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9 Resonating Content Optimization Strategies to Watch in 2024

A strong and effective content marketing strategy is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing and should be a focal...

9 Resonating Content Optimization Strategies to Watch in 2022

A strong and effective content marketing strategy is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing and should be a focal point for many businesses looking to build leads online. It is helpful when it comes to letting potential consumers know your brand identity while also establishing your authority on a subject and building trust. 

Optimization of content is specifically focused on how search engines crawl and find content before ranking it and allowing internet users to find it. No matter how much time you spend on your content, without proper optimization, it won’t be much good.

Although content marketing is an incredibly powerful tool when used correctly, it can be difficult to build an effective strategy. Part of the reason for this is that effective content optimization can frequently change with new trends and changes to how search engines display digital content. To remain successful, businesses need to stay up to date with content trends and be aware of changes as and when they happen. 

A successful content optimization strategy should always change with the times in order to remain effective. Without updating their strategy, businesses risk falling behind. In this article, our expert author Alex Lysak will be going over nine effective content optimization strategies to watch in 2024. As an expert on search engines and content marketing, his knowledge can help you learn how to optimize your content

How Content Optimization Works?

Content marketing first started to gain traction after 2011 when Google released its study on consumer behavior, Zero Moment of Truth. The title of the study refers to the awareness and discovery phase in the consumer buying cycle. Specifically, the study found that research is critically important to consumer decisions and 53% of shoppers say they always do research before they buy to ensure they’re making the best possible choice.

Since then, businesses have begun to focus on content marketing, offering consumers research into particular products or services to help them make an informed decision when it comes to making a purchase. The study also highlighted how important search engine optimization (SEO) is for businesses when it comes to consumer research, and this also led to a focus on SEO and content optimization strategy.

Content optimization is the process of optimizing new and existing content to ensure that it’s visible across the web to people using search engines. When a user types a query into a search engine, they’ll receive a page of links that have been found to have the information they’re looking for. Proper optimization ensures that the content ranks higher on the page for relevant search terms. This helps consumers find the information they’re looking for and helps them to make the right decision when it comes to purchasing.

Good examples of useful and relevant content include this Scan team infographic. The page provides a lot of detailed information through text while also providing a useful infographic which makes it easier for visitors to the site to learn more about the topic without having to spend a lot of time reading. Infographics and other types of images are just as useful as text when explaining a point and should be used in all effective content optimization strategies

Early on, many optimization strategies focused on keyword stuffing, putting as many keywords into content as possible to make it appear in a large number of searches, even if it wasn’t relevant. However, search engines soon changed their algorithms to punish keyword stuffing and make sure that consumers could still find relevant content. Over the years, search engines have updated their algorithms many times to reflect US consumer needs and help them find the information they need. This means that businesses need to keep up with current trends to ensure that their content is still visible to consumers and to stay on top of the rankings.

Recent Trends in Content Optimization

Trends in content optimization are always changing as search engines try to provide consumers with more relevant and useful information. Businesses need to pay close attention to these trends if they want to stay ahead of the competition and continue to appear in search results. With new innovations, technologies, and culture changes affecting the way people use the internet, a content optimization strategy needs to keep changing to reflect these changes.

Content marketing in 2024 is very different from how it was just a few years ago, and some of the biggest trends in content optimization strategies over the past few years include:

Video Content

Video content is any form of digital content involving videos. This can include vlogs, live videos, video interviews, and seminars. While text content is still useful, changes to how people use the internet over the past few years have seen a shift towards video content. Pages that make use of videos are more likely to rank higher than those that don’t, so video content is very valuable.

The reason for video content’s popularity is that it tends to be far more engaging than simple text, providing more information in a more interesting way. As internet speeds improved, video has become far more accessible, and it’s also ideal for people who suffer from issues with reading. Video content sharing platforms such as YouTube have grown exceptionally quickly, and businesses can use these platforms to embed video content on their sites.

Voice Searches

In 2011 Apple launched its Siri voice assistant, and ever since, the use of voice searches has dramatically increased. Today, there are loads of different virtual assistants, including Alexa, Cortana, and Google voice assistant. All of these allow users to make fast and easy searches by speaking a command.

The popularity of voice searches has had a big impact on the world of content marketing and SEO too. Because people are now just as likely to use their voice to search as they are their keyboard, search terms have gotten longer and used more natural language. Content optimization now focuses more on what’s known as long-tail keywords, which often form whole sentences rather than a single word.

