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How I grew My Blog in Six Months (One of the blog visitors asked me)

I am writing this post because one of my blog visitors emailed me. He had many questions about Blogging, and I didn’t have...

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I am writing this post because one of my blog visitors emailed me. He had many questions about Blogging, and I didn’t have much time to answer him personally through Facebook or Skype. So, I asked him to email me all his questions and queries he had, so that I can share them with all my blog visitors too.

He is a new blogger and runs his Blog www.trends.ieenews.com and wanted to know how I Grow my blog traffic in such a less time.

Here is the email with all the questions that he has sent me.

“Myself Navjot, hope you did remember our chat on FB yesterday…!!!

The thing is that I’m very new to blogging and want to make my living with full-time blogging. But as a beginner I have a lot of queries, I hope you can answer them.

Some of them are as follows:-

How I grew my blog traffic

1) Is it worth going for blogging as a full-time profession(to some extent I know it is good like there are many bloggers out there who started with bit and now are ruling the blogosphere like (Jaspal Singh Ji)……but still would like to know it from your personal experience..??

2) How you got so many views and visitors on your website within six months and with just 40 posts (indeed, your content is informative and attractive) but still I’d say plenty of people out there who post nearly 10 articles each day still doing poorly with visitors. So if it is good for you then can you please tell me how you do it.

3) And I did observe most of the people who commented on your post are by themselves professional bloggers what’s the idea behind that (how and why you did so.)

4) Does opening a subdomain (for example gadget360) out of the primary domain (NDTV), anyway going to affect the main domain (as in terms of traffic, ranking, earnings, etc.)

5) Lastly, a personal question if you don’t mind answering that, from your page views and Alexa ranking I can make out you must be earning a really good amount through your website. If you wouldn’t mind sharing how much you are earning and from which all sources. (This is not the curiosity to know someone’s income but just wanted to have a realistic view that if I’ll apply some of your strategies how much I can expect by the end of the year)

And still, there are a lot of other queries which if you can solve would be a great help. But it’s going be time-consuming if we use emails for that..”

I know I am not an expert like Neil Patel or Brian Dean but I just have an experience in SEO for about almost five years and just started my Blog on the 5th of October 2015 (more than Six Months ago). If we talk about Neil Patel and Brian Dean, they have years of struggle and experience and are almost ruling with their blogs and services on the Top with their SEO Niche.

In one of my posts, I have already shared all the techniques that have worked for me to get more traffic to my blog. But my friend Navjot has some questions which he has emailed me. And I will be trying to answer them all to the best of my knowledge. And I am sharing this with all because there may be many newbie bloggers who would be having the same queries or problems. So.

Question 1: Is it worth becoming a Full-Time Blogger?

Answer: My answer to this issue will always be yes, if you can depend on your parents or have other sources of income then I recommend you go with full-time blogging because earning through blogging is a long process and sometimes one has to wait years to make money. And if you are thinking of becoming a full-time blogger then I suggest you have some patience, especially if you don’t have any knowledge about SEO. But if you don’t have the patience or finically not well then you should run your blog as a part blogger till you get a healthy Earning from it.

Even, For the first two months of my blogging was doing the job along with it, and when I felt that I don’t need a job, gave it up to become a full-time blogger.

There were Many Bloggers who begin their careers as part-time bloggers but now have become full-time bloggers. I have many friends who have their blogs, but there are two of my friends who earn online. My Friend named Prince Ramgharia runs a blog named Being Tricky and is a full-time blogger and makes his living through it. And another friend Rajesh Arora runs two blogs called Tecvarsity and Aboutme.Asia. When I was a beginner in SEO, he was my mentor and even helps me whenever I have any queries about SEO, and his primary source of income is search engine optimization.

Question 2: How do I Get so many Visitors to my Blog?

Answer: I have almost 40 posts and publish a post once a week, but still I get many visitors to my blog. The only reason for more traffic is a content promotion with proper techniques. Writing only good content doesn’t work these days, but we have to do many other things to get more traffic. Here are all the techniques that I have been using to get more traffic to my blog namely the Brian Dean’s Skyscraper technique, Use of perfect LSI Keywords, Long Tail Keywords, Guest Posting, Doing Social Bookmarking, Social Media Optimization, Commenting on others blogs, exchanging links with high profile bloggers, internal linking, Slide Sharing and Answering questions on sites like Quora.

The Above techniques will help you to get more links and will also help you to get more organic traffic to your blog.

And I must tell you that posting multiple posts a day will reach nowhere until you have more good promotion strategies or techniques. Like, Build communities on social media and other community forums. There are sites like triberr.com and Indiblogger.In, Inbound.org and some more that can help you to grow your blog traffic.


