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How to Increase Domain Authority of any Website?

If you are looking for easy and exact ways How to Increase Domain Authority? Now as Google Page Rank is Gone, Then...

How to Increase Domain Authority of Your blog or website

If you are looking for easy and exact ways How to Increase Domain Authority? Now as Google Page Rank is Gone, Then what is the best way left to check the reputation of any blog or website?

Months before domain authority was there, webmasters and marketers were more focused on Google Page Rank instead of DA or PA.

Everyone wanted to get a good Page Rank but now the time has changed, and Google has shut down the Page rank completely.

Then, how can we check the check reputation of any website? The answer to your question is that we can check the reputation of any website by measuring the domain authority of any website or blog and the best part is this post.

I am going to tell you, How to increase the domain authority of your blog and website.

Years Back everyone wanted to increase the Google Page Rank, but now everyone wants to know how to increase domain authority.

This is the time when I am going to share In this post all those things that can help you to increase the Domain authority of your website or blog.

I am sure that, if you have dropped to this post then you must be looking for ways how to increase the domain authority of the Website or blog.

I am going to share In this post, all those things which can help you to increase the Domain authority of your website or blog.

The term used by marketers and webmasters for domain authority is “abbreviated as DA.” You can yourself get an idea that they use the DA (merely a short form of domain authority).

How good your website is?

It is a comparative metric that can be used to determine how good your website is and how the other websites are going to rank on SERPs. How to Increase Domain Authority? What is Domain Authority?

Before you know how to increase the Domain Authority of your blog or website, you completely need to understand what domain authority is.

Well, domain authority is a metric set by Moz. Moz also has algorithms like Google according to which it ranks any website and Assigns different domain authorities for various sites. Moz measures a website’s domain authority from 0-100.

There are few websites that have a domain authority of 100, but if we count them, there may be hundreds of sites with a DA of 100 out of millions of websites.

There are some Websites that I would like to mention which have DA of 100 namely Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, and AddThis.

Let me clearly make you understand that the Moz metric can be calculated on the basis of your website’s ranking potential on the search engines.

It is not easy to reach a DA of 100 with a few efforts only. One has to make a lot of effort to achieve it. Although, even if you are not able to reach 100, not a problem. The average DA of any website with a good ranking can be from 25 to 60 whereas above 70 is considered very good.

Domain authority May fluctuate according to the progress of the Website

The domain authority of any website or a blog may fluctuate according to the progress of the Website. I remember one of my blogs was having a DA of 30 and for almost a year I didn’t touch it, and the DA dropped to 8 just within the next six months.

Moz not only calculates the DA of your website, but it also calculates the PA (page authority) of your Website. The more the DA and PA, the more the chance that your keyword on that page could rank on the first page of Google.

How can you check domain authority?

If you want to increase the domain authority of your website, then you must also know how to check the domain authority of your Website, not only your Website but also check the domain authority of other websites. You can simply use the Moz domain authority checker Tool.

MOZ Tool How to Increase Domain Authority

You will be redirected to this page where you can paste the link of your blog or website to check the domain authority.

And once you have clicked the search button you will get the results within seconds.

How to Increase Domain Authority MOZ Tools Example

As in the above image, you can see that as soon as I copy and paste the link to my blog in the search bar. I got the domain authority as well as the page authority for my blog. So, you can simply check the DA and PA of your Blog or website with the same. I think the above image will be a great help to understand that better.

How to Increase Domain Authority? Search Engine Ranking Factors set by Moz

Moz has some programs, or you can call them algorithms on which basis they calculate the domain authority of any website or blog.

If one needs to know how to increase the Domain Authority of his or her blog or website, then they must understand the factors which are responsible for increasing the domain authority of any internet site.

You can check the link for checking how MOZ ranks. I think that this link will surely help you to understand MOZ metrics better but let me try to explain it here as well.