Social Media

Social media has also had a profound impact on the way we share and consume content online. The last ten years have seen an explosion of growth in the number of social media platforms, and today, they account for the majority of internet traffic in the US and around the world. There are many different types of social media available, but they all offer a place for users to connect and share content with others. Social media has become critically important in strategies for content optimization.

Businesses also regularly use social media, as it’s an excellent way to engage with potential consumers. By creating highly shareable and interesting content, businesses can dramatically increase the traffic to their site and gain brand awareness in new markets. A modern content marketing strategy should always make use of social media as much as possible, as the potential benefits can be significant.

9 Future Proof Content Optimization Strategies

Content optimization tools such as SEMrush, Surfer SEO, and Hemingway Editor have all made it easier for content marketers, but it’s still important to follow the correct content strategies. If you’re looking to ensure that your business and its content marketing plan survive into 2024 and beyond, you should be looking at the following ways to optimize content:

Create Valuable Content

Valuable content has always been favored by both consumers and search engines, and that isn’t likely to change anytime soon. While quality content alone isn’t enough, it does play a big part in how search engines will rank a site. An optimized content strategy should make sure that any content you publish is informative, useful, and isn’t plagiarized.

“Content marketers have three stakeholders – the sales team, the customer, and the C-suite. You must engage each in planning your content strategy”

 Bernie Borges, chief customer officer, Vengreso.

Focus on Consistency

Being consistent with the content that you produce, especially when it comes to social media, is also very important. Publishing consistent content means that social media platforms are more likely to show your content to a larger audience, and this can effectively increase the number of people who engage with it. When publishing content on your site, consistency is also important, as it helps to show visitors that your site is regularly updated and trustworthy. 

Optimize Text Content

Text content is still the bread and butter of most content marketing strategies, and it should always be optimized to ensure it can be found by search engines. Text optimization includes titles, meta titles, and descriptions, keywords, and backlinks, as well as authority links. While the main goal should be quality content, text optimization is also important. 

Use More Video Content

Video content has become more valuable than ever, and this trend is expected to continue as internet users look for fast and easily digestible information on the topics they search. Through videos, businesses can explain their product and service far more clearly than through text, and it’s much more engaging for users too. Focus on different types of videos, including explaining a key topic, providing a vlog or insight into the daily business, or doing a question-and-answer session. 

Optimize Video Content

As well as optimizing text content, it’s also important to optimize videos too. Video headings and thumbnails are very important when it comes to getting users to view and engage with a video and you also shouldn’t overlook the description. When it comes to getting views, it’s important to share the video through the right channels on social media and use relevant tags to reach the intended audience. If your brand is focused on the US market, for example, you’ll need to use platforms that are used by people in the US.

Avoid Over-Optimization

While it can be tempting to use as many keywords as possible, adding loads of different links and producing content every day, you should be careful not to overdo things. Quality content is always your number one aim, and excessive optimization can actually cause pages to lose ranking in search results. Search engines can generally tell if a page has been over-optimized in this way, with excessive keywords or links, and will treat it in the same way as low quality or low relevance content.

Make Good Use of Images and Headings

Headings and subheadings are key for breaking up content and making it easier for users to read. It’s also favored by search engines as it allows for topics within a topic and increased relevance in search engine rankings. Additionally, you can use keywords within the headings to further improve the optimization of the content. Images shouldn’t be overlooked either, as they also break up the page and make things more interesting for the reader. Be sure to optimize alt text for the images. 

Optimize for Voice Searches

Voice searches have become far more popular in the last few years, with the use of voice assistants on the rise. Queries made using voice are often longer and use more natural language, which has meant that long-tail keywords are now beginning to be favored over more typical keywords. Be sure that any content you produce has a mix of long-tail and standard keywords if you want to ensure your content is still favored by search engine results over the next few years. 

Ensure Your Content Works Well on Mobile

Mobile users now make up the majority of internet users, with just over 56% of global site traffic coming from mobile users in 2021. As a result, it’s become incredibly important that sites function correctly on mobile devices. Search engines test mobile accessibility as well as load times, and you should make sure your content can display correctly on a variety of devices.  


Ensure your business reaches its full potential with these strategies for content optimization. If you want to ensure your content is seen by the biggest possible audience in 2024 and beyond, following these tips is one of the best ways to go about it. No matter what kind of business you have, establishing a strong online presence is important to build awareness and trust among consumers.

Written by Alex Lysak
I am working in online marketing since 2011, my main areas of expertise are marketing research, social media marketing, and SEO. During 9 years of experience, I

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