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How AI makes your WordPress site Smarter?

In this today modern era Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going so much popular. There are still many things to be explored in...

wordpress site smarter

In this today modern era Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going so much popular. There are still many things to be explored in this domain. Whatever is made needs to expand to another higher level.

Various organizations make use of AI technology in Globally. And organize to manage their daily work, these companies are using productive and high-powered software. 

Artificial intelligence is increasing with each passing day and is projected to grow into a $ 90 billion industry by 2025.

wordpress site smarter
Source: Priceonomics

Nowadays, it is very popular globally, and almost every WordPress development company in India is eager to integrate AI features in some way or another.

Well, it has been proved from many instances that WordPress sites can be smarter by using Artificial Intelligence. Today it has emerged as a mainstream technology. No, let’s check out how AI is helping in doing so.

How are AI Transforming WordPress sites?

WordPress is one of the best and largest CMS with extraordinary features. And one of the recent studies shows that WordPress powers almost 35% of whole websites on the internet.

The platform makes sure that it provides the functionality provided by the user of the CMS. So, artificial intelligence impacts the use of the content management system.

People personally dont realize that the use of ofthe artificial intelligence in the WordPress effects in many different ways.

The website becomes much smarter, faster, and a lot more personalized for your users. This will help save your precious time. So, it will allow you to do other work to grow your business.

Now, let’s take a quick look at some of how AI is influencing to make your WordPress website smarter:

#1 Protecting Your Website 

WordPress has some of the best security plugins but security remains a threat for my WordPress users. But with the use of artificial intelligence one can easily know if the WordPress website is being compromised or not.

The use of machine learning helps to find out the affected files in the core so that your website does not get affected by the same. Machine learning can easily identify the pattern of the files along with the dataset and set in such a way, thus making them more secure.

The Quttera Web Malware Scanner is a WordPress plugin that uses cloud computing and scans the entire database of the WordPress websites to suspicious files. And confirms if Google has or has not blacklisted any WordPress website.

#2 Control Content Quality 

A diagram is covering how Akismet handles any spam entering your domains. Source: Akismet.

There are numerous opportunities for site owners to engage with their readers when it comes to running websites via WordPress. It is done through the dedicated comments sections that usually come with published content.

 However, many users try to take advantage of the comment section on pages to spam their way to expand the search value of their blog or website.

 Thankfully, AI is on hand to reduce this burden automatically. Through pre-installed plugins like Akismet, spammy posts are automatically vetoed to ensure that only organic responses see the light of day beneath any uploaded content.

 Moreover, it makes use of AI and machine learning to detect and protect the site against spam comments. 

 Akismet has been improved a lot in the past years to detect all the spams presented by robots. Additionally, it is used by millions of websites. And can also discover spam comments manually submitted by devices. This is the best for almost every WordPress website.

#3 Individualize Communication

Online businesses are growing and it has become a compulsion to make a stand of yours on the internet. And chatbots van help a lot when it comes to online customer experience.

The use of the chatbot automates the lead generation and communication, proving the most relevant content to the users.

Also, it will improve the customer satisfaction rate by providing accurate product descriptions on-demand. They can prove to be a driving force in maximizing your sales. 

 If the AI behind your chatbots is strong enough, they can even actively anticipate your visitors’ motives and further provide abrupt support. 

#4 Intuitive layouts

WordPress themes built with AI can provide significant amounts of data analysis to support traffic and visitor habits, as well as the use of chatbots in your pages.

Vizion is a reliable developer of smart layouts within WordPress. Also, it can automatically draw on big data for marketing insights into user websites.

AI can encourage visitors to stay longer on your pages with tools such as Bibblio and Recomedo that automatically suggest content related to your pages.

#5 Organic search

Organic search is big business and can make all the difference between content shared by thousands of visitors. WordLift is an AI-driven service that provides tips for search engine optimization to improve the content using the knowledge graph.

Furthermore, it analyzes your content to display facts, figures, and media to align and build context relationships between your articles. This will lead to better recommendations for content.

And will build a smarter knowledge graph while adding more content to the site. It does internal linking within your website, along with your on-page optimization.

Another smart tool is the Play plugin for WordPress.  the best thing is this plugin uses artificial intelligence voice to convert your text content to audio in the best way. 

Bottom Lines 

The above article is describing some of the crucial ways in which artificial intelligence is transforming your WordPress websites. This innovative technology is helping WordPress website owners to offer a better user experience for their visitors.

 Thus, it is improving website performance and many more features. You can also hire WordPress developers in India who can easily integrate your AI or machine learning into your WordPress based website.

Written by Shefali Basu
I am Shefali Basu from pixelcrayons. We are a well-experienced team of mobile web app developers. Let us know if we can assist you with anything related to the mobile app and web development.

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    AI is already an advanced & innovative technology system in itself and many top companies are
    incorporating with AI system to boost their productivity and business growth. Incorporating the wordpress site with AI system is really an innovative idea to make the site smarter with enhanced speed.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such a wonderful post.

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