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Question 3: How do I get Comments from professional Bloggers?

Answer: The only reason I get comments on my blog from Professional Bloggers is that I am an active commenter. I usually comment on many blogs each day, maybe from 40 to 50 comments a day. I have subscribed to many blogs with high domain authority with the same niche as mine. And continuously comment on the other blogs, many of the bloggers return the favor by commenting back on my blog. Another thing that you can do is write the guest post on the other’s blog and also accept a guest post from others too.

And one of the best ways to get comments is to write a round-up post including many bloggers. I have taken part in many roundup blog posts and seen that the host of the roundup post gets tons of comments, you can do the same to get lots of comments.

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Question 4: Does a Subdomain affect the main Domain?

Answer: I don’t think that the subdomain has any effect on the primary domain. I had seen a case when Google penalized my main domain, but the subdomain was appearing on Google’s SERP with all the proper results.

The reason for this was a negative ranking, and Google may apply all the penalties on-page levels, root-level domains, or a subdomain level. If you are trying to rank your subdomain, it is somehow good and will appear on the results. Because the reason for that is Google counts many factors for the ranking; links, Proper On-Page SEO, and some other aspects. I have also used many subdomains to create blogs or websites and have seen no effects on my main domain but sometimes a better linking through the subdomain and the root domain. But the root domain is much better than the subdomains regarding better ranking and earning.


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Question 5: How Much do I earn?

Answer: Well that’s a tricky little question. As it has been just six months that I am running this blog and got Google AdSense approved Four months before. I mean in these four months I have earned enough that I need not ask for any money from my parents for my expenditure. In these four months, I have received different amounts; there is no fixed payment.

My primary source from my Blog is Google AdSense, but except that I also do Web development and SEO, if I get any Clients. And besides this, you will find many affiliate links on my blog and that is because I am earning a healthy income using affiliate marketing.

And if any of you have any questions or queries about Blogging or SEO I will be happy to help.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

67 Replies to “How I grew My Blog in Six Months (One of the blog visitors asked me)”

  1. Hi Robin,
    The post is inspiring. I have been blogging since 2012 and all what you have mentioned/advised are right on point.
    For the newbiew and enthusiastic bloggers, one thing they forget to understand is that blogging is serious work.
    To be successful, one needs to be dedicated, committed, and be involved in lots of promotional activities.
    From my own personal experience, blog commenting was what boosted my own blog to limelight.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Often visit your blog mate! You are doing best with blogging, Few tips i learned from your posts on how the blog works and kind of traffic need to generate income through a blog. Well, sharing your real-time experience is worth for many new bloggers. The first question is every valuable. Years back blogging was a hobby, and now it’s a hottest home based business with low investment. Of course need good amount knowledge on chosen niche as well as the right way to promote the blog.

  3. Hello Robin
    Great post ! That was a very insightful and informative post that a lot of bloggers will definitely learn from and find very helpful. Thanks for sharing that information in a detailed manner.

    1. I see you promotes many affiliate product. How do you keep track all of it? Do you do manually or automation? Any tips or tools that you recommend?

  4. Nice post man!

    I couldn’t have said it any better.

    I remember when I was actively blogging in 2013, I succeeded in only publishing just 20 posts but I got over 2700 comments and very huge traffic.

    And like Navjot, someone asked me some questions about how I get loads of traffic and comments to my blog.

    I did reply with a guest post I published on Charmin Patel’s blog that won me $30 – that post was titled “Do you make these blogging mistakes? See Smart Ways to Fix Them”.

    I am currently rewriting that in a FREE book I will be publishing soon and it’s now been elevated to “101 Common Blogging Mistakes” and it will answer every worries of newbie/average/pro bloggers.

    Robin, you did a very nice job with this post. Well done!


  5. Hi Robin, its great to be on your blog again. This is such a nice post. I would like to thank navjot for reaching you and asking you all these questions. And thanks to you too for sharing it with all of us here. This is a quite informational post. Thanks again.

  6. Hi Robi,

    This is most cmmon question one ask from other blogger you answered all the question in very clear manner.

  7. Hi Robin,
    You have answered all the questions very nicely and it cleared many doubts of mine as newbie blogger. It is very commendable that within 6 months you have done such a great job.
    Thanks for this awesome post.

  8. Hello Robin, you have really done a great job by posting this article on the blog, i am also a new blogger and i had many myths about the blogging and you just cleared it the way, thanks for sharing this awesome information.

