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How to Get Online Reviews for Your Small Business?

When you have a small business that you badly want to thrive and emerge successfully, you need to know how to get...

How to Get Online Reviews for Your Small Business

When you have a small business that you badly want to thrive and emerge successfully, you need to know how to get reviews for your business. Reviews are absolutely crucial for any business and at the same time, it is important to be aware of the right set of getting them. Here, we will talk about some of the tried and tested methods of how to get online reviews for your small business.

1. Creating an email campaign

You can choose to create an email campaign and then make sure to create the right buzz around it. The idea is to ask people to leave you a review and if your product/ service is up to the mark, people will be more than willing to leave you a review. This is the right key to knowing how to collect reviews from customers. You should always create an email subscriber list as this makes it easy for you to make campaigns for getting reviews from your subscribers.

There are several email marketing websites and companies that one can choose from.

· ConstantContact is one of the popular email marketing software and it is great for beginners who want to get a hang of it. One can manage email lists, calendars, marketing templates, and more. They also have an email plus account for additional features.

· Drip is another powerful platform that is used extensively by digital marketers, email bloggers, and more. They help in automating marketing services and even creating a sales funnel and more.

· AWeber is a popular choice among those who are in this field for long as it is reliable and trusted. The best thing is that it will connect seamlessly with several platforms including WordPress.

These are not all as there are several more options including Mailchimp, Convertkit, and more.

2. Word of mouth

Those who want to know how to get reviews for your business need to know the importance of word-of-mouth recommendations. When your product is actually good and so is your customer service, people will love to talk about how satisfied they were using your product. This in turn will ensure that you will be able to get several reviews as it may kickstart a cumulative ripple effect.

3. Product review blogs

There are several sites that offer the option of guest posts and even product reviews. Those who need to know how to get product reviews should surely try to get good quality guest posts in the form of reviews. This is an excellent way to build backlinks and also ensure that they can get good reviews that will help them create an excellent brand image. The key to guest posts and reviews is to always choose good sites as getting backlinks from the good sites is absolutely crucial and important. HQGuestposting is one of the services offering guest posting.

Those people who are looking to know how to collect reviews from bloggers should surely check out product review blogger platforms as it is a great way to ensure that one will be able to get great backlinks and circulate news about the product.

Platforms like GetReviewed.org are one the popular ways right now to get the finest product reviews from bloggers.

4. Create a responsive funnel

If you are looking to know how to get more reviews for your small business, you should make it a point to have a responsive funnel. No matter whether you get positive or negative reviews, make it a point to judiciously answer each of them as this will allow you to create the right image. It is not always easy to do so, but when you are prepared to put in your best efforts so that you have a good image and thereby generate larger sales, you should be able to do so. Those who want to know how to get more online reviews for business then you need to know that once you manage to get a few reviews, the ball will then keep rolling further and this will fetch you more online reviews and this, in turn, can have a massive benefit on your business.

5. Incentivize customers

Whenever you need to get anything, even if it is just reviewed by customers, you need to give people the right incentive to do so. The smarter choice at hand is to make sure that you can come up with smart and good incentives that will make more and more people consider your offer of choosing to review the products.

Some of the most common incentives are:

  • Offering rebates on the purchase
  • Giving discount vouchers
  • Free purchases
  • Free dinner
  • Subscriptions for varied items

The idea is to determine what thing the customer is likely to enjoy and then offer those incentives.

These are all important steps that one can use so as to know how to collect online reviews. The more you implement these steps, the better will be the results for you. It would be very wrong to undermine the importance of reviews as it is one of the best marketing strategies that can be used for the sake of making the right difference.

In the current times, the competition that exists in the market is whopping. So, one has to be careful that they are doing their best to invest in the right type of marketing. Making the right marketing budget is a crucial task and so one should look for these reviews as it will help you circulate the right buzz around. You should surely try out guest posting sites and review bloggers because they know how to spread the word for you.


When you are going to use all these points, you should be able to ace the art of how to get Online reviews for your small business. It is not going to be easy but when done right, you should be able to succeed in your endeavor. I believe that reviews marketing is one of the most essential ways of popularizing a product. For any product to be truly successful, one has to make sure that the right buzz is generated or else people will fail to know about it and what it’ s worth.


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Written by Mariia Lvovych
Mariia is an internet marketer and entrepreneur, owner at product review bloggers platforms - GetReviewed.org and OlmaWritings.com business writing service.

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