  • Domain-Level Link features
  • Page-level keyword and content-based features
  • Domain-Level Brand Metrics
  • Page-Level Keyword-Agnostic Features
  • Engagement and Traffic/query data
  • Domain-Level Keyword usage
  • Page-Level Link Features
  • Domain-Level keyword-Agnostic features
  • Page-Level Social Metrics

The above metrics are used by Moz to determine and calculate the domain authority of any website. There are also some other factors that are responsible for calculating the DA like correlation, Survey Results, contribution, and mythology.


How to use Mozbar and Moz tools for better SEO?

Now exactly what you need to know, how to increase domain authority?

1. On-Page SEO:

For increasing domain authority you need to do the SEO properly. On-Page optimization of the web pages is important to get a good DA. You should always work on the On-site optimization techniques. You can check my post to understand better about On-Page SEO.

2. Site Structure:

You must maintain a clean structure of your blog or website. The first thing that one should keep in mind is a good site structure for a better user experience.

You might already be knowing that Google also takes a look at what kind of site structure you are having for your website for a better user experience. Try to make your site’s structure user-friendly. So, that the visitors, as well as the search engines, don’t have a problem with accessing your site.

It is always recommended to use text links for your website. Instead of using simple links like this (https://www.trickyenough.com) use links that are user-friendly and search engine friendly too.

Search engines don’t have the capability to follow simple links, but they follow text links. So always try to avoid these types of links. I always use simple links for giving examples and try to avoid links with Url only.

4. Use of Infographics and images:

An image alone can say a thousand words. If you are not using the images on your website, then you surely do not want to increase the domain authority of your Website.

If you are a regular user of SEO Yoast, then I am sure that you will only be getting a green button in the analysis box when you use an image with the alt tag.

So, I always recommend you use useful infographics and quality images for a website or blog. Make your own infographics so that those can be shared on different infographic sites.

But if you are not capable of making your own images, then you can download quality images from some Websites which can provide them for free.

I always use the images from Pixabay and pexels.com for free and will also recommend you to use them. And if you are using WordPress then you can also install the Pixabay plugin to insert the images directly into your WordPress pages and post.

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5. How to Increase Domain Authority? Use a Good Sitemap:

Google always asks to use a good sitemap for any blog or website. The sitemap helps the search engine to grab the whole of your Website. Matt Cutts who was previously in charge suggested using user-accessible sitemaps. He said that a good sitemap not only enhances the user experience but also it helps the search engine spiders to crawl your site quickly.

A sitemap can help you to increase the domain authority of your website. Because sitemap helps the users and search engines to grab even the older posts and pages quickly with updates also. As a result, you will be getting more chances to rank them well in search engines.

I always use links in my posts and pages. But overdoing that will be considered a crime by search engines.

It is not good to have a large number of links on the same page. Do not paste the links as usual. Place the links in your content according to the content you are writing.

Let me help you with the help of an example: suppose you are writing a blog post about SEO and you are sharing the links on the same page about coding, then for sure you will have a penalty.

You can check my blog, I have always tried to adjust the links according to the user’s need. Like I have written a page on what is a blog and on that page. I have shared the links to how you can start your own blog and where to find free blogging platforms.

If you share the different links on the same page with a different topic, then that may disturb your audience as well as the search engines.

Likewise, I am writing this post “how to increase domain authority, do, helps” and I am placing the same kind of inbound or outbound links which will help you to understand the Domain authority more easily and eventually help you to increase the domain authority.

Although, Google now has the capability to check the linked pages and crawl them, previously it was not like that Google allowed only 100 links per page, but now things have changed, and Google is far more powerful than before.

But I still insist you not put unwanted links in your posts and pages because that may not help you in increasing your domain authority. But will end in decreasing the domain authority.

7. Your site-Level Optimization:

Site-Level optimization refers to internal linking. Internal linking means a strategy to interlink your previously published posts. Many expert marketers recommend the free use of internal links from one blog post to thousands of other blog posts.

Well, let me clearly explain to you how to increase domain authority with the internal links. When you are making links internally that means in of your pages or blog posts, link them naturally, and the content must be related to the links you are interlinking with the same page.

Try to use a natural form of linking. As I mentioned some points in point number six are somehow similar to this one.