  9. Hi Robin
    It was a enjoying experience throughout the post.
    From starting only I was curious to know the answer of questions. Even I can answers all those questions very well but I was looking what your answer will. You answered in a great way.

  10. Hi Robin,
    I have read this article. Well written.

    I want to ask two question:
    1) I am new blogger and i have purchased domain in .in domain extension and then i use to make good traffic on it. Now i have 400+ visitors directly comes from google. But there is not any visitors comes from bing or yahoo.
    Actually i have verified with bing and yahoo webmaster but not getting traffics from bing or Yahooo.

    Please tell me how to get traffics from bing and Yahooo…!!

    2) There is only Indian visitors. Please tell me how to bring visitors from outside of india..

    1. Hi Sakshi,
      I think it is hard to get traffic from Bing or yahoo because there may be very fewer people using those search engines as compared to the Google.
      And secondly Yahoo and Bing have little different search algorithms and you might be optimizing your site according to google rules only. Although Bing has very fewer algorithms as compared to google but There have to be something you missing.
      I will give you an additional tip: Get some search related queries from Bing according to your niche and try to place those keywords in your post’s content and meta descriptions. It might help you to get some traffic from Bing. For better understanding read my Latest post about Niche. It may be helpful to you.
      And answering your second Question. You have got a domain that is .in which meant to get traffic for you in India only. But although you can make some changes in Google webmaster tools to get some international traffic. Hope this answer helps you.

  11. Really well written and smartly answered.
    I would say that starting shall always be as a part time blogger and when you are able enough to fetch a full time income, you can accept blogging as your full time work and profession.
    Yeah. You have told me something new. I have some more to work on now. Have a great day bro..:)

    1. Hi Vashishtha,
      yes, you are right if you don’t have much money for your living then you should startup as a part time blogger.
      And also thanks for kind words and visit to my blog.

  12. Hi Robin
    Nice techniques and hope if someone use these methods then they will get good results.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.


  13. Hi Robin,
    a well formatted and informative post indeed 🙂
    Glad to see you & your blog growing,
    Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Ahmad

  14. Hi Robin 🙂
    These are awesome tips to how you grew your blog ! In the long run, blogging does pay as long as you stay consistent, daily 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  15. Hello Robin,
    Indeed, blogging pays but it takes time, and a lot of effort like you rightly said, as a new blogger that desires success the key is work hard to create quality content and work even harder to promote your content depending on what works best for you.

  16. Hi Robin,

    Thank you for writing down the basics about growing a new blog. I believe it really depends on the niche and what you are talking about. If you bring controversial topics on the table, then you might get lots of attention or none.

    I really appreciate your time to reply to the mail and all these questions. Now I have a lot to think about. Thank you!


  17. Hi Robin,
    nice to see your honest answer 🙂 You are right if somebody has a source of income
    or is still at home with the parents ,it is easier to start. It needs patient and hard work,
    but I saw, when the first earnings come in ,it is a great inspiration and the hard work
    becomes more pleasant. It needs also a lot of learning and commenting on other blogs.
    You did answer the question really the way it is and it will help others to be more confident.
    Thank you

  18. Thanks Robin for sharing your honest answers to all those basic questions which everyone is looking to know. This is really amazing that you have achieved a good position in the blogging world in just 6-month duration. Looking forward to learning many such secrets in coming days as well. 🙂

  19. Hi Robin,
    Great to read your 6 months experience in blogging.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Hope you have a great weekend ahead.

  20. Hi Robin,

    Great guidance for growing the blog easily. I will definitely follow the steps in order to grow my blog.


  21. worth of reading and your experience and knowledge are really helpful for many new bloggers like me.. blogging is serious career and work with passion, patience and knowledge thanks for sharing your experience mate !

  22. Hi Robin,

    What a great way you have crafted this blog post. I like the question of how come you get pro-bloggers on your blog. Well, you work hard to go to other blogs from new to pro bloggers and this is why they reciprocate. Pretty easy but surprisingly not too many people do it.


  23. Hello Robin, I really enjoyed your blog post today! this was such a great idea to share the answers here on your blog!
    Great Share
    Chery :))

  24. Hello Robin,

    Awesome blogging Journey. You are Inspired me to grow my site into new level. Thanks a lot.

  25. thanxs a lot robin for solving my queries, and indeed it’s gonna be helpfull for all newbies

    1. Hello Robin!
      Thanks for sharing your experience. What I liked most was- you were very transparent! Many people can learn from this
      Keep posting.

  26. Thanks, Robin for sharing your honest experience with us.
    Will try to implement some of techniques mentioned. Hope it will help me.
    Thanks again.

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