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How Much Does It Cost to Build an eCommerce App Using Shopify?

Before developing an application every client thinks of, one of the main queries is, how much will it cost? However, the answer...

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Before developing an application every client thinks of, one of the main queries is, how much will it cost? However, the answer to this question can not be as simple.

The cost to create an eCommerce app may rely upon several factors such as;

  • Development costs
  • Design costs
  • Technologies being used
  • Features
  • Maintenance
  • The geographical location of the service provider

However, it is vital to have a basic idea about the costs of creating an eCommerce app before you get into some real project discussions.

In this blog post, we shall show you the different components of an eCommerce app development and the range of costs for its development.


Hosted eCommerce platforms like Shopify provide you a simple, interactive, and less expensive way for creating eCommerce apps for your business. Despite their wide offerings, you might need the support of Shopify eCommerce development experts who can help you customize what is available on the platform.

Shopify has segregated its plans into three categories; Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify.

Basic plan prices are $29 per month. This plan has been designed for meeting the requirements of new eCommerce businesses having occasional in-person sales.

Shopify plan costs $79 per month. This plan is designed for growing businesses having both online and offline stores.

Advanced Shopify costs $299 per month and is considered ideal for established eCommerce businesses seeking advanced reporting.

All three subscription plans provide an online store, unlimited product listing, sales channels, manual order creation, discount codes, gift cards, shipping labels, fraud analysis, and a free SSL certificate.

Custom Development

To push the boundaries of Shopify development, you may need the technical expertise of Shopify developers or any dedicated agency working on the platform. The cost to hire such an agency can vary from $5,000 to $20,000 or even more. It depends upon parameters such as the experience level of the professionals, project requirements, and the geographical location of the service provider.

The best thing is that Shopify is a capable eCommerce development platform by itself but also allows storefront owners to implement their custom requirements to the product.


The addition of features takes effort, which increases the overall costs of the project. From allowing AI bots to implementing AR images, you may need competent technical expertise to integrate these advanced features into your store.

For different features, there can be different ranges of costs such as;

Admin app page products’ template management : $12-16

Storefront modifications (liquid, product, cart) : $16-20

Create custom storefront popup for options selection : $16-20

You can read a Shopify eCommerce development guide for a better understanding of these plans and their deployment in real-time applications.

Payment Processing

Payment processors are integrated into your eCommerce stores for managing financial transactions. It has allowed credit cards, debit cards, and other smart payment options.

The platform charges a nominal processing fee for online transactions. These charges vary for different subscription plans.

In every Shopify plan, you can start using the payment facility right from the beginning through various platforms Shop Pay, Apple Pay, and G Pay.

When you purchase a Shopify plan, it comes with Shopify Payment, so you can start payment and checkout services right from the beginning of your product’s deployment.

Shopify is currently promoting its checkout application, Shop Pay which allows Shopper to fill in their information directly at the time of checkout and proceed with the payment.


Every eCommerce store needs adequate space on the server to store its files and function its operations. Merchants can avail hosting through two ways while developing their eCommerce stores on Shopify; SaaS hosting & self-hosted eCommerce platforms.

While SaaS hosting is easy and affordable, self-hosted hosting can be a good opinion anywhere but not while Shopify eCommerce development.

Wrapping Up

Shopify is considered one of the key platforms being used to create and operate eCommerce platforms across the globe. The platform has evolved itself highly through the years and continues to provide merchant-friendly features. It has launched its easy subscription plans and checkout applications to personalize the needs of Shopper using the eCommerce platforms built using Shopify.


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    Packages defined by Shopify are decent for the individual as well as any organization. Shopify is the leader in making an e-Commerce website and app too. Making an app just for $29 is good to start for any sort of business.

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