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Frequently Asked Questions that Newbie Bloggers have in their minds.

I am writing this post because a person named Prakash Sinha had all the below question in his mind and wanted them...

Questions that Newbie Bloggers have in their minds

I am writing this post because a person named Prakash Sinha had all the below question in his mind and wanted them to be answered by me for him. But I thought of sharing with all the newbies and bloggers. I do believe that these are questions that newbie bloggers have in their minds. In this post, I will be answering all the queries that Mr. Prakash Sinha has asked. He is new to blogging and is curious to know about all the things about blogging, Like every other blogger, he wants to know the secrets of blogging and earn a good amount of money online.

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Questions that newbie bloggers have in their Minds

1. Kindly tell me few top ranking blogs on the internet which teach about how to make a blog or website and earn online money?

There are thousands of blogs online which share about how to make money online. And Even my blog Tricky Enough aims to provide the best tutorials on how to earn money online. But Still, I will share with you some good Blogs from which you can learn to make money online.

2. How much minimum is (lowest – at very least ) money essential to start a blogging business?

A business or a Blog is not built with the least money, or even I will say money, but it is built with best ideas and best efforts. Although, If you want to start your online blog, and you are just a starter I will ask you to go with starter hosting plan with any hosting company. I have also written a post that how you can get the cheapest web hosting from GoDaddy with only $12 including a free domain. So, it’s the best answer that you can start your blogging or business with just $12 per year. But before doing that I will suggest you read the two more articles mentioned below:

How Pick a perfect domain for your website or Blog?


How to choose a Perfect Hosting for your Blog or website?

3. I want to read full history and success story about your online money earning works.

I started my career in SEO and was working in an SEO company as an executive than as an SEO manager. But in the month of October 2015, I started my blog named Tricky Enough. I was working as a part-time blogger for three months, but then in the Month of January 2016 I gave up my daytime Job and became a full-time blogger. And from that day to till today, I am a full-time blogger. Now I have also launched another website named Pixa Ocean. I only started another website because I am really fond of traveling and taking the pictures of nature.

I have also written a similar post to this when a person named Navjot Singh asked me many questions; I did the same, you can also read that post if it interests you “How I grew my Blog in Six months.”

You can read my Blog and me on my Blogs about me page.

4. How much minimum time, will a blog take to leading at the stage of getting the first cheque of Google Adsense?

It all depends on the traffic of your website or blog. The more organic traffic your website has, the more is the chance that you will be paid as quickly as possible. It also depends on the CPC rate of your ads and the number of impressions you are getting. What I meant to say is that there are many factors which can determine the income of your Google Adsense.

For getting better results, I will suggest you make these changes:

  • Choosing a Niche on which CPC is High.
  • Placing, the Ads on Perfect Places on your blog or website.
  • Some of the ads to be placed on the link and standard ad units.
  • And lastly, the number of visitors you are getting on your blog (because if you are not getting traffic, then there is no chance that you will get impressions or clicks on your Google Adsense ads). Which will surely not help you to get your first check as quickly as possible? According to me, your blog must have 1000 to 2000 unique visitors per day; then you will be paid $100 on a monthly basis with a normal niche. I have also prepared a post on how to earn $100 per day with Google AdSense.

5. How to know exact and accurate monthly income of any website or blog owner? Is there any software, tool or website available on the internet which can detect it about monthly earning money of any blog owner?

There are many Online tools, but they don’t provide the accurate stats about the income or the traffic of a blog. I do believe that Google is the best tool to check these things. And My answer to this question is that there is no tool which will give you the exact stats.

6. Can I earn online money through a blog without any investment of a single penny?

Yes, you can make money online without spending a single penny on your blog. There are many free blogging platforms on which you can start your own blog. But these days it’s hard to get Google Adsense approved on the free blogging platforms but not impossible. Although I will advise you to start your own self-hosted blog to run so that you will be able to get Google Adsense approved easily.

7. Can you suggest me any home-based freelance content writing jobs to earn money?

There are multiple websites on the internet with which you can do deal with content writing. You can earn a lot by just writing content for them. Here is the list of sites which Which will pay you for writing content.

8. Is there any software or tool available on the internet through which One can know about traffic statistics details of any website or blog?

Yes, there are some tools which can help you to know the traffic stats of any website:


9. Tell me the name of any printed book which teaches about blogging and can help to earn online money?

Until today I have not read any printed book about SEO, Blogging or earning money online. I have learned all these things through the internet and my own experience. Although there may be many books available online sadly I won’t be able to suggest you any.

10.Tell me the name of any e-books which teaches about blogging and earn online money?

The answer is same as for the above question.

11. Is there any registration fee required to get the approval of Google Adsense or any affiliate marketing program?

No, there is no registration fee available for getting Google Adsense approved or for any affiliate program. Till now, I have not paid any registration free for getting any affiliate program or Google Adsense.

The only registration fee required is to register your domain name with hosting.

12. How to learn to blog?

This is the question that comes to the mind of every newbie blogger. But for good, I have written an article on “what is blogging?” which is the answer to your question.

