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How Can You Create A Laravel Project Using Composer?

Laravel is the open-source and free PHP framework for the Web Artisans based on Symfony. It helps make a web application with...

How Can You Create A Laravel Project Using Composer? -

Laravel is the open-source and free PHP framework for the Web Artisans based on Symfony. It helps make a web application with the Model View Controller design pattern.

Laravel development company can create the Laravel application in two ways: one is the Laravel installer, and the other needs a Laravel package. In this article, you will learn about Laravel and how developers can use its composer. It will have the opinion about your front end as well as your backend. This cool feature is called MVC (Model, View, Controller).

This application is accessible yet powerful and provides the tools needed for large, robust applications. It is the super intervention for an expensive migration system, control container, and tightly combined unit testing support. Plus, this gives you the tools you need to make any application you are tasked with. To start with the project, the developer must know some points.

Here are some points:

â— The developer can work on a Windows / Linux/ Mac machine with an installed Xampp Server.

â— You have to install composer. It’s a Dependency Manager for PHP, and the developer has to install it in the Xampp path.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is basically an application with a PHP MVC framework. It helps in crafting web applications with the MVC design pattern. You can hire Laravel developers if you want to create a Laravel. If you want to understand Laravel, you can build a simple blog application with Laravel from the start. If you want to develop applications, you will need some tools installed on your computer.

These tools are:

â— PHP >= 7.3: It is a general-purpose scripting language geared towards web development. The PHP group newly produces the PHP reference implementation. PHP code is usually processed on a web server by a PHP interpreter applied as a module, a daemon, or a common (CGI) executable. The result is interpreted and executed on a web server by PHP code, which may be any date like generated HTML or binary image data.

â— Database (MySql): MySQL is the most popular technology in the modern data ecosystem. They are often called the most famous database and are currently enjoying widespread, effective use regardless of industry. It is simple, and anyone involved with enterprise data or general IT should at least aim for the basic similarity of MySQL.

â— Localhost web server: You must use WAMP for Windows, LAMP for Linux, and MAMP for MacOs. This web server comes instilled with the new version of the PHP and MySQL database. So the developers do not need to install them manually. However, if you want to install MAMP, WAMP, or LAMP, http://ampps.com/downloads and select the software for your platform.

â— Composers: It is the dependency management software for PHP. If the developer wants to install it, you can visit https://getcomposer.org/ and download it from there.

â— Node.js: It is the free and open-source JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScrip outside of the browser. The developer doesn’t have to write on Node.js, but it will be used in the Laravel background to streamline our development.

â— Code editor: It will be required, and experts recommend using Visual Studio Code. The developer can use any code editor like Sublime Text, ATOM, Brackets, and so on.

Crafting a new Laravel Application

As mentioned above, there are two ways to create a Laravel application: one is you can install a Laravel installer, and the other is through Laravel packages with the use of composer and create project commands. Laravel projects are best to handle mobile app development. Being a part of app development, you can easily craft Laravel applications.

Here are some points you should know while creating a new Laravel application. If you want You should check his skills in handling a Laravel project for mobile app developers for hire.

Step to create a Laravel project using composer

Laravel developers for hire need to know the guidance of Laravel on MAC OS. Laravel has dependencies, and a single person can’t get into all of that. Here are the steps which Laravel developers need to know before starting their first project. If you are looking for a Laravel developer, you can hire dedicated developers for your projects. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Install (Composer)

You should open your computer and point your browser address bar to https://getcomposer.org/composer.phar. After that, open the terminal and do the following test.

Source: hazedawntechnology.com

After testing, now the developer has to create a Laravel project, which is our second step.

Step 2: Create a new Laravel project

While in the terminal, a browser where you want to set up your project and run the following command.

Source: codegrepper.com

After creating a project, you have to configure the virtual and system host.

Step 3: Configure virtual and system host

The developer needs to browse to XAAMP/etc/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf in any text editor at the end of the file as given below.

Source: hazedawntechnology.com

Now add,

Source: codegrepper.com/

When you have done all the above commands. Now restart the Apache server via XAMPP manager.

Note: To enable the custom virtual hosts, you must uncomment below in xamppfiles/etc/https.conf

Source: hazedawntechnology.com

The bottom line

Laravel Project using composer is easy to make if you have proper knowledge of Laravel project and coding. If you are a Laravel developer, it would be a good guide for you to get knowledge about Laravel projects. 

These are the steps that you have to do while creating a project on Laravel by the composer. You can do this easily if you are a Laravel developer or aware of Laravel. The above are the steps of creating a Laravel application by using a composer. If you are new to Laravel Projects, this article would best guide you in creating a Laravel Project. 


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