Top 7 Must-Have Magento 2 Extensions for E-commerce Success

Magento 2 Extensions

As one of the most potent eCommerce platforms, Magento has developed into the most dependable one. Businesses of different sizes and sectors favour this platform to launch a successful online store. And the most widely used version is Magento 2 Extensions. It offers the best themes and add-ons for online retailers, and each one of them has impressive characteristics. They assist in properly monitoring and optimizing the website.

Magento 2 was created with the characteristics that are required to successfully operate an online store in mind. However, as you are well aware, new inventions are routine in the IT sector. Many different things are sold through an online store. No one industry is excluded from it.

Additionally, each merchant will have distinct goals for their e-commerce firm. Every single merchant’s expectations for their solution cannot be met by the Magento community. They are considering that a feature needed by one is worthless for another. Without cause, it adds complications. As a result, the Magento developer or Custom Magento Extension Development creates brief pieces of code known as “Extension” while also being aware of the needs of merchants. To improve the operation of your Magento 2 store, these extensions should be implemented according to your needs.

The Magento Marketplace lists over 3000+ Magento extensions. The query, however, remains: What are the top 10 Magento extensions? Let’s read this blog to learn more about the most excellent Magento 2 extensions.

How Do I Select the Top Magento 2 Extensions?

One may always ask our US-based Magento developers for guidance when selecting the best Magento 2 extensions, or they can look at the list of eCommerce plugins that can help a Magento store succeed. This indicates that the best Magento 2 plugin makes it fairly easy to handle all of the responsibilities associated with running a shopping website and to enhance its features to set it apart from rivals.

Top Must-Have Magento 2 Extensions for 2023

1. Recent Sales Notification by FMEextensions

The recent sales notification extension Magento 2 is designed to make your store appear busy by showing recent purchase alerts to visitors at regular intervals. These alerts come in the form of clickable pop-ups that you can tailor to fit your store’s design. Visitors to the store who see these pop-up messages are more likely to trust the business and make a purchase. Additionally, you have a number of options, like the ability to limit orders, provide a close button, and display orders based on their state.


  • Select from two different popup view types.
  • Use system variables to modify popup text.
  • Display the popup in the chosen location.
  • Show orders according to their status.
  • Limit the popup to only show recent orders.
  • Show orders either randomly or sequentially.
  • Set the popup’s appearance and delay time.
  • Change the background, border, text, and link colours
  • Performs well on desktop and mobile.

Price: The Community version costs $69.99, while the Enterprise version costs $269.99.

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2. Login As a Customer by FMEextensions

One of the most well-known Magento 2 extensions is Login As Customer by FMEextensions. By logging into your store as a customer, you can assist and guide your customers through the checkout process. With the help of the Magento 2 Login as a customer extension, you can access client accounts without providing login information. Additionally, you learn about the buying process and can identify any pain areas that may be solved to improve the purchasing experience.


  • Access your customers’ accounts with a click
  • Enable login as a customer on multiple pages
  • Track all log-in as customer attempts
  • Whenever a consumer is logged in, disable page caching.
  • Edit or delete misleading customer data
  • Help users finish a purchase by logging in as a customer

Price: The Community version costs $59.99, while the Enterprise version costs $209.99.

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3. One Step Checkout by Amasty

One Step Checkout by Amasty is an extension that gives store owners the ability to make their checkout page the centre of attention on any Magento 2 website. It helps to increase client happiness in addition to speeding up web page performance. Basically, it’s a solution that gives a quick and simple checkout page to convert customers into devoted ones for the business. Additionally, it aids in optimizing and modifying the checkout page’s design.


  • Display delivery date and time options
  • Automatic geolocation detection
  • Edit Product options
  • Sets default preselected values
  • Amazon Pay support
  • 3-month free support
  • 60 days money back
  • Free lifetime updates

Price: The Community version costs $319, while the Enterprise version costs $619.

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4. Advanced Shipping by Owebia

One of the most well-known Magento 2 extensions, Advanced Shipping by Owebia, enables developers to design a user-friendly and distinctive shopping cart for customers. One can adjust shipping costs in a flexible manner thanks to this Magento 2 plugin. The organized shipping page style makes all of the online business’s customers satisfied. Additionally, it aids in improving customer satisfaction with the company’s online store.


  • Use unique promo codes to manage fee reductions.
  • Manage drop shipping extension
  • Add variable attributes
  • Free of cost Plugin

Price: Free + $80 for installation.

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5. SEO Extension for Magento 2 by Webkul

The SEO extension for Magento 2 by Webkul offers a number of tools and choices for enhancing the online store’s SEO. The merchants can display rich snippets for their items, categories, and CMS pages by using this plugin. Boost the visibility of your online store on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Using the Magento 2 SEO plugin, you may improve the search results rankings of your web pages, increase organic traffic, and boost click-through rates.


  • Provide more product details in the search results on the SERP page.
  • Display your store’s categories on search engine result pages.
  • According to Facebook and Twitter, include an image, a title, and a description.
  • Boost your items’, categories’, and CMS page’s on-page SEO.
  • Allow effective website crawling by search engines.
  • Includes options for producing and controlling the instructions that web crawlers and bots use to index your website.

Price: The price of the SEO extension for the Magento 2 community edition is $99 and the enterprise edition is priced at $198.

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6. Gift Card for Magento 2 by Aheadworks

Customers have various card design alternatives because of the robust customizability feature. Administrators can enter card values, descriptions, and gift code patterns step-by-step or simply import the current CSV File code. In your Magento 2 store, you can therefore create gift cards with any design.

Three card types are supported by this Magento 2 Module for Gift Cards: virtual (issued to consumers via email and applied at checkout), physical (sent by post and used at checkout or right away if a business has a physical location), and combined (given by either email or post).


  • Product Types for Gift Cards.
  • Adaptable Card Values.
  • Templates for Custom Emails.
  • Card Personalization for Gifts.
  • Tracking of Gift Codes.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Pools for gift cards.
  • Import/Export of Cards.

Price: The price of the Gift Card for Magento 2 is the First payment of the $297.00 license fee and then Regular Payments are $17.99 / Month.

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7. Order Manager Suite by IWD

One of the free Magento 2 extensions, Order Manager Suite by IWD, is helpful in preventing orders and delivery ambiguity. With the aid of a single IWD extension, it facilitates the simple management of the complete workflow. Additionally, it assists in coordinating the multiple warehouses’ sources of inventory, editing current order details with the customers’ information, and producing thorough bills.


  • The order statues are highlighted by colouring the rows.
  • Secures payments with Authorize.Net CIM
  • Raises sales representatives and manages commissions.

Price: The Order Manager Suite comes in three versions. A Free version with limited functionalities, A pro version at $800, and another one at $50 per month.

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