8. Speed up your website:

Does Google count the speed of the website as a ranking factor? And does it matter to have good speed on your Website?

Let me explain to you how a speedy Website can help you boost the domain authority of your Website and as well traffic.

The slow speed of any blog or website can ruin the user experience of your visitors, so it is always recommended to have a  good theme that already has a good loading time or try to make the speed of your website faster.

Matt Cutts Tells About Major Ranking Factor

Although, in one of Matt Cutts’s videos he explained that the speed of a website is not a major ranking factor but only a small factor. But let me tell you that even a small factor should be kept in mind if you want to increase the domain authority of your website.

There are many tools by which you can check the speed of your website and make it faster. I will share the three tools which I have been using for years and had helped me a lot.

The above tools will help you find out why the speed of your website is slow. And by checking those reasons, you can fix the issue and speed up your website. I am sure that a boost in the speed of your website will surely help you to increase domain authority. Although there will be a little increase, there will surely be an increase for sure. I have prepared a post that can help you to speed up your WordPress website.

Link dilution is the term used when we place tons of links on the same page. It is the linking of pages that are not required or useless links.

Now, you might be thinking that which kinds of links are useless. In many CMS there are options available to add tag links and tag clouds etc. The search engines don’t give much importance to these kinds of links, but these links are helpful in finding the related post or articles on the same page. Even the category links may be considered Useless.

Many bloggers to be on the safe side, makes these categories and archive them as No-Index so that search engines do not crawl them.

In actuality, these are unwanted links but important ones because this helps the audience as well as the webmaster to locate the post they are looking for with just a few clicks.

10. Implementing the Google Authorship:

Although Google Authorship is no longer supported by Google, Google stopped using the Authorship in August 2014, but in October 2015. Google’s Gary lllyes recommend that use your authorship markups on your pages, and in the future, Google might use the authorship for implementation.

But I am telling you that Authorship still works and helps in improving the domain authority. And even helps to get traffic for sure. Ok, let me explain to you how Authorship still works.

The name of my blog is Tricky Enough, and I am the author of many posts and my blog, and then on Google I search Robin Khokhar that is my name, for more detail see the below image to see the results.


As you can see that authorship still exist, I have not created any additional author page, I have just done the Authorship setting in the SEO Yoast Plugin. From the results it’s clear that authorship is somehow still in existence, the first three images are mine, and the first one belongs to my blog.

Test first result

And the first test result is my author page with all the posts which I have written on my blog, and the third result is from my blog itself which helps us to understand that the blog belongs to me and I am the author administrator and the author of the blog.

Well, How to increase the Domain authority of your blog with the authorship, still thinking the same?

It is simple, the more clicks you will get from the name the more the chances of increasing the DA of your website because Google prefers content more from reputed authors.

So write content for the blogs which already have good domain authority, and in return, Google will give more preference to your content, And surely this will turn into Good domain authority and high traffic.

11. Use LSI Keywords to Increase DA

I exactly don’t know the use of the LSI keyword help to increase the domain authority or not, but the best thing is that it did help us to get rid of spam or we can say that it purely saves us from keyword stuffing which is considered as spamming for Google.

Actually, I don’t want to make this post a longer one, so I recommend you to read About LSI keywords and how to use them.

But I will surely provide you with an example of how LSI keywords have helped me to get some extra traffic. I have taken a screenshot from my other site named All About the Bible.

LSI Keywords

As you can see in the above image that there isn’t the exact keyword (full form of the Bible) used in the title of the post and not even in the URL of the blog post, but my blog still appears up in the search results with the keyword Full form of the Bible. This is the miracle of LSI keywords in the Post. I would have shown more results like this, but due to such a long post, I won’t be.

It is advisable, for expert marketers and SEO experts who do not use long URLs for their pages or posts. Because Google hates long and shortened URLs. I have written a post on the URL for getting a good ranking on Google SERPs so; I will also recommend you give a read to it “Importance of Keywords in The URL.”

It is for sure that people and Search engines like friendly URLs. I always try to use the keyword as the only URL of blog pages and posts. And there is no doubt that I got the desired results. If you have checked the above post about The URL in the Post, then you would have a better understanding, but if you have not read it, then I recommend you to read it for understanding the Working of the URLs better.

