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5 Ways to Cut Online Advertising Cost for Small Business

As all walks of life are cutting marketing and advertising costs, CMOs have to figure out ways to spend less money on...

advertising cost

As all walks of life are cutting marketing and advertising costs, CMOs have to figure out ways to spend less money on marketing advertising. Online advertising through various costless ads have become necessary for both small and large businesses, but small business advertising is decidedly more difficult. Your staff is less, and your advertising cost is higher too. You should also go for this even if you’re not a small business, who don’t like costless advertising? Now the question arises how can you start an advertising campaign that works for almost no cost.

The answer to this question is that, with the help of the right strategies in place, you can use online advertising to drive leads, sales, and ROI, no matter how small your business is.

You can use costless ads to promote your business through the internet while you are thinking of advertising on different social media platforms you need to keep a few things in your mind to reach your goals. Now we’ll discuss what can we do.

Centralize Your Data:

Excellent decision making requires you to centralize your customers’ data on a particular platform. A centralized data can help you in making quick and quality decisions. If you have your user database that is scattered and is not saved on a single platform that can analyze it, its like you’re not taking full advantage of your resources.

Accurately analyzed data can help you in decision making based on past performance. No matter you’re going to start a new advertising campaign, or you’re going to write a sales proposal, you can always access your previously collected data for doing a winning job. In short, you can retrieve information from centralized data to better understand your audience and offer the best deals according to their interest, location, and gender. It is not very tricky; you just have to get your hands on some significant pieces of information before starting a costless marketing campaign.

If you’re entirely new in the business and have no access to the advertising cost information, you can use the tool ADCostly to estimate the cost for your marketing. From its collection of big data, the tool can provide you with the estimated CPC, CPM, CTR details along with other helpful demographics. You can use different filters from the tool to narrow down the results and to ensure precision.

With the right information and data, you’d be able to get the attention of your audience without making any considerable sum of investment.

Apart from this costless advertising and precise data analysis, the centralization of your data can also help you in saving a lot of time and money. You don’t need to hire the workforce to validate your scattered data.

Develop a Customer Referral Program

Develop a customer referral program to grow your small business and retain the customers you already have and reach the revenue goals that you have set for your business.

This program is also known as word-of-mouth advertising, sometimes as it includes using your sources smartly and systematically to get other people to make referrals to your business. 

This strategy always works the best and is so simple to execute. First, you need to make a strong bond with your customer base by offering them the best of your services. Create an image of a great brand for them by making a connection that can last forever.

If you are a clothing outlet, you can offer something different from other outlets. For example, customize the buttons as per the name initials of your customer, is it not a brainstorming idea?

When your customers are satisfied with your services, they definitely refer you to more people. If you supposedly make customized shirts for corporate entrepreneurs, they might praise your brand for offering distinctive services. Henceforth, they will refer you to their colleagues, friends, loved ones, and peers. Not only will you be able to sell the clothes but also your additional featured services through providing them services that no other brands can.

Turn your loyal customers into your company’s advocates; offer them free incentives, great offers on a big discount, and some free products just for the sake of the relationship. It will always drive exceptional results by making it a win-win situation for everyone. You gain their trust by facilitating your customers according to their expectations, and in return, they share words of praise about your brand with others.

A referral program is always a positive investment depending on what strategy you use to achieve your goals. Sometimes, you need to layout an unconventional marketing trick to push your customers out of their way for you.

According to research papers, when you facilitate your customers the best way possible, they do all the legwork for you in customer referral programs. In short, the business is not about making the customer but also about retaining them as your business advocate. In an estimate, about 50% of the net revenue of any brand is generated by the word-mouth-referrals program. However, to get this success, you should use the right channels to promote yourself. You can also offer some incentives to your customers to promote the service or product.

The customer referral program helps you to grow your business through a costless ad technique. The exact value of a referral varies across different business models, but it will provide you with lifetime customers and a typical cost of customer acquisition. 

Take Orders Online

Not to mention that social media platforms are an excellent source to promote your business. These days, these platforms are jam-packed with self-made entrepreneurs, marketers, and influencers.  Use these portals to get your points across and reach out to your customers because they are in plenty on these networks. Your audience is online on Instagram, Facebook, VK, and other social media networks; all you need to do is get yourself heard and create a brainstorming costless ad strategy to achieve it. You don’t necessarily need a million-dollar investment to create an ad campaign when you can create one without spending even a dime.

