3 Big Reasons to Take Advantage Of Mobile Blogging

Advantage Of Mobile Blogging

Mobiles have become an integral part of our lives in the present age. Mobiles offer a lot of great features, the basics ranging from making a phone call, conference call, etc. to installing sophisticated software which offers different features. If you’re not using mobile blogging software, you might as well not be blogging. That’s a bold stance, for sure, but in today’s fast-paced media environment it’s a must. Mobile blogging is quite simple, too. Nearly every smartphone platform has a WordPress app, and many tablets have the same. With such simple software at your fingertips, you’d be a fool to not take advantage of mobile blogging.


Why use WordPress?

Here are three big reasons why you should take full advantage of mobile blogging from your smartphone.

  1. Edit posts from anywhere

Made a mistake in one of your posts? Format a link incorrectly? Forget to change the post from Draft to Published? Those are all simple changes. Just a few clicks through WordPress software and you’ll have the correction live in no time. That’s one advantage blogs have over other text media. If you have anything that needs correcting or changing, you can do so within a matter of seconds.

But what if you’re away from your computer?

As the founder of a popular writing service, Maxhomework wrote in his blog: “If you know a site owner who doesn’t use a smartphone, please introduce us; he or she will be the first person I know who doesn’t.”  We all carry around our tiny computers, where email flows to us no matter where we’re located. Sometimes those emails might point out errors on our blogs. But if we’re not at our computers, the correction is not a few seconds away. It might be hours or even days away. All the while, you’ll stew about the error that site on your blog.

If you had a mobile WordPress app you wouldn’t have this problem. You could quickly sign in and edit the post right from your smartphone. Then the problem would be done with, and you wouldn’t have to think about it until the next time you’re in front of your computer.

  1. Let inspiration hit anywhere

You never know when you’re going to get a great idea for a new post. It might come as you shower or as you shave, or even while you’re pooping (oops). In those instances, you’re pretty well set. You can go over to your computer and jot down the idea. But what if you’re not near your computer when inspiration strikes? What if you’re out and don’t have a Wi-Fi connection?

This has happened to me on multiple occasions. There was a time when I’d go into my BlackBerry memo app and jot down the idea. But that creates yet another problem. Now I have to remember that I jotted down the idea on my BlackBerry. True, you’d have to be pretty forgetful in order to forget not only that you had the idea, but that you wrote it down. This is why friends tell me that I’m in another world of forgetfulness.

With a mobile WordPress app, you can start writing whenever inspiration strikes. Just open up the app and add a new post. You can type until you’re fresh out of ideas. When you’re done, you’ll have a new saved draft, which you can return to when you’re at your computer. It’s pretty tough to forget that you wrote that down since it will sit atop your Posts page.

This is another reason why I love BlackBerry for mobile blogging. With a virtual touchscreen keyboard, it’s easy to get frustrated amid mistakes. You might not write down as many items since writing is more of a pain. But with the BlackBerry keyboard typing is fairly simple. I feel as though I can type about three times as much information on my BlackBerry than on an Android or iPhone. More information upfront means a better post later.

  1. Get out of the office

Working from home can be a blast, but all that time cooped up in your house or apartment can get tedious. That’s when it’s time to pack up your laptop and head to a coffee shop. But do you really want to simply move from your desk to another desk? Wouldn’t it be nice to really change up things?

When I want to get out of the house, I rarely go to the coffee shop. It might be a different setting, and there might be actual people around, but it still feels like more of the same. Instead, I prefer to find a park and sit on a bench. It’s a much more serene feeling, especially in the spring and fall months. It can clear your head and get you refocused on work. The only problem is, there’s no internet connection.

Why not really change things up, then? Forget the laptop and just bring your smartphone. Again, this is where BlackBerry comes in handy. I can sit on a park bench soaking in the scenery and the sun for hours while typing away with my thumbs. While it’s unlikely I’ll produce any final drafts — no one should really write final drafts on mobile — I’ll get plenty done, which I can edit after returning to the office.

Can you live without blogging from your smartphone? Sure. Will you have the best possible blog? Probably not. Mobile blogging provides you with tools to make your blog even better. If you want to put your best foot forward, you’ll take advantage of mobile blogging using WordPress software.


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Time is a precious resource that people would not definitely waste on a poorly executed blog. People don’t have time to burn but if you give them a good reason it could buy you some precious minutes of extra attention.

Providing great content is one good way of making people waste time productively. However, it does not stop with writing quality content. You need to have a good overall strategy of keeping people hooked to your blog.

Advantage Of Mobile Blogging

Make it a True “Multimedia” Experience

There’s a good reason why blog platforms incorporate videos and images. Text and photos are not enough to capture the attention of a readership with short attention spans. Put in some audio and videos if needed. Visitors love to spend more time on websites that stimulate their senses.

Of course, plain multimedia will not get you to the top of search engines. What you can do is include a summary or description of your multimedia where you could place keywords. Highlight important points from your video and audio to convey the message better.

Show visitors what else is in there

Create a space where you can highlight your most popular posts. If previous visitors liked them, chances are, your new visitors will enjoy them as well making them linger on your site longer. Put five to ten items on your “popular posts” to encourage readers to check out other stuff that you have to offer.

This does not require a lot of work as many blog hosting sites already have this widget user-ready. A few simple clicks will get the job done. Make navigating through your website as easy as possible for your readers.

Link to previous posts in your entries

You have to be creative to keep people glued as long as possible to your site. Another way of doing this is by placing in-text links that lead to similar content whenever possible. Internal links are also a simple SEO strategy for helping search spiders crawl through your site. You could also use target keywords for your anchor text.

Avoid linking to irrelevant posts as this might make your content read like spam. This will turn readers off and they will be sure to jump to another website that can provide them with excellent content and well-placed links to relevant posts.

Advantage Of Mobile Blogging

Link to Reputable Websites

Don’t balk at the idea of linking to reputable websites when needed. It shows that you are serious about helping your readers get the most accurate information. This works wonders in boosting your reputation as a credible source of information. Provide off-site links if you find something that is totally helpful to readers.

Maintaining a good relationship with your readers is more important than losing a few PR juices. If you do this, readers will definitely go back to your site no matter where you lead them to. You’ll likely leave a lasting impression of having a website that does not sacrifice quality over SEO.


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