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8 Reasons Why Your Blog Does Not Make Enough Money and How to correct it!

The rush to make money from blogging is mad. Yet, few bloggers make money blogging. I think a lot of us have...

8 Reasons Why Your Blog Does Not Make Enough Money and How to correct it!

The rush to make money from blogging is mad. Yet, few bloggers make money blogging. I think a lot of us have missed some important ingredients and I mean to help you correct that in this post.

What you must know is that the best way to make money as a blogger is not to focus on the money. The money doesn’t come in because you want it so badly. The influx of money is a result of something which if you discover, you’ll forget about the money and focus rather on it.

I believe that by the time you go through this post and begin to apply these tips, it won’t be long before you start seeing great improvements in revenue from your blog.

Reasons your blog doesn’t generate income and how to correct it

1 – Your main drive is to make money

If you are so obsessed with seeing money coming in from your blog, chances are that you’ll lose focus on the things that matter. The way to make money blogging is to focus on producing value. Money is not like search spiders that have been automated to regularly visit your blog. The money you are looking for is in the wallets of your readers. If you don’t focus on your readers, they won’t spend on your blog.

Here are quick tips to help you on this point:

  • Identify your audience
  • Find out what they face as problems
  • Help them with answers to their problems

Once they find answers and solutions to their problems, the money will flow from their pockets toward your blog. On one of my blogs which is focused on teaching people to make money with their websites, in as much as I’m making money from this blog, I do not focus on the money. My priority is to help every website owner generate income from their sites. Visitors enjoy the content and follow my tips to properly monetize their blogs. In the process, some contact me for paid coaching, others buy my products, I recommend products and earn commissions, etc.

Basically, investigate the problems of your community and find solutions to those problems. The money will definitely follow.

2 – Your traffic isn’t targeted

One key factor affecting the success of any website is traffic. A lot of people have invested so much in terms of time and money into driving traffic to their websites. Unfortunately, even with massive traffic stats, many website owners are still wondering why the money is coming in drops.

It’s not just about getting people on your blog. It’s about getting the right audience. Attracting readers who have the problems you seek to solve. Test your different traffic channels and see which of them drives targeted traffic to your blog. If you are promoting human hair for ladies on a blog that’s predominantly visited by male readers, you will have a problem with the conversion.

If your blog is to teach coders how to develop websites and web applications, I don’t see your business with promoting health care products. How many of your readers will be interested in such products?. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who are the people I’m writing for?
  • Where can I find them and how do I attract them to my blog?

One of the traffic channels that help you drive super-targeted traffic is Search Engines. If optimizing your blog to drive traffic from search engines isn’t part of your strategy, you have to sit back and rethink. Search engines can drive long-term traffic to your blog if you do it right.

3 – Your traffic is low

If you and your grandma are the only ones reading your blog, then tell grandmom to step up her spending habit if not, you won’t see income improvement.

If you want to see improved results, work on increasing your targeted reach. With 1000 targeted daily readers, you should be averaging about $50+ daily revenue. That puts you on about $1500 per month which is quite low if you get that kind of traffic.

Gaining more readers means your marketplace is expanding. This gives you more people to sell to, more people to click your ads and more people to buy and provoke commissions for you. whatever you are doing that gives your current level of traffic, boost it for more traffic.

4 – You don’t choose the right ways to monetize

There are many ways to monetize your website. That doesn’t mean you should randomly pick any of them and apply them to your blog. Depending on your niche and even traffic stats, test out what’s producing the best results for you. Once you find the gold spot, focus on it and dig deeper.

If you visit the income reports of many bloggers, you’ll find out that what makes the most money on their list is what they put a greater portion of their energy on. It’s not bad to have several monetization models on one blog. But if some of these are not working for you, stop wasting time on them. Turn your resources to what works for you and scale it to a bigger profit.

5 – You are inconsistent in content

Consistency keeps your blog active and up to date. If you are an affiliate blogger (doing affiliate marketing), keep creating and publishing content at regular intervals. Not all articles on your blog will have the value to generate income. I admit that sometimes, I publish articles just to make a point. But while blogging consistently, I’m able to create a growing number of money-making blog posts. The more of these articles you have, the more money your blog stands to make.

6 – You don’t have blog posts that can generate revenue

I advised earlier that you focus on helping your readers. Right now, I’m not contracting my point at all. While not being a salesperson, you can still sell without the buyers knowing you are trying to sell to them. If your readers can find value and solutions by spending money on your blog, they will definitely do spend without twisting their faces.

One of the ways I monetize some of my articles is to cut a solution into two sections:

  1. Free section: Here, I teach my audience to solve a certain problem for free
  2. Paid section: In this section, I present a solution that will require some payments.

Here is an example…

If you are able to guide your readers into removing a certain virus from their Windows Operating System by themselves, also present a solution for those who have the financial capacity to purchase an antivirus. This way, you generate commissions from the sales of the product.

Many readers who are affected by the virus will like to follow your steps, dig into the software registry and remove the infection. Others will be frightened by the complexity and technicalities of the solution. A quick recommendation of a paid automated method will catch the attention of fearful users.

7 – Your blog is new

If your blog is new, one of the things you have to do is give it time to grow in audience and content. There are some things you can’t do with a new blog to earn income. For instance, many news websites don’t often attract sponsored content. The reason is that new websites are generally low in traffic and SEO benefits. Advertisers often turn their attention to aged domains with reasonable Domain Authority and a massive audience. So do not be worried by the fact that your new blog isn’t making any money. Focus on content and promotion before beginning to consider how much money it can make.

8 – Your niche has limited possibilities

Some of us are blogging in very rare niches. I was told of a guy who is an Ant Blogger. Maybe you are one of these rare bloggers whose topics have limited money-making options. If you are writing about elephants, you may not easily find good affiliate products to promote in this niche.

Don’t panic though. Do more research to find out income possibilities in your niche or start a new blog in a more popular niche where you can easily make money.


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Written by Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki is problogger, Bishop and founder of MyWebsiteProfit.com

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