Social Advertising is an effective way to promote your business through costless ads; meet, greet, and make your customers, and grow your online presence.  If you own a small-scale business and wish to get some sales, make costless ads for online shopping and enjoy the revenue. You can literally make thousands of dollars by running costless ad marketing on popular social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

During the pandemic, people are confined to homes, so they prefer online shopping and spend their time shopping for the items that they want to buy. The trend for online shopping has been surging ever since this pandemic is growing wilder with time. People are practicing social distancing, and they are opting for online shopping to buy household items and accessories. According to a survey, online E-commerce business and store entrepreneurs are raking millions; it seems like the entire world is buying online only these days. In the given scenario, if you open an online store, promote it via costless ads on social media, and do a word-of-mouth customer referral program, you are destined to get success.

In 2020 online shopping is at the peak, and people are looking to buy things online. It has made online business more lucrative than before as you don’t need a brick-and-mortar shop to serve your customers anymore. Instead, you can build a virtual store, promote it, and take orders online. Fulfill those orders by dispatching the items to your customers’ doorsteps and build good ratings for your franchise.

However, if you intend to build an online business empire, make sure to arrange the resources for the order delivery and dispatch services. These services matter a lot. If you fail to deliver the orders on time, you’ll end up getting downvotes from your customers. The negative feedback might hurt your business in the future. New customers always look through the testimonials of business just to make sure that the store is trustworthy. Therefore, it is imperative that you meet the expectations and requirements. Honor their presence by serving them on time.

Be A Savvy Social Networker

Should I rave about those self-made Instagram celebrities who are generating million in sales per month? Or Should we discuss more those entrepreneurs influencing their followers and selling their own label without any high-end marketing channel? The map of internet marketing, we once knew, has been changing with the enormous use of social media networks around the globe. Earlier, Google had a monopoly over all the famous marketing channels because it was the only source for business promotion. But, not anymore! You can market yourself as a person, brand, company, or commercial enterprise by using social networks. Let’s briefly discuss how you can do it.

Instagram is the second most ranked social network after Facebook, with as many as one billion active users on the portal. It’s like the entire world is using Instagram throughout the day. Why waste money on expensive marketing campaigns when you can make the most of costless ads on the networks? Do branding on Instagram, interact with your audience, and earn the profit without a struggle. Getting famous on Instagram is not rocket science; this network is all about good material.

Reddit could be your other portal to advertise your business–this is another costless ad strategy working for most small-scale business enterprises. Write good content relevant to your field and niche, add your link as a reference, and drive traffic to your website. Reddit can be used for costless advertising of your business. The key to success is generating user-friendly content according to the relevancy of the page and topic. Suppose you have a travel website where you offer interactive packages or deals. To promote your sales on Reddit, you should use the relevant pages and create content accordingly. Add your business in the end for others to find you through the page.  

We should never forget the importance of Facebook, which is one of the top-ranked social networks of the century.  Billions of people are actively using this network. With this massive number of online users, you are sure to drive some traffic to your product page. However, you need to work towards building your brand’s identity first.  This portal is another way of creating costless ads for promoting your business. Reach out your audience, share insights about your products or services, offer them great discounts, and give them solid reasons to buy items from your brand.

Email Marketing

A lot of savvy internet marketers have faith in email marketing because it works the best way. Email marketing is one of the smartest costless ads you can use to promote your business to your existing customer base.

As soon as you launch a new product, create a promotional discount for it, and design a great brochure. The brochure should enlist all the new items and the old ones (possibly closeout deals).  It will tremendously help you generate sales for the old items as well.

However, you need to offer handsome discounts on the closeout deals to entice the customers. For instance, when most businesses create costless ads for marketing promotion, they use the traditional style of marketing “buy one and get one free.” This strategy really helps the companies sell their old stock out even during the peak business seasons.

We hope that this article has helped you in learning the techniques to use costless advertising when facing cost reductions. If you’ve any queries, please do let us know in the comments section.

Written by Jacob Foster
I work for Adcostly. A solid pioneer team, and adding more metrics and improving core experience.

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