13. Focus on One Niche (topic):

It is always recommended by bloggers and SEO experts to Focus on one topic. Because if you are focusing on one Niche or say a single topic, then there are chances that you may get a higher domain authority quickly whereas if you focus on a multi-Niche Blog, then there are fewer chances that your website or Blog can get good domain authority quickly. So, if you want a good domain authority for your website or blog then focus on a single Niche.

And even by my Personal experience, I have seen that a Single niche blog ranks well on Google SERPs than a Multi-Niche blog. Because Google uses artificial intelligence (rank Brain) to rank sites.

Although I have written a post, which will help you to understand the difference between a single-Niche blog and Multi-Niche Blog.

14. Update your Older Post:

It is always good to update your older posts. And people do not like to get outdated information. I always update my older posts without changing the links and check if I need to insert any new information into my older posts or not.

Google loves websites that update their posts and pages constantly. Because on every crawl by Google Bots, it checks for the new pages and the updated pages of any website. I am mentioning this point because some of the outdated pages or posts on your blog or website could end up increasing the bounce rate and eventually end up with decreasing domain authority.

However, my focus is to explain to you how to increase the Domain authority of your blog and website. So, I recommend you update your older posts with the latest information. And also if you have created tutorials through your posts then update them according to the latest steps about it.

15. Get an SSL certificate for your blog or website:

Getting an SSL certificate for your blog and website gives a little boost to the ranking of your website or blog. I have noticed many times that switching from HTTP:// to HTTPS:// gives a little boost to the domain authority. Even Google insists on using SSL certification for better ranking; the search engine Land has also provided an update about the use of SSL for your blog or website to get a boost in ranking.

When we apply SSL certification to fix our URL from HTTP to HTTPS, Our website gets better protection from hackers and the second thing that happens is, that it enhances the links pointing to your blog or website which results in a boost in the domain authority.

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16. Produce High-Quality Content to Increase Domain Authority

You must have read tons of articles on content. And I heard from many people that content is the king. So, here also to increase the domain authority of your blog or website you need to concentrate on the content. But now the game has changed a little bit, instead of making content you must focus on creating high-quality content.

There is no doubt that Google ranks those sites which have good and high-quality content. However the content must be grammatically correct and unique (plagiarism-free). I have written a post about how you can check the uniqueness of the content using Copyscape and how content is still an important factor in ranking.

Another thing is that if you are writing a tutorial, it must be complete in all ways. Incomplete tutorials or incomplete information about anything results in lowering your site’s reputation and ending up with no or less domain authority.

Some online grammar-checking tools can help you to write good quality content, But the best tool that I will refer you to use is Grammarly.

17. Try to write content on what others have not written:

In some of my previous posts, I have said to create content on the things that no one has written yet. There may be some topics on which no one has written so try to write content on those types of topics.

In short, choose those keywords which have no competition and have high traffic. Doing this will help you to increase domain authority because there may be people who will want to link your post. And your search for how to increase domain authority will end here.

18. Produce some long Posts:

Sometimes, it is better to write a long post instead of a short post. I have already written a post on how long a post should be for better SEO. For better domain authority you must focus on writing a detailed and lengthy post. It is better to go with a long post to get a little boost in the domain authority.

I have always seen many blogs which have high domain authority with a very less number of posts, the only reason for the high domain authority is their long written post and their focus on one single niche.

Let me first explain to you what Linkbait is. Link-Bait is the name given by Matt Cutts to the technique. This method involves creating content that attracts the attention of the people. Matt Cutts meant to say that produces good content that people can self-share, mention, and link your content to their websites and social accounts.

Linkbait content can be a controversial post, an excellent post, or a post about some other website or blog so that in return they can link back to you and it may also be good infographics.

It is the technique to get more links to your blog or website without building any links, and these links are considered natural links for search engines.

And this technique is best known for getting more links, and reputation and previously it was used to increase page rank, but now it helps to improve the domain authority.

