12 Tips to design an eye-catching poster for your next marketing campaign

12 Tips to design an eye-catching poster for your next marketing campaign

In this pandemic era, when social distancing is the norm, digital advertising has been the better way to reach prospective customers. Digital advertising has occupied even your mobile devices. It has the power to reach far and wide faster than print advertising.

Print advertising, as one of the trustworthy advertising strategies, has been here since magazines and newspapers. Outdoor billboards and posters are the two types of print advertising commonly preferred by small businesses as they are economical and cost-effective. 

Posters placed effectively anywhere draw the attention and urge people to know more about your products, sales, and events sponsored/organized by your organization. According to a recent report, 82% of consumers trust print ads. 

Let us now look at the 12 tips to design an eye-catching poster for your organization’s next marketing campaign.

Identifying Your Goal

The foremost goal in designing your poster must be to present information effectively so that anyone can understand.

If you are going to design an eye-catching poster for your upcoming marketing campaign, what do you expect the marketing campaign to bring to your organization? Do you want your marketing campaign to introduce a new product or a new service?

Do you want to conduct a marketing campaign to strengthen your ties with the existing consumers? Or do you want to conduct the marketing campaign to bring in prospective new consumers?

Or do you want to share with the public your organization’s collaboration with a foreign organization to add value to your products? 

Every element on the poster, be it text or graphic, choose effectively to achieve the goal.

Considering Target Audience

After identifying your goal, decide for whom you are conducting the marketing campaign. Find out who will attend the marketing campaign.

And next for whom you design an eye-catching poster. Before starting the poster designing process, analyze the type of audience your marketing campaign will attract.

If you have conducted marketing campaigns earlier, you may know how the delegates attending the marketing campaign will react to your posters. If you are conducting the marketing campaign for the first time, you must spend some time analyzing the type of audience your marketing campaign will interact with. Your poster designs must impress both the young and the old attending the marketing campaign.

Identify Where to display Posters

Before design, an eye-catching poster, identify suitable places for displaying posters.

For displaying posters on a common wall, print posters in larger sizes to make them stand out. For posters on the bare wall, print posters in smaller sizes and display a bunch of posters together to create a larger view.

Print posters in page sizes, Letter, A3, A4, and A5. The size of the posters can be set in Pixels, Centimetres, Inches as well.

Choosing Colour Scheme and Fonts for Your Brand

12 Tips to design an eye-catching poster for your next marketing campaign

Choosing the correct color scheme and fonts for your brand lets your posters be visible distinctly. The chosen colors can completely change the tone of the posters.

Bold colors will not suit every design. So, it is better to avoid bright primary colors. At present trendy shades like earth tones and pastels are much in preference. Your chosen color palette will significantly change the look of the poster and influence viewers.

Blue in the color palette makes the look of the poster very professional. Green in the color palette represents tranquility, the environment, and energy. It suits posters for fundraising campaigns. Red represents joy, courage, and strength, and it makes your poster eye-catching and impressive.

Some marketing campaigns need posters with more text than pictures and images. You can use a font type of your liking or a combination of two or three fonts to create striking posters.

The fonts used in the poster must be appropriate for the poster design and must suit your marketing campaign. For short headlines, choose decorative fonts, for they will help the poster look distinct and can be seen even from a distance.

While laying out the typography of your poster, take care of the spacing between letters and the distance between adjacent lines. In addition to the font size, decide if the font size will be bold, regular, or light. Choose the line height, the distance between two lines of text on the poster. You must also decide if it must be small caps, lower or uppercase letters. 

Sketching out Your Posters

You may want to share more information to update or inform your customers what your marketing campaign is about.  Posters with too much text will allow viewers to skip your poster and move on.

Eye-catching designs with mesmerizing pictures and images will attract viewers to stop for a while and read.

First, sketch out your ideas for your posters on paper. This will help you mentally organize what information you want to display and how you want your viewers to react.  If stuck with no ideas, search online for poster design templates. And, that will make your work easy.

Using attention-grabbing Headline

The headline of your poster must grab the attention of the public. Unless your posters catch their attention, they may not read further.

The headlines in a poster must present what you want to convey in a sentence or a few words. Take care to frame your headline with clarity, and it must not be misleading or confusing.

Following Visual Hierarchy

Display all information in the order of importance. A good flow of information leads to a good poster design. Display first the most important information in your poster.

For posters with minimum text, include a simple or a bold icon or a graphic design. For presenting more information, focus on the length of the text. Present your headline in a single sentence and the other details below the headline as a bulleted list.

Follow this pattern in your poster: headline, subheading, and body text. Design your poster with the headline in bigger font size, sub-headings in medium-size font, and the body text in the smallest font size.

Using high-quality images

In addition to the text, pictures and images are also used in the poster.  Photographs, hand-drawn illustrations, and images with high resolution are used.

The image resolution must suit the size of the poster. Take care to match the color mode of your marketing campaign.


Your poster design must include the call to action (CTA) so that the viewer will act on the information provided on the poster.

The call to action (CTA) must be visible clearly on the poster. It may be a simple square with the text that prompts for immediate action. The text may be a request to send a mail enquiring details or expressing interest to purchase products or services.

Using Icons

Icons enhance the poster design. They replace text and describe concepts through symbols. Icons represent ideas visually and provide the perfect balance of the text on the poster. Icons must explain the meaning clearly.

You can change the color of flat icons to match the color of the posters easily. But, the color of illustrated icons cannot be changed. Take care to have white space or open space around icons or symbols. Without white space, the poster design will look cramped and hard to read.

Importance of Poster Frames

12 Tips to design an eye-catching poster for your next marketing campaign

Frames protect posters and add a complete look. The standard rule for selecting a frame is that it must be an inch taller and wider than the poster. 

Frames protect posters from wear and tear and help them be on display for longer. The poster frames prevent damage from fluorescent lighting or UV because of exposure to sun rays. 

Posters displayed in matching frames add style to the place and are visually appealing. Poster frames give an organized look and make the display pleasing and perfect.


The posters designed for your marketing campaign must be uncluttered. Display information that is essential and makes it effective.

Well-designed posters will help your marketing campaign to be successful without spending more. Cheaper than television or print advertising, they are trustworthy, reliable, and affordable.


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