How to Download Interesting, Informative Videos on YouTube for Kids of Different Ages?

Children master modern devices literally from the first years of their lives. So they enjoy watching videos on YouTube. And parents, meanwhile,...

How to Download Interesting, Informative Videos on YouTube for Kids of Different Ages?

Children master modern devices literally from the first years of their lives. So they enjoy watching videos on YouTube. And parents, meanwhile, can go about their business. However, they often worry about how to keep the child from adult content. That’s why YouTube Kids was created. Here one can not only download videos but also understand how to make money on YouTube kids. A promoted children’s channel can bring stable profits by showing interesting, relevant content.

Parents understand that watching movies online is not always convenient. There may be a weak Internet connection. That’s why you can use the option of saving videos on your smartphone or tablet. YouTube has an extensive collection of entertainment and educational material for the youngest and teenagers. The choice is significant, and you can always find something your child will like.

Benefits of YouTube Kids

The YouTube section, designed for children under 12, allows parents not to have to worry about what their children are watching. It has many advantages:

  • A large selection of videos, cartoons, educational videos, and music videos for children;
  • simple settings;
  • colorful design, pleasant sound, and musical accompaniment;
  • There are special features for parents that allow them to limit the ability to watch videos without permission;
  • The browsing history allows you to study your child’s interests and hobbies, making it easier to find common topics of conversation with them;
  • You can use the timer to limit the viewing time of clips.

Parents create a child’s profile and decide which videos to watch or abstain from. It is very convenient when there is no possibility to monitor the baby constantly.

What content does YouTube Kids offer?

Watching videos designed for children of different ages on the channel is possible. It includes cartoons for toddlers, educational content for older children, and entertainment and educational videos for teens. In addition, one can find cartoons and clips with various songs and educational videos in different languages. A giant video library will help your child not just to pass the time but also to learn all sorts of things that may come in handy in life.

How to recognize that the content is really children’s and can be downloaded for viewing?

Let’s look at the main features of children’s content:

  • The videos are understandable and interesting to children of the appropriate age;
  • The commercials feature actors and characters popular with younger audiences;
  • stories, games, songs, and activities designed for children are used;
  • no scenes of violence, sex or other obscenity, or other adult-themed content;
  • There is no “18+” or other marking indicating the permitted age of the audience.

The service also makes sure that young users watch useful and interesting videos. And it attracts adult subscribers to monitor content and report any violations.

Algorithm for saving video content

To save actual clips to your child’s tablet or smartphone, you should follow several simple steps:

  1. Find the right video.
  2. Go to MENU and click “Save to device.”
  3. If you want to delete something that is no longer relevant, just select the “Delete from device” option.

By default, you can only save videos and playlists to your device when connected to Wi-Fi. In addition, saving is available only with the parent’s consent, who enters their password, thus permitting them to download this or that video.

YouTube Kids smart settings allow you to select one of the following categories “For Toddlers,” “For Preschoolers,” or “For Older Kids. In addition, there is an option to allow “Approved Content Only.”

Unacceptable, in the opinion of adults, videos can be sent to the service’s experts, protecting your child from unwanted content.


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