How to Outrank Your Competitors on Google: 10 SEO Tips

In 2021, search engine rankings should be the central part of any company’s marketing strategy. Whether you run a small eCommerce shop...

How to Outrank Your Competitors on Google

In 2021, search engine rankings should be the central part of any company’s marketing strategy. Whether you run a small eCommerce shop or share fascinating news about the space experience, being visible on Google brings you lots of free traffic. This most popular search engine in the world processes over 3 billion searches every day, and whoever gets their business featured among the top three search results wins. But to make sure you get a higher place than your competitors, you need a solid SEO strategy that enables you to make full use of your content. Check out our top SEO tips, tried and tested tactics to make your pages comply with Google’s rules and outrank your competitors.

Track Your Metrics

We’ll start our SEO optimization tips with the most obvious one: track your metrics to know your position among competitors. The cool thing is that Google gives you its potent tool (Google Analytics) to do this job. You can use it to gain a better understanding of your online presence. You’ll learn what interests your audience, what they are searching for, and how to tailor your content to fit their needs. Here are the metrics to look for:

  • Competitor traffic. Find out which keywords your competitors are ranking for and how much traffic they’re getting.
  • Referral traffic. Find out where your visitors are coming from. You can even discover which is the social media platform they love using the most and increase your digital skills. That enables you to decide where to focus your social media advertising.
  • What is your visitors’ preferred browser? Again, knowing this information enables you to make your web design more fitting to a specific browser. 

Make Mobile-Friendliness a Priority

People love using smartphones. Chances are, you are also using a smartphone every day. So you probably know the feeling of landing on a page that’s unreadable from a phone screen? It makes you click away pretty quickly, right? Don’t let your visitors experience that. Plus, optimizing your page to fit the mobile screens is something that Google loves. It will get you a higher ranking. Here are some SEO writing tips to make your content more readable on smartphones:

  • Make sure your best material is at the top of the page. Then it will load first and will be seen even with a slower internet connection.
  • Try to find ways to write engaging content in short sentences that are easy to read from a mobile screen.

Write Your Content Around One Primary Keyword

One of the most overlooked organic SEO tips is to pick one primary keyword and focus your content around that. It’s okay to have multiple keywords in your text, but you should choose one keyword as the primary one. That’s the keyword you repeat the most. The others are secondary keywords you can feature only once. That strategy ensures people who are looking for something specific (the primary keyword) find it. Nobody wants to read an article that isn’t on point to what they need. So give your readers precisely what interests them.

But how to find the primary keywords your audience might use? The best way is to find an SEO agency that can proficiently handle Search Engine Marketing. They’ll analyze the keywords your competitors are using, show you the long-tail ones essential to your industry, and lots more. You’ll also get an account manager who reports every month on vital issues related to your company’s growth via Google.

Make Your Pages Load Faster

Not all of our simple SEO tips are about keywords. The loading time of your pages plays a crucial role in Google’s rankings. That’s because the speed influences directly how long people will stay on your site and how deep into it they’ll navigate. And yes, Google ranks higher on the pages that engage visitors for a long time. So how do you know if your site has any speed-related issues? Unless you have a chance to test your page on multiple devices, we recommend you let an expert take your website through an audit. The results will inform you of what you need to fix on the page to improve your speed.

Images Need Optimization Also

No list of top 10 SEO tips is complete without talking about images. Firstly, pictures make your articles more engaging. They break up the text and add some visual excitement. But did you know you can also embed keywords in your images? They go into the Image Alt Tags. However, don’t fill the Alt Tags senselessly with keywords. Instead, describe in the text how the picture relates to your content. It will improve your ranking in Google Image Search.

Target Google Snippets with Header Tags

Let’s talk about the structuring of your content. What small business SEO tips can you follow here? The essential thing for readers is to fill the top of your pages with the most vital information. That’s where your visitors’ eyes are for the majority of the time when browsing your site. However, if you want to rank high on Google, you should pay close attention to the whole text and break it up via header tags. It helps Google in understanding your content and can win you a place among Google Snippets.

If you’re looking for local SEO tips, you need to start with the backlinks. And the most crucial part is the source of the link. It needs to be trusted. You can have 100 links to your post, but if they all come from pages with low authority, they’re not going to help your rankings. Three links from authoritative sites do a much better job at improving your SEO. So how do you get backlinks from authority sites? One way is to produce excellent content that makes other sites want to promote you. Another way is to find the links that Google trusts and try to obtain them. A good SEO company can help you with these tasks.

Rework Your Content to Make It More Enticing

Creating engaging content should be at the center of your content marketing efforts. But the cool thing is that once you’ve got a good number of articles published, you don’t need to keep producing new content. Instead, you can rewrite your posts using the writing skills you’ve acquired over the years. Plus, you can update the keywords and info in the articles to make them more relevant in 2021.

Clean Up Your URLs

URLs help Google understand the content of your webpage. Some SEO title tips include keeping them as clear and to the point as possible. But at the same time, you should include some keywords in the titles. Do that and have good chances of getting a better place among search results.

Analyze Your Results

Once you’ve tried out the tips from this article, take a look at your results. Are you getting more traffic? What’s the average time people spend on your website? Has your bounce rate decreased? If any of the metrics have not improved as much as you hoped for, repeat the process.

Why Seek SEO Professional Help? 

If you want to outrank your competitors, hiring expert services is your best choice, especially if you don’t have in-depth experience in SEO. SEO agencies have the right people, strategies, and tools to attain your goals. For instance, SEO specialists use a keyword planner and data analytics tools for keyword research and tracking metrics. 

Don’t underestimate the big difference that SEO professionals can make for your business. Entrusting your SEO to experts can provide you peace of mind that your SEO plans and course of action are on the right track. They’re highly knowledgeable and skilled in white hat SEO, such as link building, optimizing quality content, and making your website easy to navigate.

Moreover, SEO experts can also help boost your social media traffic. With this, your brand will have more online exposure, raising people’s awareness about your products, services, and thought leadership.

Choose an SEO company aligned with your niche. For example, home service business owners can seek the professional help of a home service SEO company to create and implement on-page and off-page SEO strategies. In that way, they can increase their keyword ranking to let search engines know that their website is relevant and trustworthy to appear on top of organic search rankings.


So these were our top SEO tips. They may work as Etsy SEO tips or help grow the presence of any website on the Internet. And remember, Google and its requirements are continuously evolving. You need to stay alert to get to the top place. But we can promise you: the challenges are worth it. High search engine rankings get you more qualified prospects, help you establish yourself as an authority in your niche, and make your name visible. What could be better?

What’s the most challenging part about SEO for you? Leave your comments below.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this information. Pls I have a question regarding this post. How long should I wait before proceeding to build backlinks for my newly created Blogs.
    Another question is…. Is backlinks a ranking factor on Google.
    I would be glad if you give me more details on this.

    1. Hi Odogwu,
      Yes, you can start creating backlinks as soon you publish your post. And no doubt that backlinks are still the ranking factor.


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