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Multi-Niche blog vs. Single-niche Blog: Which is Better and Why?

Do you have a multi-niche blog? Or A Single Niche Blog? As new bloggers, many have questions and queries about having a...

Multi-niche blog

Do you have a multi-niche blog?


A Single Niche Blog?

As new bloggers, many have questions and queries about having a multi-niche blog or a single-niche blog. So in this post of mine, I will be trying my best to explain it.

For those who are not familiar with the term niche.


Learn the Difference Between a Website and a Blog.

How to become a perfect blogger?

Which is better a single website or multiple websites?

What is a niche?

In the field of SEO and Blogging, when we are writing on a particular topic then instead of using the word Topic we can use the word Niche. Many Pro-bloggers are using the word niche instead of the word topic. When I was a beginner in the field of SEO as well as blogging, I wondered if the niche was a very big thing and as pro-bloggers used the word.

Although now, Let me explain to you what niche is.

Niche is when we have created a blog only on a single topic like I am running my blog and it is almost about SEO and internet marketing only, so the niche of a Blog is SEO and internet marketing and if someone is running a blog about development the then they have different Niche. A niche can be about SEO, Technology, Science, and Programming or be depending on the blog owner.


What is a blog?

Start your Own Blog with WordPress.

The question that you should ask yourself before starting a Blog?

Before you start a blog, you must ask yourself what kind of blog you want to run, a Multi-Niche or Single niche blog.

Many new bloggers want to go for a multi-niche blog because they want more traffic and want to earn a lot. But whenever I ask a new blogger what kind of blog do you want to run then their answer is always like this one, “I have more interest in photography, fashion, technology, and much more” They almost want to cover all the topics in one blog.

But if you want to make money by monetizing your blog with Google AdSense, Infolinks, or some other monetizing networks like these then you should go for a single niche blog with quality content and make a better reputation with it. But if earning is your secondary option then running a multi-niche blog is the best option.

Why is a Multi-Niche Blog not good for SEO, earning money, and readers?

A Multi-niche blog is a blog in which you can write anything according to your will or do it just for fun. There are bloggers out there who are running a multi-niche blog to earn money online and really make lots of money, but that’s a way difficult task. A Multi niche blog needs more than double the effort, but it is worth the effort.

Because of the competition on the internet, it has become a lot more difficult to make money by blogging these days. Although it is possible to earn money through Blogging.

So, there are some bad aspects of a multi-niche blog.

SEO will be difficult for a Multi-Niche blog, or you can say hard:

SEO stands for search engine optimization which is an important thing by all means. It is a lot difficult to do SEO for a multi-niche blog. Due to the recent changes in Google’s Algorithm, it has become much more important to focus on a single Topic blog instead of going to a Multi-topic Blog. Google’s Rank Brain is responsible for showing results in the SERPs and is said to be the artificial intelligence system that learns on its own.

I will give you a perfect example that will help you to understand better that a Single Niche blog is good for SEO.


If you are searching on Google about something, suppose you searched “Pet caring.” Then you will get those sites on the first page which have a similar kind of niche or content. The sites which will have content about animals will appear at the top; there may be a little chance that a multi-niche site appears on the first page. The Organic search will be better for a Single-topic than a multi-topic blog.

The only reason Google will give more preference to a single niche blog is that those sites may contain more information about that same keyword and also share some internal links for the same kind of information.

Some other factors which may be responsible for results appearing on the first page of Google’s SERPs are Page Authority, Domain Authority, and Type of content written. These factors will be given preference but prior to the blog that has all the good information with these factors and searched topic.

I have always seen that a single niche blog gets ranking and results faster and better than a multi-niche blog. I have seen multi-niche blogs with more than 500 posts but with a domain authority of 30 to 40. But whereas a blog with a single niche having 40- 50 posts will have the same domain authority.


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Although, according to my five and a half years of experience says a single niche blog performs far better than a multi-topic blog.

It’s hard to target the audience or readers with a multi-topic blog:

Obviously, a blogger writes content for a particular audience. If you are not targeting the audience, then it is one of the top sins of internet marketing you are doing. If you are running a multi-topic blog then you alone can’t handle that blog, you need a team who is efficient in their fields. That means you have to hire different people who can write on different topics like if you want to run a blog about pets, photography, animals, SEO, and technology, then you have to hire people who are perfect in those fields and know about these topics.

When people like a blog or want to get updates about something then what they do is subscribe. So, sometimes it becomes a lot more difficult to get subscribers with a multi-topic blog whereas with a single niche blog, you can get a lot of subscribers who are interested in your blog.

I run a blog that is almost a single niche. I cover the topics of SEO and internet marketing, and I more preferably subscribe to those blogs which are related to internet marketing and SEO. I rarely subscribe to the Multi niche blogs, because I don’t need the unnecessary stuff in email. So, like me, other bloggers or readers will subscribe to those kinds of blogs in which topic they are interested.


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Earning Money will be a little tough:

A multi-niche blog will make more money, or a single blog niche will make more money, this is the question that always comes to the mind of a new Blogger.

The income of your blog is directly proportional to the traffic and quality of the blog, so a single niche blog has better quality as compared to a multi-topic blog. You might be thinking that a blogger having a multi-topic blog will get more earnings, but it’s not the case.

Here’s an example that will help you to understand better:

Suppose you are having a blog about “pet food” as a single niche blog and another blog about “pet food, photography, plants, and some other things” as a multi-topic blog. And you are promoting a product on pet food.

Do you know which blog will earn more for you?

