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To make sure that your application is successful and works well, it is very important to analyze the preferences as well as...


To make sure that your application is successful and works well, it is very important to analyze the preferences as well as the behavior of your customers who use the application and then make use of their feedback to improve the same. You can also hire mobile app developers who can help you to measure the preferences along with other important information, find out what issues your app primarily faces and identify the possible opportunities to solve the issues. All these are necessary steps that are required to create strategies that will encourage and make your customers spend more time using your app and will therefore also help in generating higher rates of conversion. But, in order to do all of this and more, you need the help of app analytical tools.

Many mobile app development companies in the market create such tools to help businesses keep track of the success of their apps, in addition to collecting other important data. Mobile app analytical tools are tools that collect customer or user data and then transfer this data to the owners of the different applications. These tools collect information about user demographics, such as their age, gender, and other important characteristics. Additionally, it also provides information about the number of new customers who downloaded and installed the app, the location and the operating system of the device as well as the version of the application which the user installed. You can also hire a software developer who will help the app owners to find out information regarding the amount of time the user spent on navigating each page.

There are many app analytical tools to measure app success in the market, but the following are the best you can choose:


You can hire software programmers to explain this analytics tool that helps app owners to navigate the app and track the behavior of the users and then uses the acquired data to develop the products and services as well as the app in a better way.

This platform primarily uses analyses the user behavioral pattern to acquire information and then predict the targeted users, their retention time, their engagement as well as the actions they could take. It also has the Insight Tool which can provide users with real-time alerts on the issues related to a product.

App owners can also hire web developers to use this tool to help track app analytics and allows the app owners to store the data in the safest way possible.

Some of the advantages of Amplitude are:

  • It is fast and has features and tools that are intuitive.
  • It is priced quite cheaper as compared to other similar tools.
  • The customer support team of this platform is very fast and responsive.


This is one of the best analytics tools you can have for your app. Application owners generally hire mobile app programmers who prefer to use this tool as it offers in-app analytics for apps of both Android and iOS platforms, along with others.

It is one of the oldest and most efficient app analytical tools in the market.

With a varied number of features, Google Analytics is one of the best traffic motoring tools for your application. It can not only measure the total traffic coming to the app, with unique visitors and returning users, but it can also find out the sources of the traffic, the payments made within the app and the revenue that is generated.

The advantages of Google Analytics are:

  • It is free to purchase, which is something not many tools offer.
  • It offers seamless and easy integration with Google Firebase.
  • The features of goal tracking, segmentation as well as reporting in case of Google Analytics is incomparable.



With its focus only on iOS apps, Apple Analytics is great for analyzing payments made by users based on their Apple IDs rather than the devices that they use.

It boasts of having crash filters for every app version as well as the operating system and can analyze the number of paying customers the app has every single day. You can also hire mobile app designers who specialize in this tool, which additionally has filters that can help you to find out the source through which new users started using the app and collect data about the app performance, conversion rates, active sessions as well as per-user sales.

Apple Analytics has the following advantages:

  • It is priced quite affordable.
  • It can measure and track the different marketing campaigns of the app.
  • It can be easily integrated with other Apple development tools.



Owned by Yahoo, Flurry Analytics is an analytics tool that works across a wide range of applications and merges all the collected data into one for app owners, who can then divide the data into different metrics, like user sessions, demographics or events.

Additionally, people also hire web designers who use this tool to provide analysis of issues during application crash, which can thus help app owners to find out and solve the issues and ensure customer satisfaction.

Some of the advantages of Flurry Analytics are:

  • It is free to purchase.
  • It has a fast implementation and can be synced easily with an app.


This is an app analytics tool that makes a qualitative analysis of the user behavior on your app. It uses screen touch heatmaps which are some of the most clicked and used areas of an application.

It shows in-app analytics reports, along with playback sessions, track funnels, retention analysis as well as real-time issue alerts and reports. To understand more about the various features of this tool, you can hire web programmers who simplify the whole process for you.

Appsee Mobile Analytics has the following advantages:

  • It has a simple and easy to use interface.
  • It offers seamless integration with the application.
  • The features are incomparable.

In conclusion, the app analytics tools can present you with data and information in an organized and structured way which can help app owners to take the necessary actions required to make their app successful. The tools are of various kinds, which can be explained if you hire software designers, be it for creating a strategy or simply improving the app. While there are tools that are available in the market for free, there are some that charge a specific amount on a monthly or yearly basis.

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