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Top in-demand skills you can learn online

In the golden age of technology, thanks to the internet, upskill yourself is much easier now than it ever was. With a...

skills you can learn online

In the golden age of technology, thanks to the internet, upskill yourself is much easier now than it ever was. With a plethora of online courses and tutorials available online, anyone can try out new skills and improve on the right skillset for their profession. Moreover, online courses can help individuals learn new things while they can also spur the growth of any business. In this article, let’s discuss the most in-demand skills in today’s job market.

Top skills that you should learn now

Whether you are getting started with your own business or looking to apply for a job in your dream company, you must hold the right amount of expertise in the required skills. Today we have curated the list of top in-demand skills that you should learn to prepare an impressive resume. Furthermore, because of the increasing demand for these courses, various portals on the internet are helping individuals learn and master these skills. So, check out this list and get yourself enrolled for an online course.

1. Data Analytics

The demand for Data Analytics skills can easily be inferred from the fact that in 2020, there was a scarcity of qualified professionals in this field. Moreover, it is predicted that in 2022, more than 80 percent of the organizations will have adopted data and analytics technology, thus increasing the requirement for professionals in Data Analytics. That is why you must go for Data Analytics courses online to learn the nitty-gritty of data transformation and interpretation. There are multiple online courses, both free and paid, to help you build the necessary skills to advance your career in this area.

2. SEO and Google Analytics

In today’s digital era, everybody wants to establish their presence online. Moreover, everybody wants to rank first on the Google Search Engine. And for that reason only, the SEO fellas need to run their magic to ensure that your webpage reaches the maximum audience possible. Search Engine Optimization is the process of using organic methods (unpaid advertisements) to increase the traffic on your website. Similarly, Google Analytics is a tool that can help you analyze the performance of your website. You can enroll for courses on SEO and Google Analytics online. Not only these skills can help you land a promising job, but you can also use the knowledge to run your website.

3. Digital Marketing

The internet has become one of the major channels for marketing content. Around 6 billion users globally consume their content through digital platforms and social media sites. Thus it has become imperative for companies to engage in Digital Marketing methods to promote and sell their product and services. Digital marketing is evolving, and it is believed that it will eventually replace traditional marketing. Therefore, the need for Digital Marketeer is significantly rising in today’s competitive environment. You can upskill yourself on marketing practices like email marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, social media marketing, PPC advertising, and adverts through various online courses on this subject. Individuals who understand how to manage the digital environment properly are in high demand. Aside from that, digital marketing skills are essential for entrepreneurs and will help the majority of businesses.

4. Coding Programming languages

The online courses on coding and computer programming have made it easier for anyone to learn those. Even if you don’t have a background in computer science, you can still start afresh from a series of online programs and courses. Today, even if you don’t intend to work as a full-time programmer, having a basic understanding of coding can be a useful resource. Moreover, those interested in pursuing a career in computer programming can enjoy a plethora of free and paid courses available online. Basic coding skills can come in handy when working on a website, launching an app, developing content, and so on. Advanced coding languages like Python, Java, C#, C++ can help land a more technical job in one of the top IT companies.

5. Advanced Excel Skills

Excel and spreadsheets are part of almost every organization. They help organize and manage data, ensuring the efficient functioning of the business. Although many job seekers might know about the basic functions of Excel and spreadsheets, advanced excel skills can help you stay ahead of your competition. Moreover, using the advanced features and formulas in this tool can drastically improve the performance of your business and can save you a lot of valuable time. The online courses on Advanced Excel have helped my individuals land a job in accounts, finance, operations, and data analysis. Expertise in this tool can help you organize data and utilize that information to make important business decisions. You can complete a certified online program on Advanced Excel to add value to your resume.

6. Graphic design

Studies have shown that people find the visual forms of communication more interesting than textual formats. A good design and colorful graphics can easily catch the attention of the audience. It is the core responsibility of a graphic designer to create and design visual documents to present information that is both unique and engaging. A graphic designer is someone who uses computer software to design and create such graphics. Today we are always surrounded by graphic designs, be it an ad on the television or a poster of an upcoming movie. Numerous online courses teach graphic design. You can also get started and get your hands on some of the most in-demand graphic designing tools.

7. Copywriting

Although graphic designing is a powerful tool to attract audiences, that does not rule out the importance of writing to influencing people. Since we have already discussed the rise of digital media, advertisements and marketing, and visual graphics, it has become imminent that there will also be a rise in jobs for copywriters. A skilled copywriter uses their writing abilities to evoke responses from their readers to facilitate a purchasing decision. There are plenty of online courses on how to become a professional copywriter on the internet. You will develop strong writing skills that will help you create email sequences, sales pages, and digital ads. As a result, you will be able to attract people’s attention and persuade them to land on your website.

8. Photography Skills and Video Editing

The latest smartphones and other devices might come with new cameras and recording features, but that still does not beat a professional camera lens. Moreover, photography and videography are much more than just clicking a button while pointing the camera at the scenery. High-quality images and videos attract a lot of praise from viewers worldwide. Moreover, you can use these skills to improve the media content of any company. Numerous websites provide online courses to take your photography and video editing skills to the next level. In addition, there are also plenty of courses that can teach you how to capture high-quality content from your mobile devices. Although you can study Photography and Videography separately, having the best of both worlds will definitely help you reach more heights in your career.

9. Trading and Investment

Trading and Investing in the stock market can be one of the riskiest and, at the same time, the most rewarding occupations in today’s time. Unfortunately, skills like trading and investing are not usually taught in classrooms and college since it involves the risk and money factor. However, you can always rely on online courses that come to your aid regarding financial knowledge and education on the stock market. Moreover, these courses can also help you trade in other asset classes like real estate, commodities, and securities. Financial knowledge is a much-needed skill in today’s growing economy, and everyone needs to be financially independent. Online courses on trading and investment are carried out by seasoned mentors who share their knowledge, offer practical tips and methods to go on in this field.


Although most online courses require a subscription and charge a fee, you can still find some very helpful courses free of cost. Moreover, these courses can easily be completed at the ease of your comfort. You can check out video lessons and courses on these skills on platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and YouTube. Plus, you can get enrolled in a program that best aligns with your future career goals. Happy Learning.


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