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Top Strategies to Build a Million-Dollar Business Online

Do you know that e-commerce sales have accounted for 3.5 USD trillion sales worldwide?  And, by 2022, it will reach 6.54 trillion...

Top Strategies to Build Your eCommerce Business

Do you know that e-commerce sales have accounted for 3.5 USD trillion sales worldwide?  And, by 2022, it will reach 6.54 trillion USD. No doubt the industry is booming at a break-neck speed. If you are new to this digital market or planning to start an online business, then pull up your socks tight because there is tough competition ahead.

The top e-commerce biggies like Alibaba and Amazon are working day and night to increase their customer base. Though they already have a vast customer base, they are still not leaving any stone unturned to take their business to the highest possible heights.

There are numerous opportunities hidden inside. You just have to go deeper and plan your strategies accordingly. 

But before this, take a look at some of the mind-blowing stats gathered from the top web development companies listing site:

  • In 2021, the estimated global digital buyers will be around 2.14 billion.
  • In 2021, eCommerce sales can account for 18.1 percent of retail global sales.
  • 33.6 percent of customers look up price comparison on their mobile phone while in a physical store.

Now, let’s get started with the top e-commerce strategies: 

1. Find Your Unreserved Customer Section


Do you know what’s common among successful retailers? It’s their practice of targeting unsatisfied or underserved customer sections. This type of people are generally not satisfied with the current services, or their demands are unfulfilled. Good retailers always pinpoint this area and get the benefit.

Morally also, it’s a great strategy as they are keeping their every customer happy by digging deeper and knowing their people’s interests and requirements.

So, whatever will be the reason behind being this underserved section, you just have to find these people and provide optimal quality of services or products. It will also outpace your competitor.  It’s also worth considering the products or services you can sell for a higher margin; it will be profitable.

It doesn’t matter how you succeed-you may sell quality products, provide excellent customer service or offer more added value with an eCommerce value proposition (like discounts, free delivery, etc.). But, you must find at least a way to boost your customer base.

It would help if you also create USP, i.e., a unique selling point; it includes designer branding, best customer service, high quality, and fair price. With it, you can also provide tough competition in the market.

2. Build an Experimentation-Focused Culture

Testing, and I am talking about the proper testing that distinguishes the normal e-commerce from the best e-stores. The online world offers many opportunities to make quick improvements timely according to the market and your current business status there.

You can do complete testing of your website’s features, make minor tweaks and figure out the right solution (something better than your competitors)  in a relatively short period.

Look at this image and see what you can implement in your website.


In the beginning, you have to work on developing a great USP. Once it’s done and you have clear and potential differentiation, validate it with a customer’s response over it.

When you are promoting your e-store in the light of USP, you will see a significant change.

Susty Party is the best example once they validated their USP of non-toxic, compostable party tableware. When the USP is presented on the homepage, the store got a hike of 250% in conversions than the previous generic design. 

Once you have developed a rock-solid business USP, it’s time to jump on testing.

The top e-commerce stores like Amazon do it better than others. Just take a quick look at their approach. You may get surprised. Isn’t it enough to inspire you to have one store for your online business? So go ahead and hire web programmers in India at a nominal cost.

In Amazon’s testing strategy, you’ll find three key features:

Million-Dollar Business Online
  • Consistent & long-term testing- Introducing, testing, and tweaking elements regularly like CTAs and more on its web pages.
  • Avoidance of site-wide redesigns- It always made gradual changes and kept the basic design the same, you might have noticed too.
  • Willing to try new things- Do experiments and try new things like one-click buying and video reviews. Even its competitors are also following this and making good profits.

Thus, you can go away ahead with experiments and results analysis.

3. Over-Delivery On Customer Expectations

Providing the best user experience is the foremost goal of every online business. For this, you can use the “Net Promoter Score” (NPS), an index ranging from 0 to 10 that measures the consumers’ willingness to recommend the company’s services and product to others.

It’s like a proxy of a customer’s overall behavior meter toward the brand.

No metric is perfect, but NPS is ideal in many ways for measuring your customer behavior. It provides two significant results.

  • You will know that you have to improve your system to offer better and more satisfying customer service.
  • It helps forecast business growth, assess your brand’s health, cash flow, and overall customer behavior.

The result will boost your average customer lifetime value, and I think it is probably the vital ecommerce metric. 

In a nutshell,  providing the best customer experience is of utmost importance in building a billion-dollar e-store. Its simple formula is to provide free home delivery, beautiful packaging, and more. This NPS tool is much effective in tracking business performance and results. You should try this by hiring Indian developers at a lower cost and get a perfect store built for you. 

4. Build a Brand

Million-Dollar Business Online


That’s how we recognize a company in the market like Amazon, Warby Parker, and Casper are top-notch brands of the market. They are growing with their large customer base.

Brand building is the foremost thing in every business. It gives your business recognition in the market. The top brands like Amazon, Warby Parker, and Casper more are also recognized like this. They are growing with their large customer base.

We can’t overestimate the brand’s importance, and, even in many cases, it beats other major business goals.

So, how to build a strong brand? Any ideas?

Simple Just Follow these simple steps, and your brand is ready:

  • Know your competitors
  • Find a brand purpose
  • Find a primary and secondary targeted audience.
  • Build a brand strategy
  • Create a compelling brand story
  • Form a brand identity
  • Launch your brand 

Final Words

No doubt, the e-commerce sector is thriving day by day. The growth is in billions, and it will never go down. You have greater chances to secure your business future in the market. All you have to do is make a unique strategy and invest accordingly. 

Above I have covered all the major things that every retailer should keep in mind while launching their brand in the market. So, follow this properly, and your success is guaranteed. But if needed any assistance, hire a top eCommerce development company in India. They will guide you better.

Written by Sneha Das
Sneha das is a senior technical consultant and a persuasive writer with 8+ years of rich experience in development and technology. She writes exemplary articles

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