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Flutter vs. PWA: Who is the winner in 2024?

Mobile app development has become a booming industry during the last couple of years. At present, business mobile application development is imperative...

Flutter vs. PWA: Who is the winner in 2021? - Tricky Enough

Mobile app development has become a booming industry during the last couple of years. At present, business mobile application development is imperative for any online business. Moreover, with the increasing popularity of smartphones, people are finding a way to use them in their daily tasks progressively. For instance, application development is imperative for everybody if you like to enhance your sales by using the technology.

One significant benefit is that it is possible to use them as a medium for improving any existing service. Moreover, they can also tie-up with some advances, for instance, gadgets based on virtual reality, vehicles, and so forth.

Right now, cross-platform mobile app development has become a trend. You will come across innumerable smartphones in the present market, so it is impossible to develop on the major platforms. Hence, cross-platform mobile application development services have become a blessing in such cases. Moreover, you will come across several competing mobile application cross-platform tools on the market. React Native of Facebook and Flutter of Google, apart from Hybrid and PWA, have become amongst the most popular ones.

The developers can create applications for several platforms that operate simultaneously by using cross-platform mobile app development. One question might appear in your mind “why should you go for cross-platform for your application development business?†Well, it can be asserted here that the development of cross-platform application development is targeted at this particular aspect. Minimized cost and faster process of development happen to be the two primary advantages of cross-platform application development.

What is PWA (Progressive Web Apps)?

Google introduced this approach in 2015, and it has turned out to be quite popular amongst developers since then. The advancement of PWA is quite gigantic. It is a web app created by using common web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It appears to be a native application to the user, and it will be possible for you to retain the new users for longer.

PWA features

  • Full responsiveness and browser compatibility are provided by PWA as these applications have been created according to the principles of progressive improvement and work with almost every browser compatible with any gadget.
  • Connectivity independence happens to be one more advantage: it can work offline and on inferior quality networks.
  • Progressive Web apps update themselves continually, which implies that the apps remain fresh.
  • It consists of an interface like that of an app.
  • These applications are served using HTTPS such that it will not be possible for authorized users to gain access to the content and prevent prying.

What do you mean by Flutter Framework?

Flutter happens to be an open-source mobile app development framework that helps to create high-fidelity and high-performance mobile apps for iOS and Android. Flutter applications are written using the Dart language. The most significant components of Flutter consist of the Flutter engine, Dart platform, design-specific widgets, and Foundation library. This framework can be used to create user interfaces that can react in your apps smoothly as it helps reduce the volume of code needed to update and synchronize the view of your application.

Flutter framework features

  • It consists of a contemporary react-style framework, development tools, and instant gadgets.
  • There is an innovative feature referred to as Hot Reload, using which you will be able to access an extensive range of widgets that can easily work on a dynamic interface.
  • Extensive support for the development of personalized interfaces with exclusive priorities and themes according to your requirements.

Flutter vs. PWA pros and cons

Here, we will mention the advantages and downsides of both PWA as well as Flutter.

Flutter pros:

  • Ideal for an MVP.
  • It happens to be a hot reload, which implies that the developers can see each change made by them to the code.
  • Simple to learn.
  • It enhances overall performance plus application startup time.
  • Provides access to native features.

Flutter cons:

  • It is not supported by web browsers.
  • An absence of third-party libraries. These libraries have to be built by the developer by using Flutter, which is extremely time-consuming.
  • Somewhat difficult to integrate with native external libraries.

PWA pros:

  • It helps to make the web application experience reliable and faster because of progressive improvement.
  • Inexpensive to create and maintain.
  • It is possible for PWAs to work on several platforms, which help to minimize development costs.
  • Simple to find and share.

PWA cons:

  • Restricted support for hardware and software.
  • Restricted functionality implies that PWAs will not be able to provide support to native application common features such as NFC, fingerprint scanning, and camera controls.

Progressive Web App vs. Flutter

  • Description – The apps in Flutter have been written using the Dart language and use many advanced features of the language as well. In the case of PWA, the website comes with app-like features as well as an interface.
  • Installation – The app, in the case of Flutter, is installed on a device directly. The installation entails flutter SDK, system requirements, platform setup, Xcode installation, and android or iOS setup. However, when it comes to PWA, the application is not set up on a device. Instead, users must visit the site and include it on the home screen for launching an application.
  • Alibaba, Google Ads, Birch Finance, and Reflectly make use of apps created with Flutter. On the contrary, Twitter, Uber, Telegram, Android Messages, and Tinder are those companies that use the apps built with PWA.
  • Update delivery – The update, when it comes to Flutter, is delivered promptly to the users when the present version is compared to the fresh version stored on Firebase. In the case of PWA, automatic update for the users without any approval from an App Store.

Which one to choose: PWA versus Flutter

It is a fact that progressive Web apps and Flutter might appear to be two different options altogether. Nevertheless, it is possible to access both of them on mobile gadgets. One can consider them to be substituted for one another to some extent. Both of them are becoming quite popular right now, and it is quite difficult to predict whether one of them will displace the other. In any case, both of them will be capable of serving two different requirements. It does not matter whether you hire Flutter developers or opt for a reliable progressive Web app development company one thing is for sure that you will not be disappointed in either case.


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