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Android app ideas to Create New apps

Apps In the Google Play Store and app store are growing continuously because of the internet and technology which keeps on growing....

Apps In the Google Play Store and app store are growing continuously because of the internet and technology which keeps on growing. People want to spend their free time playing games and watching web series. And the revenues of the mobile app developers are increasing continuously. People stick to their phones for 5 to 6 hours every day and that leads to an increase in the app using time of the user. In this article, I am going to show some of the best android app ideas to create new apps in the year 2022. These apps might have a great potential to grow in the near future.

People are coming up with fresh ideas for mobile apps. It is a field that is growing very fast. If you are coming into this competitive field you must have the necessary experience in creating an app. And the budget to create an app or launch a new startup. However new ideas are very good. But it is very risky to go to create a new app or start a new startup or a business.

In this article, we are giving you 15 plus mobile app developing ideas. That will become more useful in the year 2022. And the near future in our article you can find an idea for your new and first startup. It does not matter which platform you are using or working with rather whether it is an IOS platform or Android. You can find many creative and Profitable mobile app ideas in our article.

Best Mobile Android App Ideas to Create in the year 2022

App for virtual interior designing

With the help of artificial intelligence, it is possible to design your home virtually with the help of an app for example you can develop an app that allows the user to upload a photo of their room and then try furnishing them or decorating their room with different designs. Or you can change the wall colors of your room and you can also change the lights or you can add or remove the curtains furniture items, etc. This is a great idea to start a new startup all to launch a new app and also you can monetize your app or startup by partnering with different furniture stores or wall color shops. This is one of the best android app ideas to create.

Android app ideas to Create

Reviews and recommendations of books

If you have the hobby of reading books or you like books you can simply use this idea to launch your new app Imagine. If you want to read a book but you don’t know which book is best for you in the situation you are going to find the reviews of the book which you want to read or try to find the customer’s feedback about the book. So you can simply use this idea to launch a new app in which you can find a book of your interests and instantly read the customer feedback and you can also recommend similar books to the user you can also provide your affiliate links for books from the sites like Amazon and other similar platforms.

Android app ideas to Create

Jewelry try on app virtually

If you have a jewelry store you can use this idea to expand your business by launching your virtual store app in which the users can upload their images and try the new jewelry designs virtually. They can make their decision by trying the jewelry virtually you can also provide them with similar jewelry designs according to the user preference. And you can also give your jewelry store address or online website link from which the users can purchase the jewelry. This idea can lead to an increase in your business throughout the world.

An app that cares about elderly people

Everyone needs care and attention but elderly people Or old people need more attention and care Elderly people are becoming a large category of happy users of this type of app. You can create an app by using this idea that makes senior lives easy and happy by planning their daily activities or their daily routine. You can also remind them about their meditation yoga or exercise and their day-to-day tasks and also you can remind them about their medicines. Or you can make the process easier of ordering and delivering food products and medicines for their diet and health.

android app ideas

Things exchanging app or barter exchange

A barter exchange is the Oldest form of exchanging or buying things you can simply exchange things in the barter system. By using this idea you can create a similar app or platform to form the exchange processes with the users who wished to exchange their things like clothes, gadgets, tools, etc. Many people bought things unusual and the products will remain untouched in their wardrobe and are not used so why not we exchange the thing with the thing that you can use. With the help of this idea, this thing is possible to exchange one thing for another.

new ideas for creating android apps

Virtual Eyewear store

During this time people Don’t have the time to go anywhere or to go for buying glasses for them or to get a new one. With the help of this idea, you can simply create an app that will help the user to add their photo to your app and try different types of glasses or sunglasses. This will save time for the user and you can also provide a free trial of your glasses to the user. This also helps to increase your business you can also provide similar suggestions to the user for glasses according to their preference.

new ideas for creating android apps

Online wish store

By using this idea you can simply create an app. And the users can upload their wishes that the products they want. And the sellers can contact the buyers by using your app this idea is very unique and handy. With the help of your idea, many people can get their things easily without wasting their time.


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new ideas for creating android apps

Trip planner app

Many people have an interest in traveling but they are confused about where they go you can solve their problem by developing an app in which you can simply suggest the place to the user. According to their preference or hobbies. Or you can make the app in this way in which the travelers of the world can upload their experience Of that place and add photos. By seeing the photos the users can decide to plan a trip to this place or not. You can simply monetize your app by partnering with different traveling agents or hotels. This is one of the best android app ideas to create.

new ideas for creating android apps

You can also add these hotels to your app and the user can simply book a room from your app. You can also give suggestions to the user of the famous places of that place and also provide them the direction of that place on the map. And you can also show to the user the medium of transport and budget of their trip and other things.

