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How To Begin A Mobile App Startup That Makes Millions?

The emergence of mobile phones has completely changed the way we live our everyday lives. With over 4 billion global unique mobile...

Mobile App Startup

The emergence of mobile phones has completely changed the way we live our everyday lives.

With over 4 billion global unique mobile users, it can easily be said that mobiles have transformed the way we perform several actions, and that has lead to an increase in mo

bile apps.

Now this surge in the number of mobiles and apps has made the industry hypercompetitive.

While hundreds of mobile app startups get launched on an everyday basis, just a few actually leave a mark in the industry. And this success or failure is dependent on just one question: How to stand out in the market?

Well, the question doesn’t have a specific answer. As a developer or entrepreneur, what you can only do is to follow some set of strategies that can help your app to stand out and receive millions of downloads.

The strategies that have helped the most popular apps to get a significant number of downloads and earn great profits.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the most popular strategies used by most of the successful mobile app development startups to thrive in their respective niches.

Strategies to Begin a Mobile App Startup

Have an Idea That Has a Market Need

What’s the point of developing an app that none would need or just a few would?

First thing first, in order to launch a mobile app startup that makes millions, you need to understand what problem is your app capable of solving. Is there any market need for your app?

Well, in order to answer these questions, you need to decide on a worthy idea first.

Look around your surroundings, check the problems that people around you are facing every day, and once you curate a list of such problems, think about which ones can you solve.

After properly assessing the problems and their solutions, choose the one that suits you the best.

Now that you have got a problem and its solution as well, start to develop your app around it. If you aren’t from a tech background, hire a developer or an app development agency to get started.

Tell them what kind of app you need and what features do want to add to it. Last but not least, explain the design structure for your app and get started.

Make it Intuitive

When you’re just launching an app, it’s obvious that your audience doesn’t know a lot about it and so they must not have any prior experience of using it. And that’s where you need to focus on the most.

Your new users shouldn’t feel any complications while using your app, even for the first time. It should be so intuitive that every new user should easily be able to perform any desired function.

If you fail to provide your users with a feeling of ease, the chances of them switching your app and going for another one increases.

Try to develop an app that is easy to use and also provide users with how-to guides within the app.

Have a Launch Strategy

Do you know why movies launch small parts of the movie known as trailers months before they actually hit the market? Because they want to create a buzz in the industry before launching the app.

In the same way, when you keep talking about your app on social media or launch small promotional videos, you create a sense of curiosity among your target audience base, which later makes them download your app once you finally launch it.

Use the following tips for creating a pre-launch marketing strategy

  • Create content that talks about your app and publish it on various media portals as a guest blogger.
  • Reach out to journalists who cover app startup stories.
  • Create a website and a blog. Create and share regular content for attracting people from search engines.
  • Build an email list and keep sending them updates related to the development of the app from time to time.
  • Create short promotional videos and share them across different channels like YouTube and Instagram.
  • Create accounts on various social media platforms and keep engaging with your target audience.
  • Ask influencers to share updates and news related to your app on their social media platforms.

Appreciate Feedback

Do you know the best way to understand how your app is doing? How can it be upgraded is? Ask for feedback from your users.

Your users are your priority, and understanding their needs is your responsibility. While negative feedback doesn’t sound good, it can help you to understand and eliminate your app’s flaws.

Before launching the app, you can allow a certain group of people to use your app and checkout for the flaws and bugs that they encounter while using it.

Once you know what the pitfalls of your app are, correct it even before launching it finally. But don’t stop there, even after the launch, keep the way for constructive feedback open.

The more you rectify the app’s flaws on the suggestions of your users, the more you make them trust your app startup.

Do a Competitive Research

Regardless of what niche you’re serving, you must have got some competitors, and some of them might already be doing good.

Now how can you achieve their position? By carefully observing and analyzing their marketing strategies.

Check out their website, social media pages, guest blogs, videos, mobile app development frameworks utilized by them, and all the things they’ve got under their name.

There are also several spying tools available on the web that you can use for competitor research. Some of the most popular tools are Spyfu, BuzzSumo, SEMrush, etc.

Once you dig out the marketing and promotional strategies that they are using, you can modify those strategies as per your needs and then use them from your behalf.

Have One Strong Point

Now that you have done competitor research, you must have understood what all the other apps in your niche are doing, right? This is the chance where you can level up your game.

Have at least one solution where you can beat all the other competitors. That one solution will be the weapon that will help you to stand out.

Measure Your Growth

Analytics is crucial for any mobile app startup that wants to keep up the growth. To have an idea is just the beginning.

The real part starts when you launch your app on various app distribution platforms. And once you do it, you immediately need to start tracking your app’s performance.

The measurement strategy should include metrics related to the main objective, such as the number of downloads or the number of in-app purchases or the number of bookings made.

If you keep measuring your growth stats, you’ll be able to understand how your app is performing and whether it needs more features or promotion or anything that can boost its growth speed.

Keep Getting Inspired

There‘s no endpoint when it comes to running a business. You need to keep looking out for ongoing trends and add features accordingly to your app so that you don’t get behind others.

The demands the consumers keep changing, and in order to keep pace with it, your app needs to cater to all such demands. Keep looking out for trends and inspirations around your industry.


To become an entrepreneur, even if it’s just an online entrepreneur isn’t easy. There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind in order to build and run a successful app startup.

From market research to measuring growth, everything is the responsibility of the founder, no matter how large a team you have.

However, the most difficult part of this entrepreneurial journey is to build a mobile app startup and then start earning millions from it.

Use this list as a to-do list for your app startup so that you don’t leave a page unturned for making it a multi-million dollar company.


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