A single-topic blog will surely make more money for you because you will be getting targeted traffic to your blog with a niche product. Whereas a multi-topic blog with more traffic will earn you less than a single-topic blog because the traffic is not targeted. Regarding ROI (return on investment), a single niche blog is better.


Search engine optimization techniques work for me.

What is the best way to find a Topic for your blog?

The experts say that start a blog about something you already know a lot about or you are an expert in that field.

I choose the topic of SEO and internet marketing for my blog because it was my field and have experience working with SEO companies for five years. But you can also start a blog about something you are more interested in. As if I am more interested in photography then I can start a blog while I can earn from it as well as learn to implement new things.

Finally, What I want to say:

If you are a newbie and don’t even know the basics of SEO or Blogging. Then I suggest you first start your blog on Blogger or other blogging platforms which are free and no financial investment is needed the only thing needed is your effort. I have written some posts which may help you to get traffic and help you to earn money. You can check a complete guide on SEO for beginners and also some of the things that hurt SEO.

Although I suggest, you start a single niche blog in the beginning if you want to make money for yourself. Having a multi-niche blog will be a burden and needs lots of investment but it is much needed, and also, it will be hard to get a return on investment (ROI) as quickly as possible.

And now I would love to get your thoughts on the topic “Multi niche blog Vs. Single niche blog”. Do let me know what you think that we should go with a single-topic blog or a multi-topic blog.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

100 Replies to “Multi-Niche blog vs. Single-niche Blog: Which is Better and Why?”

  1. Hey, Bro Thanks For Sharing This. I Learned Many Things From This Article. Will Sure Implement Those Things In My Blog. Btw Can You Please Visit My Blog And See Which Thing I Am Doing Wrong As I Am New To Blogging. Thanks In Advance.

  2. Thank you for this post
    I really get lot of information from this post after this I bookmarked this website.
    to get the latest post and get quality content

  3. Nice Post, But According To Me, If You Have A Coordinated Team And a Domain That Refers All Your Targeted Niche. And You Have Lot of Experience In SEO As Well As In Coding, Then I Think You Can Go For A Multi-Niche Blog. It Will Takes Time But You Will Definitely Get Success.

  4. Thanks for sharing facts on a niche blog
    I think, if you are new in blogging field then you have to go with a single niche.
    at this time, digital marketing is the best niche. Thanks

  5. Hi bro,
    Firstly a very well written article.
    Next up, I want to know that can which would be best in the below case
    First – Should I create a subdomain or I create a directory in WordPress, so it calls a Multi website.
    I want to publish a tech post on my site but my primary niche is different.
    So what is your opinion?

      1. But what should I do, should I create a directory like example.com/sub or sub.example.com? and I am using the site on root domain if I create sub.example.com then I have to move the domain from root to www subdomain.

        Does it worth?

  6. If you are new in blogging then i would like to suggest to go with single niche as google give the importance to single niche blog and you can get good ranking with single niche….

  7. Thanks for sharing facts on a niche blog
    I think, if you are new in blogging field then you have to go with a single niche.
    at this time, digital marketing is the best niche. Thanks

  8. Thank you sir. Now it is clear for me which is best Multi-Niche Blog or Single-Niche Blog.
    Thank you again.

  9. Thank You, Robin, for this amazing article! I read the article and all comments so I can have a clear idea. But I was a little bit confused about multi and single niche website since I didn’t do a search about this topic until I created my website and choose a domain name and created articles.
    my problem is that I can’t know if my website is a multi or single niche website, I can say that my website contains book reviews and animated book summaries and articles in different categories like (self help, health and fitness, productivity, business, …etc) and some subcategories (in every category) .
    the idea is that when I want to promote a product for example about (goals setting)
    I create articles on that specific topic and I add banners for that product and I keep working on that topic until I get the result.
    what do you think? is this a multi-niche?
    I’m internet marketer for 4 years ago and I still consider myself a beginner.
    I want some advice from you.

  10. Hi I read your blog. My question is, does google recognize all the content of the website or the specific topic itself in a website? So for example, if I am a writing everything about guitars in my website and the readers search something about guitars in google, does it improve my SEO since my website talks everything about guitars? Compared to writing a specific blog about guitars with good content however the website talks about multiple niches like cars, cellphones, drones etc…? I thought google ranks a good content of a topic even though the website talks multiple topics…I would appreciate if you clarify this.


    1. Hi Gene,
      Google ranks good content. But A particular site about the guitars will be ranked easily as compared as a good post on some other niche.
      That is because a niche based provides the same kind of information needed to the user.
      Thanks for being here.

      Have good year ahead.

  11. Hi Robin,
    my website is based on knowledge, ideas and tips in this I choose the topic that is passive income, business ideas(entrepreneurship), lifehack, best books, and tips& tricks.
    so is it multiple niche site or single niche site?

  12. Thanks for sharing….
    If you are new in blogging then i would like to suggest to go with single niche as google give the importance to single niche blog and you can get good ranking with single niche….

  13. thanks for this post, does article related to a particular count regarded as multi-niche. kindly check my blog because I also blog on articles about Nigeria including Technology, education in Nigeria.

  14. This is very interesting. I am about to start my own blog about tips and tricks because that is what I am interested in. this post gave me an idea of where to start.

  15. Thanks for sharing nice information on niche blog…
    i am digital marketing expert. i recommend only single niche blog..
    if you are the seo expert and you want to start the blogging, i will suggest you digital marketing niche..

  16. Single-Niche Blog Is Better because u know where you have to focus. Whereas in multi niche blog is quit difficult to handle.

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