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Debunking Top 5 Myths Of Web Development

The day I decided to boost my business presence through the web portal, I got flooded with numerous information, out of which...

The day I decided to boost my business presence through the web portal, I got flooded with numerous information, out of which some I found quite informative and others just gave me jitters of confusion further.

I think it’s a very common scenario wherein you would have to deal with numerous blows to get a successful website platform, but then there are other options as well, which if you would consider well, will help your website platform to a larger extent, but it is not that easy to be labored a successful website for your business.

The reason is quite simple because there are certain widespread myths, which keep us blanket with the assumptions and stop us from trying the best strategy for our website business model.

I know it is tricky and confusing at the same time when you have to accept the number of myths and let them be a part of your website development process, but you don’t have to fall for this trap and must secure your website project being insinuated by the popular myths.

But how to achieve it????

Hmm that’s the real question I was looking for to answer that.

And the answer to this question secretly lies folded in my post today, which you would need to unleash further today after reading this post with me today…so what are you waiting for …let’s begin the voyage…

Effective web design is a reason that you receive several visitors to your website and an engaging web design consequently leads to the visitors to get converted into leads. But a website has its pre-requisites which if are not met, would end up offering a disastrous result for your website.

Thus it is highly recommended that you must get yourself out from the claws of web development myths, else your website would never meet the need of the hour.

#1 Myth: Content is not so important

I was taken aback for a while when I was told by someone that a website does not have to do much with the content part, and it hardly bears any significance to write the unique content on your website, rather you can directly cut copy and paste from the existing websites, with minor changes.

C’mon don’t even think to do it…It is a sin to be committed to your business needs. You would be surprised to know that content is highly significant for your website, and it can be played at any given cost.

Your website content helps you engage with the users, so it cannot be picked on the random run, rather your content must be planned before and must speak what is the real services you are offering to the clients, and how they would be benefited out of it.

Also, the way you write content must be close to your users’ expectations and needs only.

#2 Myth: Your website need not be mobile optimized

Seriously, this was the insane myth I heard and I could not stop laughing on hearing this, but seriously some people have such a horrific sense, that a website need not be mobile optimized.

Listen, peeps, if you want to have a larger user base on your website, then you must make your website get browsed through the mobile as well.

There is a huge number of users, who prefer to access the mobile version of your website than accessing it on the desktop version. So keep your website mobile-friendly to help it grow the number of users.

# 3 Myth: You can make a website yourself

I like it personally when somebody puts efforts into the website development and takes initiative to suggest the best ways out for a seamless experience, but that does not mean that you can make your website yourself and you don’t require any help.

The reason is simple and obvious, website development requires a well-versed industry practice and it cannot be developed from the perspective of a fresher or a newbie. A professional web developer would formulate a plan for your website development and will work on the groundwork required for your website development.

A leading web agency helps your website to get the assistance to make it worth for your website development…thus it is highly recommended that you must get involved with a web agency that welcomes the idea of successful web development.

#4 Myth: A great website is sufficient for garnering the traffic

A very common misconception every business owner deals with is that investing in a great website is more than enough to call the users to stay engaged in your business services.

I agree that a great website has much to do with generating the users’ traffic and it is absolutely an important factor for your business growth, but you cannot solely depend on a website to increase the users’ traffic.

Yes, you heard me right…apart from the good website, something you need to consider further is some of the other factors too, like a catchy domain name, the web hosting, site accessibility, content, SEO and the right set of keywords to name a few…

# 5 Myth: More features mean better conversion

Having good features on your website is nothing wrong, but having loads of features on the website brings no good to your website…yes it does happen and it is a very common perception that several features will result in a successful conversion from your website portal.

It happens due to the excessive number of features high you made available on your website and it results in creating further confusion amongst your user and they fail to analyze what exactly is the website services, and how it would help them further.

Keep it as simple as possible and offer a clear overview of your targeted audience about the very focused strategy of your website and your services.

These aspects accumulated help your website to gain a visionary presence for your business goals.

Now as you are aware of the myths related to web development, you must ensure also, that your website is getting developed from the hands of a professional web agency, and has the essential factors imbibed within it.

We all know that web apps are the apps that are hosted on the cloud or web server, and are the rich applications. But when you pick the right strategies to develop the Web app development, then you need to understand that web apps are not simple, but requires some more efforts and the special factors to be a part of its development process.

This post focuses on discussing the essentials of the web app development process, let’s read ahead…

  • Analyzing The Requirements

Any app or web solution is the outcome of the users’ expectations and is based on the users demands, as a developer, your prime focus must be on how to build a solution which is a translation of users’ needs, failing to adopt this strategy you would never make a successful web solution and despite investing efforts onto your project, your web app solution would be discarded by the users.

Thus pay attention to what your users want and how you can give a soul to concept matching it with the users’ requirements.

  • Design

You might have a feeling that your web app design can be any, but what you fail to understand that if your web app design is not matching the users’ expectations then no matter how many sleepless nights you spent on your project’s design, but if it doesn’t fit the pallet of users’ taste then sorry to say but it is nothing but a waste.

While designing the web app, keep your targeted audience in mind and make sure that you build on those expected guidelines only so you would save the time of redesigning the web app.

  • Framework

If you want your web app development process a success, then you need to pick the right framework for your web application. Since frameworks are the leading programming languages, so if you pick the right framework, you help your web app to be fast, easy and safe to use.

Apart from these factors, one more aspect you need to consider is hiring a right web app development company for your project needs, and further, let your web portal to grow successful.

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