Why Is Your Mobile App Not Popular?

Why Is Your Mobile App Not Popular? - Tricky Enough

Three aspects help the mobile app become successful: market, audience/customer, and the product itself. And this post aims to tell you that why is your mobile app not popular and how to fix it.

Working on all these factors is essential to help users get a unique value in terms of good performance and great usability. In addition, accessibility also helps a mobile app to gain success in the market as it ensures that your mobile app will be used by as many people as possible.  

Now, think about why your mobile app fails?  

And, even after making so many efforts and investing huge time and money, why your mobile app doesn’t help you gain popularity. It is because you don’t consider mobile app testing services, or you don’t test your app based on your market, users, and product requirements.

Therefore, if you want to generate high revenue and boost your sales, you should definitely test your app from the reliable mobile app testing service provider because it has expertise in mobile app testing services and has a digital approach to help you get bug-free high usability, and interactive user experience, which automatically helps you in maximizing the conversion and install rate of the app and make it possible for you to attain success in the market. 

Besides, trust and customer satisfaction are the other critical factors for any successful mobile application. Consequently, your goal should be to deliver an app that helps your users get a personalized app experience. Also, you must focus on improving the security of their data and address those challenges that become the reason for your app failure.   

Why To Consider Extensive Mobile App Testing Services? 

We are living in a mobile-based world where poor user experience is not acceptable by any industry verticals. In this case, if you don’t meet their requirements, then the chances are high that their customers will choose an alternative option and switch to their competitors, which is not again the right option if your motive is to help them get a high-performing and stable product. 

Moreover, factors that can affect the reputation of your mobile app are functionality, performance, and device compatibility. So, in order to make the mobile app popular, you should perform different types of testing like functionality testing, compatibility testing, and performance testing to ensure that your product/app will perform well functionally and non-functionally before launching to the market.

One of the best solutions for mobile app success is testing that you should perform either manually or using test automation tools. If you don’t know how to perform mobile app testing, you can take the assistance of any highly proficient test architects because they have knowledge of both manual and automated mobile testing services and have several test automation tools to help you create a robust mobile app for various industry domains like healthcare, banking, insurance, retail, and so on.

Apart from this, they have detailed knowledge to address one of the top problems that your mobile app may face. For example, managing a vast amount of data in the mobile app is one of the challenging tasks because each user has its personal id and password. Similarly, upgrading the technology based on the latest market trends has become the new normal, but this process isn’t easy if you don’t have expertise in mobile app testing.

Furthermore, it becomes essential for businesses to migrate their customer’s data to the cloud because it allows them to respond according to the changing market landscape and make it possible for them to expand their business by using existing infrastructure. However, it is hard to make all applications cloud compatible because the nature of the cloud migration process is very complex. In case of inappropriate cloud migration testing, your customer’s sensitive data can be leaked, and as a result, your business can experience a severe loss. Besides, this issue can increase the risk of data breaches and destroy your business.   

Into the bargain, addressing performance glitches is another big concern for the mobile app because your application is loaded with too much content, which can negatively influence the functionality of your app and may give your users a poor app experience. Inversely, if you want to eliminate all these bottlenecks from your mobile app, you must have a collaborative mobile app testing approach. Otherwise, your app will never ever become popular, and you will not be able to get maximum ROI.   

The reason for following the best mobile app test practices is that it allows you to work on both manual and automation testing parameters and ensure that your application will be checked based on its physical characteristics, operating systems, platforms, and different devices. Similarly, it enables you to improve the user experience by performing a wide array of mobile app testing services, including performance testing, security testing, system integration, and many more.    

How Can Quality Engineering Help?  

When it comes to mobile app testing, one should take the help of quality engineering or quality engineers because they are professionals who work with manufacturers, project managers, developers, and many other team members within their organizations. Additionally, the role of quality engineers is to take responsibility for quality assurance and quality control teams in order to build processes, course of action, and execute applications in such a way so that it becomes easier to meet safety regulations, quality standards and meet unique client expectations.

Moreover, with quality engineers, you can manage data sets of your application with ease and conduct intelligent Big Data and AI testing to ensure that the data will be processed, managed, and stored in real-time. They can also aid you in enhancing your game with digital transformation and make it feasible for you to make your customers loyal to your brand and services. To boot, you can perform shift left performance and load testing from these engineers to identify and evaluate your mobile app’s performance and ensure that your customers will get an optimal app experience.   


You have created a mobile app for business purposes and to generate a handsome income. But will it help you become popular in the competitive environment? Yes, it is possible only if you consider intelligent quality engineering and focus on keeping your business up-to-date with the latest advancements. However, if you do not have technical knowledge, then you will undoubtedly face many hurdles while testing and giving the best end-user experience.   

To avoid this situation, you can choose an independent mobile app testing service provider, mainly one who knows how to resolve your mobile app-related challenges and understand how to bring confidence in customers with your mobile app. Lastly, don’t forget to perform a specific type of mobile app testing services like security testing, performance testing, accessibility, and usability testing from the service provider because it has comprehensive knowledge of all these services and can help you safeguard your customer’s sensitive information while ensuring that you will get the desired outcome to maximize the quality of your mobile app. 


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