Using Instagram Giveaways To Increase Your Reach

Using Instagram Giveaways To Increase Your Reach

With 80 percent of Instagram users following at least one business, it’s understandable that you’d want to boost your own exposure and reach on the network — but with so much competition, it can be challenging.

Fortunately, there are a few unique Instagram marketing methods that have been proved to be successful. For example, you may time your posts to maximize engagement, collaborate with an influencer to raise visibility or designate a content producer to create more engaging content. You may also conduct an Instagram giveaway to thrill your present fans while also attracting new visitors to your profile.

Simply said, an Instagram giveaway allows you to give anything away for free in exchange for an Instagram-like remark, or other predetermined criterion. So here we have put together a blog to inform you all about how to use Instagram giveaways to increase your reach.

What are Instagram Giveaways?

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Instagram giveaways are short-term advertisements in which marketers pledge to give away something or benefit to one (sometimes more) lucky contestants based on a set of standards. If you go through Instagram any time, you’ve almost certainly noticed a giveaway happening. Instagram giveaways are used by both big companies and small companies to generate excitement about new product lines, reach new followers, and increase their social followings.

Sometimes the prizes are fantastic, while other times they may be a little disappointing. Instagram giveaways, regardless of what you’re giving away (or attempting to win), can be a terrific way to generate buzz and attract new followers. If you do not have that many followers then you can always buy some on Buzzoid

Why Should You Host An Instagram Giveaway?

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Giveaways on Instagram can assist you in meeting a variety of Instagram metrics. Here we have got the top causes to include Instagram contests in your marketing strategy:

Develop your fan base

A giveaway on your Instagram account is a fantastic method to expand your following. Contests are a great way to get new people to visit your page. When you tag some people they can even go on to tag other people extending your giveaway. The possibility of winning anything entices people to participate and allows them to become acquainted with your business.

Bring your audience into the conversation

Giveaways, by their very nature, allow your followers to engage with your label and content. Sure, they can develop algorithm-friendly interactions with the help of likes and comments. But, more crucially, they can stimulate the kind of participation that isn’t quantifiable.

Contests and freebies can encourage genuine user participation, bringing your page, brand, and ethos closer to your audience. It gets people talking about what your brand is doing on and off social media, and it can raise overall brand awareness for both online and offline retail. They’re also a terrific method to show your audience how much you value their support.

Gather user-generated content (UGC)

Contests are a terrific way to get your audience to contribute (free and original) content to your page. It’s a method to get your followers’ creative juices flowing, it may be caption contests, art, or photoshops.

User-generated material also serves as social proof, demonstrating to your followers and first-time account visitors that your brand is well-liked by the community.

How To Host An Instagram Giveaway?

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1. Make a contest plan

You should begin by sketching out your content strategy. This will entail deciding on the type of competition you wish to run. You’ll need to establish time limits as well. Make sure the contest’s conclusion time and date are specified and followed when choosing your winner.

Perhaps most significantly, you should create a goal for yourself. What do you want to gain from this competition? More people to follow? Increased sales of a certain product or service? Figure out what you want to gain early on, whatever it is. This will make tracking the contest’s success much easier.

2. Decide the rules

Every competition has its own set of rules. It won’t be any different for you. Make sure everything is clear and legible, whether it’s entry deadlines or what your followers need to do to enter. It could be preferable to add the rules in the caption when posting about the contest on Instagram. This will make it simple for your followers to find them.

It may be wise to add any key restrictions upfront when promoting the contest on your website, a specific landing page, or other social media platforms. If this isn’t possible, point users to the giveaway post’s caption or any other place where the rules are listed. If your contest is exclusively limited to certain geographical locations, make sure to specify that.

3. Choose a prize

This should be a lot of fun! Determine what your followers will be vying for. It could be a single item or a collection of items, a gift card, or something else. Simply select a prize that will make your Instagram contest worthwhile.

It’s also a good idea to make sure the award has something to do with your business. Random followers searching for a fast buck will be drawn in by general prizes such as cash or Amazon gift cards. It’s more beneficial to provide products and rewards that are linked to the topic of your page. It ensures that anybody who enters the contest and follows you is interested in what you do. This will ensure that your page receives a large number of leads, as well as that your present followers are rewarded for their devotion.

4. Advertise your contest

Now that you’ve determined what to give away, it’s time to make sure people are aware that you’re doing so! Make the most of your Instagram contest by promoting it as far as possible. You’ll want to share it on Instagram Stories and any other social media site your company uses.

5. Make ‘Reminder’ Instagram Posts to Share Throughout Your Giveaway 

Although Instagram postings are not as erasable as tweets, the very amount of posts available on an Instagram timeline at any provided time, especially if you follow a lot of people, is significant.

As a result, IG giveaways aren’t quite “set it and forget it,” and you should be prepared to provide regular updates on how much time is left to join your contest in order to maintain a consistent stream of entries throughout the competition’s duration.

The reminder postings themselves should be visually appealing in order to attract people’s attention as they go through their timelines. The captions should reiterate the restrictions of the giveaway, but depending on how frequently you post reminders, you might want to experiment with the length of your captions.

6. Add up the numbers from your Instagram giveaway

So, it’s been a week (or however long your giveaway lasted), and you’ve compiled a list of Instagram followers who participated in your offer. All that’s left now is to choose the lucky winner! Calculating the number of people who entered your Instagram contest can be a breeze or a logistical nightmare, depending on your entry conditions and the number of people who entered.


Instagram freebies are a great way to reach out to new potential customers, develop your social following, and engage with your current customers, no matter what kind of business you’re in. Obviously, some businesses are more suitable for Instagram giveaways and publicity than other businesses, but perhaps, this blog has given you some inspiration for your following or maybe your first Instagram giveaway.

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