How To Monetize Your Expert Blog In 2024?


Today, an expert blog is a complete tool for sales and building a personal brand. And now, the need for expertise and competent specialists in any field stands out sharply as never before. 

The clients start searching for the desired service on Google and face an endless number of websites and landing pages. Usually, such searches lead to complete confusion: a person found several good offers but couldn’t determine who really had the needed competencies — the user sees only a well-designed blog attracting subscribers with a glorious wrapper.
It is in this situation that an expert blog helps. It becomes a good opportunity for potential clients to know a specialist. And for the author — an excellent way to make money is blogging.

How To Monetize Your Expert Blog In 2022?

Don’t confuse expert blogs with lifestyle ones. Lifestyle is more about travel, hobbies, your point of view on any topic, etc. Here you promote yourself as a person with your personal position.

In your expert blog, you promote yourself as a professional. Everything in your blog revolves around your work and your field of activity. You create your brand and promote your product. It can be your knowledge, services, or something material (created by you).

In this article, we are going to tell you how to monetize your expert blog and have a steady income.

Choose a niche and post engaging content

How To Monetize Your Expert Blog In 2022?

At the very beginning, we decided to remind you that choosing a niche plays an extremely crucial role in the success of monetizing your blog. You can’t start making money on it if you don’t have the expertise and necessary knowledge in the chosen niche at all. You won’t be trusted by the audience. As a result, you will simply waste your time.

The same applies to content. If you write poor text with no images and visuals, you won’t succeed. Your content is a demonstration of your knowledge and skills. The audience evaluates you as an expert through videos, posts, stories, and so on.

Just imagine — you found a badly designed blog with incomprehensible and illogical posts or videos on the web. You just wondered how this “expert” still wants to find clients and make money blogging. Don’t be such a blogger. Invest in your posts your knowledge, energy, time, and funds. If you have any difficulties, contact the specialists who will help with the design and publications.

And so, we continue to talk about ways to monetize your expert blog.

Become an affiliate

It is a familiar and common way of passive income. You post links to products and services of other companies on your blog and work on commission — receive a sum from each sale made after clicking on the link.

In some cases, you can earn even if the blog reader simply follows the link and doesn’t make a purchase — the conditions depend on each specific affiliate program.

It is worth noting that your audience must be active, and the site must have high domain authority. Moreover, don’t participate in numerous affiliate programs. Otherwise, your subscribers will perceive you not as an expert but as an amateur who wants to earn money from them (thanks not to the knowledge, but multiple advertising and promotion of some third-party products).

Offer paid subscriptions

Today, we have too much content on the web. So, it is hard to find something really worthwhile. If you analyze and estimate the situation as a whole, then a paid subscription will help distinguish your expert blog from others, attract subscribers and help you make money from blogging.

However, you shouldn’t set a price for a subscription if you are not an expert in a chosen niche and simply decided to cheat ordinary users. Believe us, information about this will spread extremely quickly, and you will have to do your best to restore your reputation.

Set a price for content only if it is really high-quality and represents a certain value for the audience. In this case, this is a great option for monetizing your expert blog.

Post sponsored content

In case you are blogging on a separate website, then sponsored content is a great option to monetize your expert blog. These can be articles, posts with high-quality photos, and even videos. The main advantage is that you can perform it in a variety of ways. 

The company pays you for posting certain sponsored content on your expert blog. The partnership is beneficial to both parties. For the brand — in attracting new customers, for the publisher of sponsored content — in generating income.

As a result, everyone gets a partner with whom they can build long-term business relations. Of course, sponsored content guarantees the desired results with the right approach only. The main thing is that this kind of content corresponds to your blog and its topic.

Provide consulting services

Your audience reads, likes, and comments on your posts because they trust you as an expert. But the basic problem with such blogs is that you share knowledge, and often people want to get answers to complex, for instance, legal questions through Instagram and for free.

In order not to waste your precious time replying to comments or DMs, we advise you to monetize your knowledge and provide consulting services. Plan some posts on your social media on this topic and explain to your subscribers that they can get professional advice from you on a specific issue at any time for a fee. There is no shame in it. It’s crucial to make it clear to your audience — that you can’t do free consultations 24/7 for free. You need to earn a living as well.

Create an online course and host masterclasses

You have already engaged a permanent audience, and it is constantly growing. You have decided to take your expert blog to the next level, create your own website and course and increase your income from blogging. This is the right decision!

The online course isn’t only the transfer of knowledge — it is vital to organize the learning material properly to maximize the audience’s engagement. Help students solve a specific problem — get a new specialty, learn a necessary skill, or find an answer to a question of interest.

Here you are a mentor, customer support, and organizer. This way of making money will require a lot of time from you and most likely the involvement of third-party assistance. Be ready to invest maximum effort, and then you will get maximum profit.


An expert blog is a special kind of media with its own rules and restrictions. It is built around one particular skill, but that’s not enough.

It’s also worth adding 2-3 lines of transformation that are not directly related to your activity. No one is interested in following a static cool expert. Try to be permanently evolving as a person, moving towards specific goals.

Post quality content and don’t forget to check grammar, engage your audience, drive traffic, and stay in touch with your followers. Buy advertising from other bloggers, make various collaborations with various specialists, and test new platforms and formats for presenting yourself and your expertise. Remember that an expert blog and its monetization is an ongoing process that never ends.

We wish you the best of luck in achieving your goals!


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