into website analytics for your site, you will realize that maximum conversions come from organic traffic. So you understand how essential it is for your company’s revenues to focus on such traffic. Especially for entrepreneurs who want to minimize their investments, SEO is the best way to get easy access to data to form better decisions and build the brand value for your company.

To ensure success for your new business establishment, do not forget to add SEO to your business strategy. Here’s to the hope that your startup sees new heights. All the best!

David Smith

David Smith

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