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Explore Effective Ways of Integrating WordPress with Instagram to Boost Your Business

The world is constantly changing hence, businesses are dynamic too. The highly competitive world of business necessitates every business to get in...

Integrating WordPress with Instagram

The world is constantly changing hence, businesses are dynamic too. The highly competitive world of business necessitates every business to get in touch with their audience effectively. This is of prime importance to survive in the market and to operate the business successfully. Ever since Instagram was introduced, it has been an effective and powerful marketing tool just right for businesses working with a focus on expanding their overall presence and boosting the visibility of all their products. And Integrating WordPress with Instagram can help boost our business in many ways.

We understand that more and more individuals are utilizing Instagram. Instagram boasts of over 1 billion active users. WordPress makes it incredibly easy to integrate your Instagram feed with your website for promoting your Instagram account among your website visitors. This certainly boosts engagement and helps in converting your visitors into loyal followers and growing your Instagram user base. As per the Search engine journal, ever since its inception in 2003, WordPress has never stopped growing. It currently fuels over 34 percent of the web. WordPress is highly popular and is regarded as the top CMS for SEO.

WordPress is indeed a robust and powerful platform that offers an impressive assortment of plugins and themes that have helped millions of users in creating functional and beautiful websites. However, WordPress is best known for its potential to integrate with Instagram and other services available online. No wonder numerous businesses opt for integrating their Instagram accounts with WordPress websites. In this context, you must know that Instagram has grown phenomenally over the years.

Advantages of Incorporating Instagram Feed into WordPress

Instagram is certainly a popular and addictive social media platform that has made it incredibly easy and simple to share your fun moments in the shape of videos and photos. It would be great if you integrate a WordPress website and your Instagram feed. Here are a few advantages of integrating the two.

· It helps to boost your overall brand awareness.

· It helps in encouraging and motivating followers to go ahead and share their content.

· It is the most effective way of generating credibility via pictures and videos.

· It has facilitated building relationships both personal and professional with the followers.

· You could easily focus on raising awareness of diverse products and activities.

Integration of WordPress & Instagram: Some Smart Ways

Utilizing the Built-In Embeds

WordPress provides numerous functional embeds while you are building your website. For instance, you are having the chance to effectively embed tweets and YouTube videos. This unique functionality seems to be available to the fortunate Instagrammers. You simply need to focus on obtaining direct URLs of the pictures and videos that you are thinking of incorporating.

Once that is done, you could include the image on any post you wish to or you could post according to your desires and wishes. The most effective way of doing this is simply by visiting Instagram and look for a picture there. Once you obtain the URL, you could post it wherever you want.

Including the Embed Shortcode

Another amazing way you could utilize is WordPress’s in-built feature of embedding shortcodes. This is certainly more beneficial in comparison to incorporating the raw URL in a strategic location; you could be controlling the width and the height of your embedded photo. You need the URL of the image you are thinking of posting. After obtaining the URL, you may choose to include it on a specific page including the shortcode, or incorporate it in a portion of your post.

Utilizing the Instagram Widget

A fascinating and popular method for integrating Instagram with WordPress is by making use of a plug-in that is capable of demonstrating multiple images from the Instagram accounts of various users. The images are showcased on any specific widget area of your WordPress website. You could use a plug-in namely the Instagram Slider Widget. This plug-in could be utilized in a simple and really easy way.

The great thing about this is that it does not necessitate any complex parameters before initiating to work with it. You are required to come up with an Instagram username. Moreover, remember that the username could also belong to somebody else. The username proves helpful in fetching the most stunning images present on the Instagram account. The widget boasts of several cool options.

You have the liberty to opt for the specific way in which you wish to get the pictures. For instance, you could showcase them as thumbnails or alternatively, use sliders for demonstrating just one image at a specific time. If you are looking for real Instagram followers, comments, or likes. It is a great platform for buying likes, comments, and followers.

Importing All the Images from Instagram

Several people like to utilize WordPress to back up the Instagram gallery hence, store all the pictures on specifically the web server. Experts believe that this could be a perfect choice in the event you wish to make the Instagram images an integral part of all the blog posts present on Your WordPress. This enables you to feel free to come up with elaborate descriptions for all the pictures you are uploading. This could be done using the versatile DsgnWrks Instagram Importer Plug-in. We know that this plug-in is great for working with posts, pages, and custom taxonomies. Moreover, this plug-in would be working effectively with your Instagram videos too.


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It has always been quite easy and really simple to post images on Instagram but now it has become far easier to utilize WordPress plugins to get all these Instagram images on the blog posts. We know that this has facilitated the businesses in interacting with their followers and phenomenally increased the actual number of followers.


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