A Step-by-step Guide To Outsource Mobile Application Development

With great evolution in digitalization, globalization, and customer expectations we have experienced a boom in the IT outsourcing market. According to the...

Outsourcing app development

With great evolution in digitalization, globalization, and customer expectations we have experienced a boom in the IT outsourcing market. According to the report the IT outsourcing market is expected to grow up to $397.6 billion by the end of 2025. India is continuing to lead in terms of the growing base of software developers with approximately 5.2 million. With such a strong growing base of an application developer, India has been one of the prominent choices when it comes to outsourcing app development. In this article, we will provide you a detailed guide to outsource app development to India and how it is advantageous than in-house development.

Key reasons to outsourcing app development

Outsourcing app development has proved to be a reliable model for a profitable business. It’s a competitive strategy, companies can use for a long term basis which allows them to concentrate on core business operations. When you choose to outsource, you will be provided by a dedicated team of professionals by Managed Service Providers. You can get access to the pool of talents ranging from skilled developers to proficient project managers.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons for each, Outsource app development and In-house app development:

Outsource app development


  • Cost-effective
  • Access to the talent pool
  • Focus on core business operations
  • Easy scaling of the team
  • Proven workflow and processes


  • Management Issue
  • Problem with communication

In-House app development


  • Efficient Communication
  • Engagement and cultural fit


  • High Cost
  • Staff dismissal
  • Lack of expertise in varied areas
  • Time consuming recruitment & on-boarding

The global IT outsourcing market has reached up to $62billion. Many big companies have turned their heads towards outsourcing app development keeping the profitability in mind. 

Complete guide to outsourcing app development

The following detailed guide will coach you through the process of outsourcing app development.

Create a detailed outline for your app 

It is very important to be clear and precise about your product. Clarity of your outline will make it easier to find a perfect outsource company/individual who can deliver your expectations as desired. Your clear vision can help the business analyst team to provide you with additional research and detailed specification.

Following are a few general questions which can help you with outlining your app idea:

– What is the purpose of your mobile application?

– How is your app helpful to your user?

– What features do you want to include?

– On what platform you wish to get it developed – iOS, Android, or both?

– What will be your target audience?

Estimate your budget

With research, you can roughly estimate how much you need to invest in your app. The estimation will also help you decide whether to hire a freelance developer or an app development company. Companies at your disposal may differ depending upon how much you can spend. Though it is possible to hunt for an outsourcing mobile app development company that is budget-friendly and still delivers the desired end-result.

Analyze app developers

Communication is a key factor for the successful execution of outsourcing app development thus when analyzing app developers you should first decide upon a location. Based on location, there are three types of development: onshore, nearshore, and offshore mobile app development. From thousands of offered choices of skilled and experienced developers or agencies, you need to opt for the outsourcing partner which best matches your set of requirements.

If you are in a dilemma where do you find reliable outsourcing companies or freelance individuals have a glance below:

Finding an outsourcing company

Clutch is the most appropriate application to search for a proficient mobile app development company. Under the mobile app development section, there are over 12,000 listed companies. Clutch also facilitates an amazing sorting feature which includes sort by company size, budget, location, etc.  

Finding Individual developers

You can search for the best individual developers on reliable sites like Upwork, TopTal. These sites provide a wide range of specialists for all kinds of application development solutions. It provides lists of reputed developers with genuine ratings and reviews. You can also peep through the developer’s featured portfolios to see what kind of work they have done in the past. 

Examine developers

After detailed research of the developers or the agencies, you can shortlist them who you think are best suited for your requirements. One after the other you can personally interview them for a better insight.

You can further inquire about the relevant experience, past work, app development process, technical expertise, client testimonials, and charges. This will provide you a better understanding of the agency or the app developer. It is also significant to discuss communication tools, time zone, management processes, and other aspects that affect the development process.    

Approach final developers

After the final examination, note down all the data that you have accumulated online and through one-on-one discussion. This will help you compare and make a firm decision. As you finalize, just approach them later your chosen agency or developer will guide you further.

Top reasons to outsource application development to India

Low Application Development Pricing

One of the significant reasons why India is chosen for offshore mobile app development is the low outsource app development cost. One has access to the largest pool of talented developers who can be hired at a lower remuneration. According to the survey by Statista, per hour cost for iOS and Android development is lower. The median cost for android development is $26/hour and for iOS development, it is $30/hour. 

Access to Experienced Developers

With approximately 5.2 million software developers, India is one of the leading bases for skilled application developers. India has a pool of talented individuals with expertise in varied technologies when it comes to application development. India stands second in the distribution of android developers worldwide with 5.72%. 

Encouraging Government Policies

The government of India has expressed immense support to the outsourcing industry by providing 100% equity. Major metro cities have highly developed IT infrastructure. Also, India has invested largely in the IT sector which has helped in uplifting India’s image as an outsourcing destination. As per IBEF, Computer software and hardware sectors in India have attracted FDI(Foreign Direct Investment) inflow worth $44.91billion between 2000 to 2020.


Outsourcing application development can be very advantageous, though it is a daunting process. Take the required time in evaluating the right candidate which matches your requirement without rushing in selecting a development partner. This step-by-step guide should give you enough information to pick your right development partner that will meet your needs.


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  1. Outsourcing is growing rapidly all around world. Big companies like Apple also outsource it’s work. It gives you freedom to make focus on your specific task.

  2. Outsourcing really makes your project cost low. It’s kind of freelancing. But we must find out the right Company and person. But it is running.

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