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How Much Does Magento Cost? 

One of the most widespread e-commerce platforms, Magento is a universal solution for online shops. Why? Because it is scalable, flexible, and...

How Much Does Magento Cost? 

One of the most widespread e-commerce platforms, Magento is a universal solution for online shops. Why? Because it is scalable, flexible, and customizable, to name a few of its remarkable benefits. It can cater to the needs of various companies, which is witnessed by a continually growing community of its users. The number of Magento customers already exceeds 129,000.

Although the CMS appears tempting to merchants in terms of functionality, they may feel cautious about its implementation, fearing potentially high expenses. We’ll examine the cost composition of the Magento website development and prove that you can run the framework at a comparatively low investment. 

What does Magento development cost include?

The overall cost of Magento installation and operation depends on your selected option.

Magento Open Source 

Formerly known as Magento Community Edition, this option is a free, open-source framework that provides fundamental e-commerce functionalities. It empowers merchants to create and customize their online stores using a wide range of extensions and themes. Magento Open Source is suitable for small to medium-sized organizations looking for a cost-effective solution with flexibility and scalability. 

Magento Commerce

Previously Magento Enterprise Edition, Magento Commerce is a paid, premium version of the platform that offers advanced capabilities. It includes additional opportunities such as advanced marketing tools, customer segmentation, and targeted promotions. Magento Commerce is designed for larger businesses with higher transaction volumes and more complex e-commerce requirements.

Magento Commerce Cloud

The Magento Commerce Cloud is a cloud-hosted version of Magento Commerce, offering all the features of Magento Commerce along with the benefits of cloud infrastructure. It provides scalability, security, and performance optimizations out of the box, eliminating the need for users to manage hosting infrastructure. Magento Commerce Cloud is ideal for businesses seeking a scalable and managed e-commerce solution with enterprise-level capabilities.

Overall price breakdown

Depending on the selected Magento platform type, your price for developing and running a Magento store will include the elements listed in the table below.

Magento Open SourceMagento CommerceMagento Commerce Cloud
Magento license cost0$22,000–125,000/year$40,000–190,000/year
Domain name$10–400/year$10–400/year$10–400/year
SSL certificate$50–300/year$5–300/year$50–300/year
Payment providers fees2.9% + $0.30 per transaction2.9% + $0.30 per transaction2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
SEO & digital promotion$10,000–40,000/year$10,000–40,000/year$10,000–40,000/year
Total Magento development fees$12,000–57,000+$43,000–189,000+$60,000–247,000+

Magento website development by WebMeridian

At this point, you may wonder how to achieve optimal value for money by building a decent e-shop with a competitive feature set. 

WebMeridian has constructed dozens of successful Magento storefronts. With over eight years of experience in e-commerce, we understand that budgeting is one of the most significant constraints for many businesses. Therefore, we exercise the most cost-efficient approach for our clients. 

Our certified Magento developers crafted a sleek and fully functional e-commerce site for a leading European supplier of kitchen and catering equipment. The extensive skills in Magento integration and deep domain expertise allowed us to identify crucial features, select the most appropriate tech stack, and implement the entire project within 1,5 months.

The total budget fell within $20,000, reaffirming that a Magento e-shop can be constructed quickly and affordably. 

In Conclusion

Magento’s acclaimed flexibility makes it not only a comprehensive but also a cost-effective solution. You can choose the platform type that fits your demands from all standpoints. The price ranges and practical examples of Magento website building are aimed to give you an idea of what investment you should expect.

If you need more precise calculations, you can talk to professionals at WebMeridian. We will competently estimate the expenses and optimize project goals and execution for the maximum outcomes.     

Webster Webmeridian, an e-commerce expert and BDM, states: “A top-tier e-commerce website is not just a storefront; it’s your brand’s virtual ambassador, showcasing your products and values to the world.” Building such a store with a skilled team like ours is accomplishable.


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