Guest Blogging Tips and Tricks

Guest Blogging is the posting of a blog post to some other blogs. Guest Blogging is generally done to gain better Positioning and Authority to oneself or authorship.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging is blogging only, but the only difference is that instead of blogging on your site, you blog on others blog. In this, you choose a guest blog to post to those blogs which have the same niche of your blog. It is now considered as the most important part of the SEO (search engine optimization) and is well known in the field of internet marketing. Many new bloggers do guest blogging to get fame, more traffic, exposure, and backlinks.

Why do Guest Blogging?

The first question that comes to mind “does guest blogging works?” I would say it depends on the quality and content of the guest blog. But there are many new bloggers who guest blog to get:

  1. Better positioning for their authorship.
  2. To get more traffic to their blog.
  3. Quality backlinks to their website.
  4. A Well-known name in the Industry.

Go for Guest Blogging opportunities:

It is not difficult to find guest post opportunities, but the only thing to do is find similar niche blogs with better ranking and domain authority. Here is something to keep in mind for guest post opportunities:

  1. Keep in mind about the audience of the blog (must be same as your blog is targeting).
  2. Your Blog’s Niche should match their blog niche.
  3. The Blog’s admin must be active on social media so that your Guest post also gets socially shared on admins social pages.
  4. Must have a commenting system where you can also take part.

So to find the opportunities, there are many ways like search on the Google to find guest blogging sites. Or you can do the guest blogging on some of your friend’s blog (if your friends have) or find some good quality blog and send them a request for a guest post. Or there are many Blogging sites which allow guest posting.

Guest Blogging Sites:

There are tons of sites on the internet which have features of Guest Blogging. There some list of websites which I would suggest like My Blog Guest and some other links for the same where you can find multiple sites for guest posting.


How to Guest Blog:

Guest blog as if you are writing for your own blog. Because every blogger wants to have a best of blog posts on their blog so give your best of writing for the guest post. Keep in mind about their niche and have good knowledge about their blog.

  1. Use internal link:

Use the internal links from the admins blog so that he or she doesn’t take much time to approve your Post.

  1. Use of Images:

Where ever applicable use appropriate and good quality images with Alt Tag.

  1. Provide fewer links or One Link (backlink) From your Site:

Try to provide only one link on the Guest post. Because Leaving Multiple backlinks to your site will make the Admin think of your post as a spam and your post will never be approved.

  1. Read their Terms and condition:

Every blogger has his or her own terms or laws for submissions of Guest posting. So Before posting or writing any post as a guest blogger don’t forget to read their terms and privacy policy pages for the submission. Because it will only be wastage of time and effort if your post doesn’t match their criteria.

Benefits of Guest Blogging:

There are many advantages of Guest Blogging; like.

  • Quality Backlinks
  • Creates a reputation for the Author on the internet
  • Drives more Traffic to your Blog
  • Creates a Blogger to Blogger relationship

Guest Bio Perfection:

Guest bio is the most important thing in the Guest posting because you wrote a huge article just to get a good quality link, so it be must perfect. Write something unique about you, do not copy the same Bio from your own blog.

  • Provide a Site Link with Anchor Tag in your Bio so that you could get a link and more traffic to your blog.
  • If you want to get more social likes, then provide those social links where people can follow you.

Get Guest Bloggers for Your Blog

As Guest blogging can also be done both ways. So provide a Guest blogging page or link for your Guest bloggers. As if you are getting help from other bloggers, so it becomes your duty to let others guest blog on your site.

Guest Post will help to get your site bigger and will help you to drive more traffic using the guest post.

Moreover, feel free to leave comments for any queries.

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar

I do web development and SEO. But when I get time, I do write and share tips and tricks about marketing and technology.

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3 thoughts on “Guest Blogging Tips and Tricks

  1. Hi,

    It’s neat, because guest posting is going back to the old school approach of building relationships, forming bonds and helping both parties in the process. There is nothing wrong with building links as a natural by-product of adding value and forming connections. Smart post here.

    But people were making huge mistake by taking it just for the sake of link building, which is completely wrong, It reduce the quality of guest posts.

    So, Do your homework. Reach as big as crowd as possible. And of course, make sure the crowd wants to know what you have to say because smart guest bloggers hyper target their audience with a strategic guest blogging strategy.

    I used to hit the heavies like for a tremendous networking opportunity, and also, to build bonds with Darren Rowse and his co-bloggers at PB. It sure hasn’t hurt me in the social proof department either, as I’ve received some nice pop for being published on problogger 3 times.

    All techniques make sense here. Put in the legwork to find the right blog to build an intelligennt, effective approach to guest posting. Think about the specific audience you wish to reach before bothering to write a guest post.

    Thanks for sharing the awesome tips.

  2. Thanks, Robin for such a nice article. Guest blogging is a good idea for making a relationship with other bloggers.
    I think you should also allow guest posts on your site.

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