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Video Monetization: How to make money from your video content?

Hi, want to monetize videos but are unsure where to start? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Well, there’s no doubt that video...

Video Monetization: How to make money from your video content?

Hi, want to monetize videos but are unsure where to start?

Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Well, there’s no doubt that video content is more popular than ever. In 2020 alone, people watched greater than 12 billion minutes of videos online, and they need more. For digital content creators and businesses alike, it’s the right time to focus on video content and video monetization.

When it comes to monetization in 2022, one thing is for sure: there is always scope for every business model, from pure subscription to ad-supported to a mix of the two. Here’s an insider’s look at what experts think will happen in the coming year.

  • 86% of marketers say video has increased traffic to their website.
  • 83% of marketers say video has increased their visitor’s time on the page.
  • 84% of marketers say video content helped them generate leads.
  • Every week, people watch an average of 16 hours of video (Wyzowl)
  • Mobile devices account for more than 75% of all video views (eMarketer)
  • Videos that are shorter than 90 seconds long have a 50% retention rate (HubSpot)
  • 78% of marketers say, adding video to their pages increased sales.
  • Men spend 40% more time watching online video content than women (WordStream)
  • Every year, video marketers receive 66% more qualified leads (Oberlo).

With this, it is clear that in the world of live stream video monetization solutions, your audiences effectively respond to curative content presented in audio/video formats.

Online video monetization is not a new concept, but it is much broader than most people realize. In this blog post, we’ll explain how to monetize videos.

First, let us see,

Ways to Monetize Videos Content Online

As we all know, video monetization is the process of making money from videos that you share online through any top video monetization platform. It’s usually done through advertising, subscriptions, or direct transactions.

To put it another way…

Video monetization refers to getting paid for the videos you create, and you can do this in a number of different ways.

Want to monetize your videos but don’t want to use YouTube? If yes, check out these seven ways to monetize your videos online.

Including affiliate links in and around your videos is a great way to generate revenue from your YouTube channel. Affiliate marketing has become a popular video ad monetization method, and getting started is simple. All you have to do is- just link to other people’s products and services in exchange for a commission on each sale.

How popular is this strategy?

  • Affiliate marketing is the second highest-ranked revenue generator, according to a survey of 500 publishers and 100 merchants.
  • Affiliate marketing, according to 76% of respondents, makes monetizing their site and content simple.
  • 45% say affiliate marketing makes monetizing their site and content simple.

# Create a Paid Membership Site Where People Can Access Your Video Content

As another effective strategy for monetizing your video content, create a membership site for like-minded people who can benefit from an online community and your unique content. This method seems to be an effective way to position yourself as an expert on your topic while building an online community of fans who pay to watch your videos. Furthermore, running membership sites allows you to maintain customer retention and revenue over time. However, if you don’t want to maintain a membership site and regularly update your content, our next option may be a better fit.

# Sell an Online Course to Generate Passive Income

Scaling your business and selling an online course is another lucrative way to content monetization. If your video channel’s audience is growing, it means that your viewers have grown accustomed to watching you deliver valuable or entertaining content. However, you can take advantage of this content monetization by directing their attention to educational tutorials in an online course on the same topic of interest. In any case, if you prefer a less time-consuming option than an online course for monetizing your video, selling digital downloads is another proven productization model to consider.

# Increase your revenue by offering digital downloads to your audience

Selling digital downloads, which range from ebooks to cheat sheets, provides you with limitless opportunities to generate additional income. Your topic range should also be broad. You can provide your video audience members with educational and valuable digital downloads. However, by selling digital downloads to your audience, you have an unlimited opportunity to generate revenue in the short and long term. Of course, if creating a digital download or information product is too much for your current workload, you can take a different approach and work with outside businesses.

# Mention Sponsors in Your Video

Another option for video monetization is to mention sponsors in your video content. A sponsored video generally includes a direct plug within the video and a link to outside products and services. Paid sponsor mentions, like affiliate links, must get disclosed.

Here’s yet another video monetization strategy for you today. This one also requires collaboration with an outside entity, but it is much easier to break into.

# Leverage Larger Audiences in Collaborations

A final video monetization strategy is nothing but to collaborate with outsiders by providing your affiliate marketing program.

The terms of affiliate marketing programs vary – and it’s entirely up to you – but the basic idea is to work with others to link to your digital downloads and information products and then pay out a predetermined commission when someone purchases through those links. The main benefit is that you gain exposure to a larger audience, potentially increasing your revenue and customer base, while your partners receive a cut of the profits. It’s yet another win-win situation. With an all-in-one content video monetization platform, launching an affiliate marketing program is a breeze.

In a Nutshell,

OTT monetization is the act of getting paid for the videos you create. Its reach also extends far beyond YouTube. Video monetization platforms, marketplace sites, network sites, and your website are all options for selling and distributing your video content. Choosing which to use depends on your company’s and audience’s needs. To stand out from the crowd, however, it’s crucial to choose the best video monetization platform and stay in the game by thoroughly understanding each platform’s monetization criteria. In any case, if you’re looking to invest in the best app monetization platform, website monetization platform, or top video monetization platform, VPlayed can help.

Written by Meryem Rai
Blogger and OTT Expert & interested in digging deep into white label OTT platform media business.

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