Huge Guest Posting Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Guest Posting Mistakes

Are you doing the Guest posting for Building links?


Are you doing guest post posting to build authority?


Are you doing guest post posting to get more and traffic?

Well, you may be doing it for all the above things or one of the above things. But we are going to talk here about the huge Guest Posting Mistakes you need to stop making

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Unfortunately, there are countless mistakes made by people when they try to do some guest blogging to increase awareness for a site and get high-quality backlinks. We need to understand that most guest posting campaigns fail. This is not because of the fact that it is impossible to get great backlinks from the top authority websites. It is because people just think they can do guest blogging.

Guest posting is seen as one of the best no-cost DIY SEO tactics, small businesses and websites can use at the moment. However, if you make the following huge guest posting mistakes, which you most likely do, success will be highly limited.

Using Generalized Content For Pitching

This is by far the most common mistake made in blogging. When you pitch someone and the proposal relies on generalized content anyone can easily find with a Google Search on thousands of blogs, why would the site owner or editor want to publish? Blog owners often just reject without giving reasons as they see highly generalized content used in pitches.

As an example, let’s say you want to pitch a strong SEO blog, and what you offer is an article with the title “On-Page SEO Optimization Basics”. This is something that has no value. You need to pitch with something new or something that is covered in-depth so that you can actually add value.

Guest Posting On Any Website That Would Accept

Just like the site owner chooses whether or not the pitched post will be published, the guest blogger chooses what site to pick. One of the huge mistakes made is choosing blogs or sites that are simply not relevant. You need to choose those blogs that have the highest authority and that are the most relevant to your niche. Whenever writing for irrelevant or wrong blogs you make a huge guest posting mistake.

Remember that in order to run a successful guest blogging campaign you need to allow yourself the necessary time to actually find great options where you could publish content. Do not use guest posting lists that you find online. Look for blog owners yourself. This also has the extra advantage of building relationships with other bloggers.

Not Following Official Guidelines

Many blog owners that accept guest posts have some guidelines listed that need to be respected. Even if they are not listed, they do exist. If you do not follow guest posting guidelines it is certain that your content is not going to be published. These guidelines vary from blogger to blogger so never make assumptions. Just ask and you will get an answer. Carefully read what the guidelines are and respect them!

Bad Bios

Most bios submitted in guest posting are bad. When this part of the guest posts is not carefully written, much potential traffic is lost since people would simply not be interested in clicking the links. Always make sure that you let readers know exactly why they should learn more about you or about the site that is presented in the Author section. This is a section that has to be as appealing and concise as possible.


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Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar

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    Dude that general pitch content is clever Robin. Keen observation. I get lame emails and lamer content ideas. These folks never read Blogging From Paradise obviously. Plus they do no friendship-building before pitching me; another no-no. Build bonds and customize pitches guys.

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