How to make money using Facebook?

make money using facebook

Did you know that you can make money using Facebook?

I have already shared many ways to make money online But I never mentioned that how I am making money with Facebook and How you can make money on Facebook too?

So, in this post, I am going to share some of the secrets which you may be knowing or not about making money online on Facebook.

And I will give this post a start from the beginning.

The lives of humans have changed swiftly and needs have also changed accordingly.

To make both ends meet earning money has become an important part of every person’s life. Money has become a really significant aspect these days. With the advent of technology, every person wants to earn money by doing online work sitting at home. In such a scenario Facebook has become a source of earning for a lot of people and because Facebook has become ubiquitous nowadays it really becomes crucial to delve into this issue and learn about various ways people have come up with ideas on how to make money through Facebook and not only this but they can even teach you that how you can make $200 per day using Facebook. Many people out there are in a state of conjecture about earning money using Facebook and to make the scenario crystal clear we would spectate at different facets.

Various ways to Make Money using Facebook

Talking about ways of earning money with Facebook there are a plethora of ways through which we can earn money using Facebook. It is just a matter of time that everyone is having a Facebook account and very evidently we can leverage that aspect to earn money. Let’s talk about some of the most pervasive and perpetual methods of earning money on Facebook.

Earning Money by using Facebook Pages

If You have a Facebook page with millions of likes then you can earn hundreds of dollars by just sharing other posts on your Facebook page. First of all, there is a need to talk about simple ways. The easiest way is that if you are having a page on Facebook or if you don’t have one you can create it and then post ads on your Facebook page using sponsored ads from the clients which you can approach or you can be approached by them. In addition to that, you can give some amount of description about your ad and also customize it by adding a video or anything like that also in relation to your ad. So it is a great way to earn money by just posting ads and the monetary system is very transparent. The involving method is also a very rudimentary one.

There is another trend going on these days many of the marketers are selling their Facebook pages and earning thousands of dollars. I know it may seem weird to some of you but it’s true, there are potential customers who are ready to buy Facebook pages that have more likes.

Using Affiliate Program

The most popular way to earn money using Facebook is the affiliate program. Using this method you can promote ads of different products of varied companies on your own Facebook page. It is also a transparent system and it is basically a commission-based working system where if a person sees your ad and buys the product you can earn money according to that. It is the most popular method and a very common one. A lot of companies and websites every now and then want commoners to promote their products on their Facebook page. There are plentiful types of ads that are posted on sports equipment, health products, business-related, and many more. A person according to his or her extent of the domain of knowledge posts different types of ads and also customize them and in reciprocity get money from a particular company or a website. You can read a full-fledged post on How to earn using Affiliate marketing.

Selling Different Products

The other way around which is very common among people nowadays is of selling different types of products like household commodities, fashion commodities, sports products, or any type of product on Facebook. The prerequisite is a Facebook page and the ability to present your product in a splendid and flamboyant manner. Create a Facebook page and it’s good if you have one and start selling your own products on it. If capital is acting as a stumbling block there are other ways also. Like you can make connections with websites and make them aware of the idea of your product and set the selling price of the commodity also. The website personnel will hold reins from there and manage all the further proceedings. See you just need a mindset to start working and money will follow soon and Facebook is a mind-blowing platform for all this stuff.

Facebook Groups also Helps to Grow

I have joined more than 50 groups in my Niche and Some of those groups are paid. And Sometimes I really feel Irritated about posting content on the groups. I have my own Facebook Group named Bloggers but it’s free because there are too few members. But I have seen people who charge for posting on their groups because of the thousands of members on their groups. And there are people who are willing to pay you a good amount for just sharing their posts on your group.

Earn By promotional Activities

Last but not least an approach that is best suited for people who have a lot of experience with this Facebook earning stuff. The scenario is like this when you have expanded your Facebook page on a large scale and are running very successfully you start giving out work to small companies or pages. The primary advantage here is that you can earn more by giving out promotional work to small companies and your product or any content can become ubiquitous and center of attraction. Moreover, small Facebook pages will cost you less as they are also in need of work. So it is also a nice way of working when you have expanded your business a lot.


Working on the internet on various platforms has expanded so much over a period of time. Facebook is no different. To the best of my knowledge, I have listed the main ways of earning money with Facebook. I may have missed a lot of points. But the Crux is that nowadays it is easy to work online and Facebook is no exception and if we work with our best efforts monetary awards will follow shortly.


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    Facebook is a great platform that serves as a marketplace for making extra cash. This blog is accurate and helpful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    To accomplish great things is not enough to dream,we must act, and if we are talking about internet marketing it takes 100% of that. Facebook is a great place for business, but my favorite method involves creating niche sites.

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    Facebook is a huge marketplace man.
    Once you can build pages with a huge number of likes or create active targeted groups, it becomes highly possible to generate income.

    Helpful post bro

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    Hi Robin,
    Really, facebook can do a lot for a perfect user who can utilize it. A page or group with a big amount of numbers can turned into a money making machine. But you know what just need to reach to the right people. The ways you described, are awesome. I hope it will help the others who are gonna do this. Best wishes for your next post.

    Sadhan Pal

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    great concern and really imperative can you please write about audience target in facebook adverts.