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Factors that Affect the PSD to HTML Conversion Cost

The process of PSD to HTML conversion is a time-intensive process, which needs skills for technical coding on the part of web...

PSD to HTML Conversion

The process of PSD to HTML conversion is a time-intensive process, which needs skills for technical coding on the part of web designing and programming. Only then you can expect quality-based results. With the immense growth in the website designing industry, PSD to Bootstrap conversion services is high in demand. However, their prices are not much competitive in nature, but both of them play a key role in the market.

Hence, it is your responsibility to be aware of its pricing and so that you are not cheated by the service providers. In this post, we are outlining some prominent factors that affect the timeline and will let you know in comprehending the PSD to HTML conversion cost.

Factors that Affect the Cost of PSD to HTML Conversion

1. Total Number of Pages as well as the Complexity of the Pages Involved

The PSD to HTML conversion relies on various factors and the first among them is the total number of PSD files. If the numbers of designs are more then you have to punt in greater effort. This means that the conversion charges will also be higher.

In addition to this, the complexity of a page is also a primary factor. If a PSD design comprises numerous intricate effects and animations, it will consume more time and would involve additional efforts to convert it into the HTML code. The professional designers always offer hand-coded services in the conversion process.

2. Responsiveness

Secondly, the developer has to write an added code to make the site responsive. It is because the responsive website gets easily opened on all the web browsers and on all screen sizes without compromising on the quality of images and designs.

Usually, professional developers follow the process of bootstrap media queries for configuring the content break and the font size as per distinct resolutions. In order to make web pages responsive, the developers have to spend lots of time. Hence, this increases the overall effort and cost involved.

3. CSS Framework

In the present scenario, the CSS framework has become a strong foundation for various web projects. Even, it has made the overall web designing process much easier and streamlined.

Most of the frameworks include multiple grid system, device compatibility, cross-browser, custom layout, and additional opportunities. There are various kinds of CSS frameworks available such as 960 Grid, Blueprint, Bootstrap, and more. So, the more you wish to make your website user-friendly and creative, the more you have to put in additional efforts. As a result, the overall conversion cost will increase.

4. Turnaround Time

The turnaround time plays a critical role in the process of PSD to Bootstrap conversion, particularly in determining the cost of the service provider. But in order to reduce the turnaround time, you have to ensure that the overall quality of the project is not compromised.

The developers must not only be concerned about the pricing. They must also focus on offering quality services and ensuring that the project is delivered on time. This is essential to avoid unnecessary time negotiation, stress, and pressure.

5. Nature of the Project

The cost of the project is highly dependent on the complexity and styling of the project. If your client wants to add some additional features such as the dynamic custom coding, layout, framework, back-end support, and more, then the price of your project will ultimately increase.

Every time a new feature is added, it improves the opportunity for growth of the business.

6. Image Compression and Optimization

The load time of a website greatly affects its search engine rankings. The longer time it takes to load the website the more likely it will lose out in rankings. Hence, a developer is highly focused on optimizing images during PSD to HTML conversion. If your website incorporates numerous images then this may increase the cost.

It is because optimizing images means that the developer has to change its file type, saving techniques, resize the image, and may even utilize one image numerous times.

7. Your Choice of the Service Provider

Finally, but most importantly, your choice of service provider plays a key role in influencing the cost of PSD to HTML conversion. If you are hiring a freelancer for the work to be done then you may have to pay a lower fee. Alternatively, if you hire a professional company then you have to spend comparatively higher prices.

But when you hire a full-time professional company like AIS Technolabs then it will offer you tons of benefits. Professional companies are concerned about their reputation and they will never offer downtown services. Additionally, such companies are strict about the deadline, and moreover, they use only advanced tools and solutions to get the job done.


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Hence, no matter which way you go, make sure you hire a reputed and experienced service provider. It is best to go for a pricing deal that is worth and hire experts who guarantee to offer you good-quality services at competitive prices.

Here, check some of the points to consider for hiring a reputed PSD to HTML conversion service provider.

Tips to Hire PSD to HTML Conversion Service Provider

1. Check their Expertise

It is of utmost importance to know that the agency you want to hire has a well-experienced and skilled team of developers and designers. They must be able to comprehend your requirements well. At the same time, they must be able to deliver projects on time without compromising on the quality.

2. Use of Technology

Whether you hire a company or a freelancer, the expert must be well-versed and use semantic coding and advanced technologies only. They must make sure that your website is compatible with different devices and browsers.

3. Check their Portfolio

Having a close peek at the previous projects of PSD to HTML conversion will let you know about the work ethics of the developer. It might be a company that is not able to attract your attention in a face-to-face meeting but is actually good at work.

Also, pick a company that possesses experience working in all CMS and frameworks.

4. Check Feedbacks and Reviews

The feedback and reviews from clients are vital assets that determine the true expertise and experience of a developer. You can get a fairly good idea about the services and work quality offered by a company.

Do visit their website and check for feedbacks. All this will help you in making the correct decision.

5. Support and Communication Services

The company must practice smooth and transparent communication services. They must provide you daily updates about the project. In addition to this, they must offer continuous support in the future.

You must check the company’s terms of service and privacy policy before you finally hire them. It is best to hire a professional service provider who can offer you long-term support.

The cost of PSD to Bootstrap conversion depends on numerous factors. No matter how time-consuming and strenuous it is, make sure you invest your money and time in the right place.

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