7 Stunning Tools That Makes You A Supernatural Blogger

Supernatural Blogger

Have you heard that blogging is not a real occupation but a hobby? Only those who have never tried themselves in blogging can say that. A professional blogger is a manager, copywriter, photographer, designer, developer, and salesperson in one. And of course, to run a blog successfully, it’s necessary to be good in all those fields. And surely these qualities make a person a supernatural blogger or a professional blogger.

A blogger should be creative, should follow every single change that’s happening in the media market, and needs to be at least open to communication. Today, a blogging career is not about writing texts adding some compelling images. A good blogger needs to be socially active, participate in different blogging events, manage his social media, and always follow the latest trends.

Taking into consideration all above mentioned, we may tell that to be a blogger is to have some supernatural powers. Indeed, you need to have them if you want to reach success. However, operating all these things comes with time, and while you are still new to blogging, it’s better to rely on some extra tools that will come in handy if you have no idea what to do. So let’s start our brief overview.

7 stunning tools that will help you turn into a supernatural blogger!

Hubspot Blog

Are you new to digital marketing? Have no idea what’s a content plan is and why you need to create it? Keywords and SEO are frightening you? Don’t panic! Hubspot has answers to all these questions. Here, you will find the most comprehensive guides on every single aspect that is related to online promotion and running a blog. You will get ebooks, white papers, articles, and other materials that are helpful for everyone who has no clue how everything’s working.

Hubspot will also be a perfect platform for those who have been already running a blog for some time. There, you will find how to attract more visitors and how to turn them into your followers. You will discover all secrets of proper communication and building trust.

If you want to give more boost to your blog, you can make use of Hubspot products.


We all know that writing is one of the most important aspects of being a blogger. However, not all of us are good with words. We all make mistakes, and we all hate them, thus, we need a tool that will help up to get rid of them. Grammarly stands among all other spellcheckers. It has a huge number of advanced options that will help you turn your text into a real masterpiece. You do not even need to pay for using it, as even the free version has everything you need. And there are some more online grammar-checking tools that you will like.

Google Keywords Planner

If you want to see your blog on the first page of Google, you need to start working on SEO. Keywords may seem to be too difficult, but with Google Keywords Planner everything becomes easier. You just need to define your niche, and the program will automatically find your keywords. However, this is not the end. You need to find out the keywords that are not of the highest competitiveness, but at the same time, they should not appear in search too rare. And of course, to make it work, you need to introduce them into the meta tags of your blog post and in the text itself.

HostGeek, DaddyGo

The best thing you can do for your blog from the very beginning is to find a proper domain and hosting. Here’s everything about your brand: you’d better choose a relevant name for the blog, and of course, your site should always be working. If you choose bad hosting, there are chances that you will get too many problems, and your prospects could not even reach your website, as it will be down all the time. If you are looking for good and cheap hosting then you can go with Godaddy.


A blogger must have backups of all the entries, images, and videos. Different situations happen, and sometimes everything you have been working on for so long is just lost. If you do not want to start everything from the very beginning, it will be better to keep the copies of your works on some other storage. For example, Dropbox is a good choice for storing your files, as it has enough space available for free, and you can synchronize it with multiple devices. And even Google Drive is a good alternative.

Google Docs

The ideas appear spontaneously. Never miss a chance to note them down to check them when the time to write a post will come. In the modern era, you do not need to take your notebook with you. Your smartphone is the best for keeping notes. Of course, you may use some other application for your smartphone, but Google Docs has too many advantages to ignore. For example, to will have access to the files from various devices. If something’s wrong with your smartphone, you will never lose your notes. If you want to make it visible for some people for review, you can do that easily.

Sprout Social

How many social media can you count? Well, for a blogger, there are several important ones: Facebook, Instagram. LinkedIn, Google+, and so on and so forth. Professional bloggers have SMM managers who deal with all those media, but if you are a new one to blogging, you probably have no possibility to hire someone who will work for you. Thus, you need to do everything by yourself. Lucky you are, there are tools that help to manage social media content easily. Sprout Social is one of them. Using it, you will be able to manage your writing time by creating schedules and timetables. It will also help you to create a content plan, that is crucially important for promoting your blog on social media.

One of the best things about Sprout Social is a great analytics tool that will help you understand what kind of posts are working better and what time of the day is the perfect one to publish your posts. This will help you save loads of time and develop the best strategy for social media marketing.

Being a blogger is a challenge first, but when you start to notice the results, you will understand that this is also a pleasant process that brings you a new experience, allows you to meet new people, and develop professionally and personally. These 7 tools are great to use all the time, and the combination of them will help you save more time on writing posts themselves. Just do remember that becoming a popular blogger requires time, and you will hardly get 100,000 subscribers in a month. However, it does not mean that you should not struggle for that.

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    Great tools. They are the very productive ones to make us productive.

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