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If you are planning to launch your own eCommerce business, there are high chances that you may get confused about the available...


If you are planning to launch your own eCommerce business, there are high chances that you may get confused about the available eCommerce platform solution in the market. Some of the few experts may suggest proceeding with a hosted platform like Shopify or self-hosted solutions like Magento or WooCommerce. However when it comes to the best user-friendly & pocket-friendly then WooCommerce stays ahead of all.

The popularity of WordPress & WooCommerce is very huge on the global level. There are more than a million websites that are powered by WordPress & WooCommerce technology. Business owners can Hire WooCommerce Developers easily to craft & launch their online store with top-notch features & appearance. So this piece of content will deliver you the best details about WooCommerce and how it will be the best tool for your eCommerce business success.

What is WooCommerce?


WooCommerce is a free plugin of WordPress that easily integrates with the WordPress website and adds the eCommerce functionality. WooCommerce was launched in the year 2011 and soon became hugely popular. The integration of WooCommerce will allow trading the varieties of products like physical goods, digital goods, affiliate transactions, and ongoing memberships.

Reasons Why WooCommerce Is Best For eCommerce Startups

WooCommerce Is Pocket & Design Friendly

When you are a startup then, pricing plays a crucial role in the establishment of the business. There are various other platforms available in the market like Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, etc but they are quite expensive than WooCommerce. You can craft and launch your online store with the reliable technology of WooCommerce within your budget. Even when you hire a professional it will be cost-effective as compared to the other technology stake of eCommerce solutions.

The online store looks & feel influences the online visitors to purchase from your website. The online store with unaligned or cluttered looks can increase the bounce rate which will reduce the revenue and brand value. With the advanced themes of WooCommerce, you can provide storefront look customization for the stunning feels which create an enticing storefront that converts online visitors into paying customers.

WooCommerce provides free themes which can be customized as per the requirement of all business niches. The storefront can also be optimized by the CSS & color theme to deliver the desired looks similar to the brand theme.

Easy Installation, Setup & Integration

WooCommerce is designed to launch the online store as quickly as possible. With the simple installation process & setup wizard, you can start running your eCommerce store in your WordPress theme.

The WooCommerce plugin can be installed similarly to the other plugin, WordPress. After the installation, the setup wizard configures the plugin to initiate the functionality of the plugin. Since WooCommerce is a part of WordPress it integrates with the themes and easily provides a stunning eCommerce website in a few spans of time.

The integration functionality also allows the business owners to add social media tools that boost the marketing activities of the startups. Social media helps to build the brands more valuable for the target audience. 

Advance Built-in Features & Plugin

When it comes to flexibility, the majority of the developers & professionals will show their trust in WooCommerce. With the basic plugins, you can also add the premium WooCommerce plugins which will add more features and values to your online business so it can grow from its full potential.

  • Using WooCommerce, the stripe & PayPal payment option can be added. It also allows adding the payment options with credit/debit card, Net banking or cash on delivery. If you have another payment system, you can also add that to make online shopping hassle-free.
  • Advanced built-in features of the multiple currencies & geolocation support. This feature allows the detection of the location of the shoppers and adds the essential required shipping taxes. WooCommerce has a set of built-in currencies options that one can easily configure to make the default currency in the specific demographics.
  • The WooCommerce built-in features allow you to optimize the loading speed of the website. The customers did not have to wait too long or refresh while adding the products to the cart. WooCommerce uses AJAX to boost speed.

Full Data Control & Easier Tax Management

WooCommerce does not allow you to lose any business or customer data, it gives full control to you. With the integration of the third-party application, there is a high chance of losing the data, while WooCommerce saves all data regarding the customer’s history, product sale performance which enables it to optimize the eCommerce business.

Running an online store means following all legal compliance of taxes. WooCommerce simplifies and makes taxes easier. It provides the facilities to add the custom tax rates, major tax rate calculation, and other geo-location taxes. You can also define the tax rates associated with the shipping cost & estimation.

SEO Friendly eCommerce Platform

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps to drive more traffic on the website and convert them into paying customers. If your online store doesn’t follow all compliance of SEO then it will not get rank on the search engine result. The WooCommerce added in WordPress makes the SEO process much easier. The few tips which can make SEO easy are:-

  • Optimization of a product’s page title & meta description.
  • Adds the breadcrumbs for the search engine & online visitors.
  • Optimization of the product pages with the alt-tag function.
  • Avoids the same content for the multiple pages
  • Use the SEO Yoast plugin to improve & optimize the SEO performance.

Easy Inventory Management

The online owners have to keep a constant watch on the stocks of the available products. There are various businesses that spend massively to track & identify their online store inventories. Meanwhile, with WooCommerce you can track your inventory very easily and save a huge amount of startups. The WooCommerce inventory management allows you to get the notification of the out-of-stock products and also hides the out-of-stock products from the storefronts. The inventory management of WooCommerce also manages the refunds orders, cancel orders to help you to manage the online store efficiently.

Powerful Analytics With Vast Room Of Customization & Improvements

Analytics is a powerful handy tool that provides the overall performance of the online store. Currently, there is various free & premium analytics software that is used for tracking, but their complex visuals are hard for small business owners & startups to understand the metrics.
WooCommerce provides clean, minimal & initiative data which can be easily understood by small business owners & startups. It helps the owners to identify which product is getting sold & which one has needed optimization.

The eCommerce business required constant improvements to provide the best buying customer experience. The features & functionalities constantly evolve as per the business & customers’ demands. The implementation of WooCommerce in the eCommerce business allows you to implement the various exercises and other steps for the business expansion. WooCommerce also provides the various APIs ready which can be used to build the various plugins, tools & other business software.


The above elaborated and discussed points are the best reasons to launch your eCommerce startups with the WooCommerce platform or why you should proceed with the WooCommerce solution. It provides full control to the admin to modify the products descriptions to other essential information for the online buyers. The entrepreneurs can expect continuous improvements in the overall technology of WordPress. It enables optimizing the performance & other bug issues without the knowledge of heavy technical coding.

In terms of stability & reliability, WooCommerce is the best choice. Small businesses, startups & big enterprises can effectively adopt WooCommerce to set up their online stores. WordPress & WooCommerce are both open source platforms and have a wide community of developers. Its customer support can be easily accessed whenever problems arise from launching to running the online stores. The professional WooCommerce developers can add more innovative functionalities to the online stores which provide a better experience to the online buyers.


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