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How to Make Money by Typing Texts Sitting on Your Sofa?: Best Ideas

The lockdown period clearly showed that specialists from almost any field can work on their sofas at home. Online work has ceased...

How to Make Money by Typing Texts Sitting on Your Sofa?

The lockdown period clearly showed that specialists from almost any field can work on their sofas at home. Online work has ceased to be something strange and vague, but now it has become the norm. If you love writing, then this can be a good option for making money, and having kids isn’t an obstacle. How to Make Money by Typing texts confuses you. Let me explain to you further in this article.

In this case, you can become a full-time writer, but at the same time not leave your home, children, and change your usual way of life. How to start making money with text? You just need to start writing, using the ideas from this article.

Top 6 Ideas How To Make Money by Typing and Writing

How to Make Money by Typing Texts Sitting on Your Sofa?

How to start making money by typing texts just from your home? All you need to do is start writing and use several platforms to help you start earning. Below you will find 6 ideas to help you transform the text into money. At the same time, you will be able to independently plan your working day, which is an excellent option for those who have children and do not have the opportunity to work in an office. So, let’s start.

1. Join LinkedIn

If you want to start growing professionally as a writer, then you should create a profile on such a business platform as LinkedIn. Even if you plan to write texts on your sofa or playground, this is not an obstacle to start collaborating with global companies. The platform resembles an ordinary social network only instead of the usual communication, there is a focus on business communication and the creation of business connections. You need to create a profile and indicate your occupation.

Also, on this platform, there is a section with jobs where you can find an employer. As for the writers, there are many offers from all over the world. And another significant advantage is that it is the best job search option for the busiest and laziest. This platform is actively used by HR managers, and if you indicate your type of activity, then you will receive offers of relevant work. So this is a great chance to find a good job without leaving your sofa and a little effort.

2. Create a Blog on Medium

If you are considering such an option as creating a blog, then turn your attention to Medium. This is a great place to practice writing and get passive earning opportunities. The advantage is that you can monetize your blog and get paid for advertising on it. But according to the platform’s requirements, authors will receive money every time your article is read to the end. But it is also a good place to show yourself as a professional writer.

Pick a topic for your blog and start creating great content regularly. The more readers you have, the faster you can monetize your blog and also get suggestions for creating content for other companies. The only pitfall regarding this platform is that residents of some countries cannot get the opportunity to monetize articles. Check out these features on the Medium terms and conditions.

3. Write Academic Papers

If you have experience writing academic papers or did well in college, then you can remember the past and start earning. Today there are many online services that help students write academic papers of various kinds. Accordingly, such companies need writers on a permanent basis.

Look at the most popular platforms that provide such ‘ write my dissertation or ‘ write my paper for me‘ services to students and offer your services. For example, you could use a site that creates reviews for writing services. You can also look at the top companies in this area and use the ‘ pay someone to write my dissertation service with the help of a reliable website, which is also dedicated to helping students choose the best platform based on their feedback.

Feel free to contact these companies as if you are competent in at least one discipline or one type of academic assignment, then you can get a full-time job in online mode.

4. Use Instagram

Do you like to create interesting photos and write texts? Then you need Instagram. You can start blogging on this platform and monetize your efforts over time. Determine which direction you like. Someone chooses to create an expert blog, someone chooses a beauty direction, someone parenthood, and someone just shares their lifestyle.

Create creative photo and video content, write useful and engaging posts. Instagram allows you to create your brand and over time various companies may turn their attention to you and invite you to become an ambassador. You can also integrate Instagram into your website to increase the visitor number if you have one already! Traditional advertising is also very common on this platform, so you can start earning by organically promoting your customers’ products. Learn the basics of promoting on Instagram, create a content plan and start developing your blog, which in the long term can become an excellent source of income.

5. Get Started on UpWork

If you do not know where to start in such a thing as writing texts, then pay your attention to such a freelance platform as UpWork. There are many employers from different fields here. There are many suggestions for writers too. All you need to do is go through the registration process, provide information about yourself, your professional skills, and choose the desired order.

The advantage of the platform is that you get access to a huge number of orders and can choose the one that suits you best. After you successfully complete the order, you will receive feedback and promotion in the ranking. This will demonstrate your professionalism and, over time, you will be able to fulfill high-paying orders.

6. Use Your Favourite Sites

Most likely, you have a favorite women’s site where you constantly read interesting articles. These sites can be a great place to make money. If you are competent in some area and you have something to tell the audience of the site, then you should consider the option of cooperation. How to do it? Many sites are looking for writers who will create quality content that will organically fit into the style of the site. Usually, such cooperation is indicated in the “Contact Us” or “Write For Us” section. Look at these sections of the site to find out if they need writers.

For example, a site like A Fine Parent is looking for writers to prepare articles for their blog. There is an opportunity to earn about $75 here. Therefore, research the sites looking for writers and contact the site team immediately. Most sites are looking for writers on an ongoing basis, so this is a good option for those who want to share their experience and professionalism without interrupting their lifestyle.

The Bottom Line

Earning money from typing texts is a good opportunity not only for additional income but also to make this type of activity a full-time job. Use these tips and start making money right on your sofa or from the playground with your kids.


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