The above technique which I mentioned named link-bait is similar but different. When we have to build links, then we ask others or build links on our own.

Before the last penguin update link building was the best way to get a good page rank but now the time has changed, and Google has changed many algorithms, Penguin has been updated, and even the Page rank is gone. Now Google has left us thinking about how to increase the domain authority of our blogs and websites.

And for sure link building still, works and helps to get a good reputation and domain authority. I will share with you all the techniques that I use for building quality links for my websites.

submitting infographics to sites like Pinterest, doing Guest Blogging, Social Bookmarking, Doing SMO on different social media sites, Using Brian Dean’s skyscraper technique, Blog commenting on the CommentLuv-enabled blogs, and Answering questions on the sites like Answers.com and Quora.com and the best ones is taking part in the Roundup posts

21. Producing Evergreen content:

Are you writing posts that last for only a few days and return no organic traffic? Then you are making the biggest mistake of your life. I am not forcing you to write evergreen content, but you can write some posts or pages which are going to be always the same.

Like I have written a page on what is a blog, and there is no doubt that this kind of content is evergreen and every newbie looks surely for this kind of content.

So, I will suggest you write 50% of pages or posts that are evergreen, producing evergreen content makes it possible to get a good reputation for your blog.


Why is Organic Traffic the best traffic to have?

22. How to Increase Domain Authority by Promoting the content (posts or pages):

The first-ever question that would have come to your mind after reading this sub-heading is how to increase domain authority by promoting content.

Well, in the year 2010 Google announced that social shares are a good signal and could help you to increase the reputation of your website or blog.

It means that the more likes and shares on social media, the more the chances of keywords appearing in the Google SERPs. I want you to check this post from a search engine journal that how social media can increase domain authority.

I will share some of the points about promoting your content:

  • Use the power of social media to share your content. Create pages on Facebook and other social networking sites and share your content there. Even Twitter is a place where you can share your content because there are changes that Twitter’s results may appear in the Google SERPs.
  • Use tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to share your content on the one go.
  • Some websites help to promote content on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • I use two tools for promoting content on social media. Triberr to get some extra shares for my content. I recommend you to read a post on the “how to promote your blog with Triberr” community site.
  • You can also use community sites for promoting your content like indiblogger.in, growthhackers.com, and Inbound.org.

23. Make a Habit of doing promotions daily:

There are many sites available for doing content promotion, so there will not be any shortage of social media sites for content promotion.

Content promotion is important because even if you publish the best of your content with proper optimization and enough information, then there will be no one to check your content if you are not promoting.

I always keep on promoting my content. Whether it’s a new post or an old post. You should make a habit of promoting your content daily.

Where you must be promoting your content:

  • Promote your content on social media sites and also encourage you to share your content by adding the sharing buttons on your posts and pages.
  • Share them in the Groups (created on Facebook and Google Plus); no doubt sharing on these groups helps to get a good amount of referral traffic.
  • Use the power of email marketing to grow your traffic. Emailing your subscribers with the latest post helps to get you good leads and traffic.

It is good to keep an eye on competitors’ keywords and their link profiles. Doing this helps in knowing how you can win over your competitors. Many tools help to get a detailed analysis of the competitors.

I will recommend you use some tools:

I am sure that these tools will be a great help to you for sure.

Having a lot of broken links on your website or blog will kill your website. When the links to your sites will reach nowhere and eventually lead to the 404-page error or something else.

The behavior of your links can determine the domain authority of your website or blog with a small ranking. More pages with 404 errors for a longer time could end up with a bad user experience.

So, getting rid of the broken links from your website could result in a little bit of a rise in domain authority. Many tools can help you check the broken links quickly or without manually checking each link. You can use a tool named Check My Links Chrome Extension to check the broken links on your website.

And, if you are using WordPress CMS for your blog or website then it even becomes easier to check broken links with the use of the simple plugin.

The name of the Plugin is Broken Link Checker, it is so helpful and easy to use and when it detects a broken link on your website or blog, it automatically sends an email to you about the broken link.