What I mean to say is that we do not learn to blog by reading, listening or doing any other thing. We can only learn to blog when we start our blog and do blogging.

13. How to start and make a blog for earning money?

I have already shared a post on how you can start your own blog and earn through your blog. So, I will suggest you read that article.

14. Is there any online job work which can start without any investment?

Yes, there are many online jobs with which you can start earning money online without any investment. Although you must have a good internet connection and a computer to start this online work.

If you are good at something like Coding, making websites or resolving technical issues, then you can work the freelancing sites like Upwork.com, freelancer.com, joomlancer.com, project4hire.com, and fiverr.com.

But If you are not good at these things, then you can go to Survey sites and earn money using them.

And also there are Some more options to make money online.

15. Can one guess about the earning of the website owner?

Yes, an experienced blogger can tell you about the income of the blog by just looking at the website. According to me, one can determine the earning of others blogs by seeing their Domain authority, Alexa rank and some other stats.

16. Kindly tell me all of website name and URL which you own so that I can subscribe and read.

I am currently Running three websites.

a. Tricky Enough: Where I write content and do all things on my own.

b. All About Bible: Since I don’t have much knowledge about religious things, so, there some good friends of mine who are helping me to run this blog. My friends provide me the content, and I does all the technical and SEO part.

c. Pixa Ocean: I have recently started this blog. I am crazy about traveling and clicking images, so this craze of mine forced to start this website where I will be providing free raw royalty free images.

17. Is it possible to earn some money working part time only two hours for a blog?

Yes, It is possible. But you must have a good plan, and when working for two hours, you must be focused on the work only.

18. How much minimum is daily page view essential to approve Google Adsense? And how many minimum page views are necessary to earn 100 dollars per month from Adsense?

It all depends on; I have seen blogs with Google Adsense Approved with low traffic also. Google does not count the page views for the same. It checks the quality of the content and how good your blog is.

And to earn $100 your blog must have a 1000 to 2000 unique visitors per day with a normal niche. But if you are choosing a niche whose CPC rate is more than with the same traffic you can earn like $150.

19. How to find freelance and part-time jobs on Odesk?

Elance bought two years before Odesk, and they merged the both and named it Upwork. I have a good experience of working with Upwork. But these days it’s little difficult to get the work there.

It’s a long process; you first have to make the bids, then if you are selected you have to give the interview and if you pass that interview, you are chosen for the work.

My best advice to you about the Upwork is to first complete your profile by 100% and then get good ranking on the tests conducted by the upwork. Then there is a possibility to get the work.

I have personally quitted Upwork because of their higher rate fees on each project. And instead of wasting my time on freelancing sites I am devoting my whole time to my Blogs.

20. what is the difference between visit and page view of a website?

The visits and page views are not that different. When someone visits your website or blog and leaves without checking the other posts or the pages, then this thing can be known as visits.

Whereas Page views are when a visitor browses your website or you can say the visitor clicks on the internal pages of the website is known as Pageviews. The number of page visits can help you to increase the bounce rate of your website whereas a large number of Pageviews can help you to decrease the bounce rate of your website.

21.What are initial essential steps to start a blog to make money?

Whenever you are starting a new Blog, I will suggest you do your homework perfectly. I will suggest you start by choosing a Perfect Niche for you, what I mean is to pick a topic on which you can write and what interests you the most.

Once you have decided your niche, then choose a Perfect Domain for your Blog and then a Perfect Hosting. And I must tell you that I have already written an article on How to start your own Blog and I think that will be a big help for you.

22. How many minimum numbers of posts (articles) essential on a blog to approve Adsense?

Google has not confirmed that with how many posts or articles they require for approving the Google Adsense account. But I will suggest you have more than 20 unique articles with more than 1000+ words, that will help you get Google Adsense Approval easily. In short, Google checks the quality of your content and Blog.

23. Which type of online jobs do you do and earn money?

I use to take SEO projects and making websites for others, but I gave up those things and became a full-time blogger. And Now I only earn through by blogging.

24. May I know your contact details and social media profile?

Surely, you can reach me on Facebook, Twitter and the contact form on my Blog.

Finally, What I want to Say:

Hey, Prakash, I hope that above answers will be a real help to you and will help you to start your own blog and earn money online.

But I want to also thank you for asking me these Questions because these are the issues that come in the Minds of many new bloggers and I wrote this post so that the newbies can take the benefit from it.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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  3. Hi Robin,

    Very nice article which covers all the queries of new bloggers like me.

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  5. These all the interesting questions that new bloggers always have in their mind. When I was starting my blogging career. I have also lot of question in my mind related to blogging & money but as the time passed with blogging. I learned about blogging & got all answer of my question those had in my mind.

  6. Respected Robin Sir,
    Thank you very much for replying all the queries asked my me about blogging. Sir, you can’t imagine how much I am happy during reading the answer of my queries in the form of a blog post which will be useful for all newbies. I have save d the web link of this blog post forever to show my friends. thank you once again.

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  8. Hi Robin,
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