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How to Align Content Writing and SEO for Business Website?

Once upon a time, Google decided to review its page ranking algorithms – and began to pay attention not only to the...

Content Writing and SEO

Once upon a time, Google decided to review its page ranking algorithms – and began to pay attention not only to the content of sites with key queries but also to behavioral factors. This means that while developing your business site, you need to be able to maintain a reasonable balance between the value of content for users and the technical side of search engine optimization. In this article, we talk about how to align content writing and SEO for your business website.

Write Selling and SEO Optimized Product Description

A selling description and an optimized description are not two mutually exclusive concepts. Moreover, they can be a single whole and exist on the page of one product – increasing user engagement, improving your position in search results and launching your sales. However, it is as always easier said than done. And here is what you need for your product description to sell and advance in the search at the same time.

  • Select a few (up to five) the most suitable key queries of different frequencies and insert them into the text as organically as possible.
  • Write not about the technical characteristics of the product, but about the problems it solves and the emotions that it causes.
  • Add high-quality photos with alt tags, as well as video reviews (we will talk about the video in one of the following paragraphs).

Provide Useful Content and Strengthen Your SEO Positions With Guest Posting

“SEO is not just about keywords and behavioral factors. This is also about backlinks that indicate that your site is trustworthy for both users and search engines. And of course, it will be wise to start this process yourself using guest posting,” says Ben Grant, a writer for LinksManagement.

Guest posting is a method of website promotion is already very old, but still very effective. Moreover, in this case, you kill two birds with one stone – strengthen the site’s SEO position through backlinks, plus provide valuable content to your target audience on behalf of your business. And here are the following subtleties.

  • In order for your backlink to give a positive result, it is necessary to publish your post on an authoritative site.
  • In order to gain access to new users, your target audience and the audience of a third-party site must coincide at least partially.

Obviously, it is quite difficult to find a site that will meet these criteria at the same time if you search manually.


SEO content: writing for Google and the people both.

Make Video Product Reviews and Add a Transcription

So, it’s worthwhile to dwell in more detail on the video review of your products or services, which must be present on your site. You can ask a reasonable question – what is the relationship between writing content, video, and SEO? In fact, there is a real connection, which becomes visible after you look inside the question.

In order for you to give users valuable content, as well as increase your SEO position, you need not just video, but a video with transcription. Transcription is something like subtitles, only they are built into the video initially. And of course, it’s mandatory to use the keywords in your transcription – yes, those that you used on the product description page. Thus, Google will receive a clearer signal about the subject of your video and will be able to show it according to the most accurate user requests.

Come up With a Blog Development Strategy

Your blog is actually an inexhaustible source of traffic. If you invest your time once in developing a strategy for its development, carefully analyze the requests of your target audience and topics that you can write about, plus collect a semantic core, and implement all this in the form of blog articles, then search engines will work while you sleep -and show your articles to interested users.

This is a long-term investment, from which you can receive dividends indefinitely – while your business grows, develops and makes sense. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the development of your blog if you want to get the best SEO indicators and greater involvement of your customers. Analyze hot topics and write at least one quality article per week – the result from SEO will be visible in a few months.

Repurpose the Materials You Already Have and Make Them More SEO-Oriented

In fact, in order to improve your SEO performance, it is not necessary to write content from scratch. Sometimes it’s enough to improve and repurpose the materials that you already have. For instance,

  • Turn a written product review into a transcription video as we said.
  • Turn your business research or customer research into infographics with alt tags and a link to your website.
  • Turn a useful article into a checklist and also add tags.
  • Turn the list of your achievements into a slideshow, infographic or carousel on the site.
  • Create a list of the most popular questions and answers.

And these are far from all the ideas that you can implement based on the materials that you already have and the semantic core.

Write More Engaging Content for Social Media

Why, in the end, we decided to say a few words about social networks if they are not taken into account as factors affecting SEO? Yes, right, backlinks from social networks matter only to increase brand awareness – however, the traffic that goes from social networks to the site is important for search engine optimization. These are behavioral factors that Google considers to be one of the highest priority indicators.

Therefore, it is important to write interesting, engaging and motivating content for social networks and encourage users to go to your site. Plus, it’s also about additional opportunities for lead generation and increased sales – and the more you sell, the more users search for you themselves and help you advance in the search results.


As you can see, valuable content for users and technical requirements for search engine optimization can live together. The most important thing is to determine your development priorities and always strive for balance – this is almost the only winning strategy for the business as a whole.

Written by Marie Barnes
Marie Barnes is a writer at Bestforacar. She has a lot to share on the topics of Marketing, PR, and Branding.

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  3. I think you shared an effective guidelines for Align Content Writing And SEO.
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  5. Thanks, Marie for your great tips. What you said is 200% right, Blog is a long time process and you know what it always yields better results if you do it right. Nowadays, SEO is getting harder and harder. But publishing content that people love does half of the job.

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