App for board games

This idea is very good to create an app in which you can offer several board games. And bring the participants off the board games that will play the game and you can simply promote your app by using these participants. In their free time, people are like to play games and board games. Those are very interesting to play. If you want to open a game parlor this will become very costly instead of opening a game parlor. You can develop an app in which you can offer several types of games to the user. And they will play the games and makes in-app purchases and this helps you to monetize your app.

Android app ideas to Create

Time calculator

You can simply make an app in which the users can calculate the time. That is how much time they have to work to afford a certain object. You can also add additional features to your app like switching between currencies and you can also add the feature of Taxes. You can also add a feature in which you can show the working on a salary basis and an hourly basis.

Food delivering app

With the help of this idea. You can create an app in which you can deliver the food to the user. You can partner with different hotels, restaurants and list them on your app. By seeing the hotels or restaurants and their menus the user can order the food by using your app. You can also start a new startup with this idea. And also hire the delivery boys to deliver the food to the user. With the help of your app, people can order food and you can simply give discounts to the user to promote your app. This is one of the best android app ideas to create.

Diet designing app

Many people are facing problems in losing weight or designing their diet perfectly and will go to a dietitian or a certified gym trainer. You can use this idea to create an app. From which the users can choose the most suitable and perfect diet or build a perfect diet plan for them. You should provide healthy food items to your users and convince them to get advice from a nutritionist. And this helps you in monetizing your app.

static android app ideas

Wish list maker

Many people have created different wish lists on different online shopping platforms. But with the help of this idea, you can create an app in which the users can make their all wish lists in one app. This app lets the user upload their wish lists online and the people who follow the user can also check the wish list. The user’s relatives and friends look at their wish list and order the things which the users like as presents for the user.

static android app ideas

Language learning app

By using this idea you can create an app that helps the user to learn different languages. It is one of the most brilliant app ideas for 2022. You can also make different difficulty levels for the user In the first level begins with alphabets and basic letters of the language carrying to the last level contains full-fledged conversations. You can also add the feature of voice to show the users how to pronounce the word perfectly.

android mobile app ideas

Video editing apps

The use of social media apps is increasing day by day. With the use of the Internet, people are uploading their personal lives on social media platforms in the format of videos. Thus these videos are always want to look professional and attention-grabbing. To solve this problem you can create a video editing app that offers the user to make their videos more attractive. You can also add more video editing features to your app.

android mobile app ideas

UPI payment app

Sending and receiving money online is a day-to-day task for many people. And they have different bank accounts for different payments. So with the help of this idea, you can create a UPI app. In which the users can keep paying from different bank accounts only in one app. And money can be sent or requested using an account number, mobile number, UPI address, or even the QR code.

Recipes with the help of ingredients

Many people have a hobby to cook food and they want to cook different recipes. You can create an app in which you can offer different recipes based on a list of ingredients. You can also add some advanced features like you can add the calorie calculator or calorie restriction feature. You can simply get many other recipes. By using different ingredients on other websites and bringing them all into your one app. Users can get their recipe according to there ingredients that they want to use. I believe this is one of the best Android app ideas because people got to eat and it must taste good.

app android ideas

Gift choosing app

This type of idea of a mobile app has great potential and has a very wide audience of users. Each of us sometimes faces the problem of choosing a gift for our friends or relatives. But it is not always possible to come up with a good gift this type of app can solve your problem. Only you have to specify certain things like the age of the person, gender, and event for example birthday or wedding of that person and then the app shows you a list of gifts based on your criteria. You can also monetize your app by using your affiliate links.

app android ideas

Cloth renting app

We always want to wear branded clothes but this type of clothes cost a lot. And this type of clothes can be used only on a specific occasion and we don’t know we are like to put them again or not. Instead of buying clothes, it is convenient to rent such types of clothes or even other types of things. By using this idea you can create an app that will make a user add their clothes or products to your app and the users who want the cloth rent them.

Conclusion – Best Mobile Android app ideas to Create

If you have excellent new app ideas you can implement this idea to start your own business or new startup or launch a new app if any of these ideas inspire you to start your own business or develop your interest in the business. Firstly you need a team to start your business or to create an app I hope that this list will inspire you to take your first step towards your First business and the business will bring you profit and deliver benefits to their users.


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