26. Get a professional design for your website:

Getting a site designed and developed by professionals will no doubt rank better. If you are not a professional, then there are tons of paid and professional themes that you can buy and make your website good enough.

A poorly coded website could end with many problems like bad user experience, may not be indexed by Google and as a result, it will be difficult to optimize your website for SEO. And even now I recommend that your website should be responsive which means mobile-friendly. I will recommend you use a perfectly designed website for mobile devices.

27. Use AMP for your Pages (Mobile Accelerated pages):

AMP stands for Mobile Accelerated Pages. Google insists on implementing the codes of AMP on your websites and blogs as well. It makes the speed of the mobile pages faster, and Google also promises to get some good results in Google SERPs when searched on Mobile. If you want detailed information about AMP, read this post on How important AMP implementation is. This link will provide you with a complete guide to the usage and the benefits of using AMP pages.

And there is good news for the people who are using WordPress because they can simply use a plugin for making their pages mobile-friendly. There is no doubt that it will make your pages accelerated according to the mobile. Here is the AMP Plugin which you can install and enjoy.

Once you have done the above process then you can check using the Google Mobile-friendly tool whether your blog or website is mobile-friendly or not. I just checked my blog and found that it is Mobile friendly. You can see the below image for the same.

Use AMP for your Pages

Although AMP pages are recently introduced, I am sure that applying these to your website will increase the domain authority for sure.

28. How to Increase Domain Authority with Branding?

It is really important to make a brand. Turning your website into a brand will surely boost your site authority. So it is also important that you follow a proper strategy for branding your website. If you are providing any services, ask the opinions of your customers and ask them to review your products. Better reviews mean that you are a better brand. Others will link back to you which will help you to get more links and better domain authority for sure. And even having a perfect domain name for your blog or website can help you to increase domain authority.

29. If you are doing Reciprocal linking, do it in a natural way:

Reciprocal links work in both ways, if you are doing it in the wrong way then your blog can be penalized, but if you are doing it correctly it will help you to increase the domain authority of your website and also help you to get good referral traffic.

I have also been doing reciprocal linking but in a limited way which looks natural to Google. However, I have prepared a post about the reciprocal links which can help you to know more about it and how you can do it perfectly.

30. Create healthy relationships with users of your website:

I have very good relations with my audience and my blogger friends. It is one of the important things to have good relations with your audience. Your audience may be other bloggers, web developers, newbies, and some other people but the only thing you need to do is reply to the back with good words for sure.

Let me share some tips that can help you to have a better relationship with your audience.

  • Reply to all your comments.
  • Answer all their questions and queries if they have any.
  • Help your audience in any way possible.
  • If your audience is a little different like they are a blogger or business owner, take their interviews and publish them on your blog.
  • Make comments on their websites and blogs too.
  • If they are sharing some wrong or incorrect information, ask them politely to correct it.
  • Share their content on social media and let them know that you shared their content.
  • Accept guest posts from them and allow them a link to their website or blog on your site.

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31. Buy the domain name for at least 5-10 years:

Buying the domain for 5 to 10 years assures the search engines that you are going to work for a long time. And Google and Moz can also check How old the domain is and for how long you are going to work on it.

So, Buying the domain for a number of years will help you to increase your domain authority. I have tested this formula with many of my client’s sites and it has really helped me to increase the domain authority of their websites and even I got a spike in DA when I purchased my domain for the next five years. You also read this domain name guide and it will help you with the same.

How to Increase Domain Authority? Finally, What I want to say:

As you can see, I have increased the domain authority of my blog by following all the above points. So, I don’t think that you need to read another post about how to increase the domain authority of your website and blog.

Even two months before one of the visitors asked me how I grew my blog in just six months and I would like you to read that post because I think that will be helpful.

And still, if you have any queries or questions, feel free to ask. I will be there to tell you more briefly about how to increase domain authority. So, Let me know through the comments what are your opinions about increasing the domain authority.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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  18. The article filled with incredible stuff. I had to work hard and try all this point to increase domain authority.

  19. Link building is most effective to increase DA. Anyone can follow your system, I sure that everyone can increase DA.

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