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How to Strategize the growth of your Law Business online?

These days it’s all about strategizing your efforts to make yourself and your expertise presentable. Having talents and skills and not making...

Law Business online

These days it’s all about strategizing your efforts to make yourself and your expertise presentable. Having talents and skills and not making your presence visible online is a sure downhill path of progress. Ever since the digital world has pulled humankind into it, it is essential to make yourself present in the virtual world since it has become easier to contact people online than offline, in person. In order to meet in person and discuss or carry out any of your business, it has become a mandate to reach out to the person online first. In this process of connecting, it is important to exhibit your expertise so that it will benefit the person reaching out in the first place since they can be prepared to plan out their requirements/needs and match how much you can make happen.

1. Law Business and Digital Marketing

The whole business arena has undergone a huge transformation as ever, but this time, it can be rightly labeled as the digital revolution/transformation. The digital world notched up from just being internet surfing to building a life in the virtual medium. Every business sector has taken steps to make sure their online presence is visible to their audience. Law business is no exception to making their visibility seen online. With the changing regulatory protocols, different kinds of new problems cropping up, digital marketing has become inevitable for law business now.

2. Strategies to grow Law Business online

Like every other business, in order to grow your Law Business online, you need to have a strategy. Let us now look into the strategies one by one.

Strategies to grow Law Business online

2.1. Concentrate on the Website Design and MFI

‘Website Design’ is very crucial in the present digital age. There is this saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, but, the fact is, cover somehow gets the first impression/look and like it or not, a major percentage of judgment does happen based on its cover. The same holds for your website. No matter how much expertise you might have in practicing the law, one of the important parameters to choose you will be based on your updated website design.

From a technical point of view, grid design fairs well. And another thing to keep in mind is, keep the design as simple as possible. If you have an old website, check if it is updated to the current website design metrics. Also, you need to make sure if it is compatible with mobile phones. The reason being, MFI – Mobile-First Indexing is seriously looked into by Google. Google crawls through your website to check if your website is mobile-optimized.

2.2. Focus on SEO and Link Building

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important in terms of getting your website noticed on the search results. The results that show up when something is typed into the search bar of the search engine drastically depend on SEO protocols. Therefore, when your law firm appears near the top engine results, that means more people will view your website. 

However, it’s a big challenge for law firms to be on top of the search results especially with the number of online law businesses available. Thus, below are some ways on how you can improve the ranking of your law firm.

  • Make Sure Your Home Page is Keyword Optimized

To ensure the growth of your law business online, make sure that the primary elements of your homepage such as the headline, description tags sub-headers, and call to action uses your keywords. Google Analytics is a tool that can easily help your website track and determine the keywords that can help clients find you, therefore, you have to do this correctly.

You need to be very clear and specific about the keywords that will point to you and make sure to use them cleverly in your website. Only then, during the Google crawl, your website will be recognized and will be shown on the first page of the search results.

There are two types of keywords:

1. Long-tail keywords. These are keywords that can improve your law firm’s rank and narrow the search results to target those possible clients that are willing to get your service.

2. Short-tail keywords. Short-tail keywords contain no more than three words and cover a larger topic than long-tail ones. This causes more search results which limit your law firm to be visible to people, but still, this plays an important role in your SEO strategy.

  • Include Backlinks and Off-Page Citations

Linking and Backlinking is a process by which you increase the traffic to your website. It can either be internal or external, meaning, you can backlink your own blogs in other blogs of your website and you could also work out a way to make other websites to backlink to your website. This will greatly help in increasing the Page Ranking which ultimately contributes to the overall SEO ranking of your website.

  • Seek Help From SEO Experts 

Consulting with a lawyer SEO consultant can also help you dominate search engine rankings. They use a strategy to rank your law business for its main services and under other targeted and long-tail keywords. In addition to this, they also have a marketing team that creates a custom plan crafted to showcase your practice to the audience.

2.3. Work on Qualitative Content including Credible Videos and Reviews

Content is almost everything these days with regard to website designing and SEO protocols. You need to be very careful about the quality of content that goes online on your website since this is the most important factor that plays a crucial role in content marketing. Here is where keywords come into the picture. The more the keywords are present in your content, the more possibility of your website showing up on the top pages of the search results.

Credible Videos are a part of Video marketing strategy. Of the latest marketing strategies, video marketing has reasonable weightage. And especially when it comes to Law Business, a video explaining the regulatory details, case studies, Law points will be credible. Also, video testimonials of your clients on a generic view will be very helpful.

Reviews are yet another important parameter that will get you judged online. In general, detailed well-written reviews show the authenticity of the review. Also, ratings will be noted to a great extent. So, make sure that you give importance to the reviews and make that viewable on your website.

2.4. Enlist yourself on Legal Directories

Getting yourself enlisted in authentic directories will increase your credibility. Directories like FindLaw, Avvo, etc helps you to be noticed by the people who are looking out for authentic Law support. So, make sure you enlist yourself in such credible directories to increase your visibility and thereby help your business grow.

2.5. Check for Lead conversion protocols & Implement them

Lead conversion is the technical term that is used to describe a potential opportunity/client who might become your client and ultimately help in your business growth. There are a couple of technical details that you need to look into in order to make sure you don’t miss out on potential clients who check you out online. CTA – Call to action button is very important as this helps to make sure you are contacted by your potential client through your website. Make it clearly visible; probably you can use fluorescent colors to highlight the CTA button. Also, make your contact details easy to view.

Follow-up with the inquiries that you get over your website through emails and phone calls. Make sure that you provide your clients with the required Non-disclosure Agreement in the initial stage itself. Since your business is Law, confidentiality matters the most. Therefore you need to be very careful in all these minute details since a procedural and detailed approach will earn the trust of your clients which will help in your business growth.

2.6. PPC and other digital campaigns

In addition to the above-mentioned strategies, running a PPC campaign will help you to build your client base in the initial stage. Once you start ranking well in the SEO protocols and build a law firm’s brand, then it is okay to curate on organic search ways, but until then, it is important that you build your client database and brand. You should plan out the budget and run PPC campaigns from time to time. Also, you need to reach out to the public on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. There are options to run ad campaigns on each platform as well. So, make the best use of the available options.

2.7. Grow your offline profile

Though it is super important to make your presence online legit, it is equally important to make your offline presence noticed among the public. Hence when there are protests try to gain the significance of it with respect to the law and start voicing your points and opinions. Make videos on those lines, probably carry out debates and other activities that will bring the situation to limelight and will portray the significance of it unbiased. Carry out workshops and participate in awareness programs. This will get you noticed among your local public. Once you start building such a reputation, this will go hand in hand with the brand that you keep creating online. Now, both the online and offline efforts will add value and will boost your reputation/brand altogether.

3. Conclusion

The above-discussed strategies will be of huge help in starting your presence noticed online. You need to take special care in building your brand first for which good website design is inevitable. Once a good website is built, then, you need to build your brand. For this, running campaigns from time to time will be very beneficial. Trace out important ‘international days’ and try to mingle, meaning, try to identify the significance of it with respect to the law and write featured blogs, and conduct contests, etc. These will help in branding and will make sure to get you noticed from a different perspective. And ladies and gentlemen, this is how you strategize the online Law business.


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